Thursday 10/17/2019 — Crossfitcove

Thursday 10/17/2019


EMOM for 20 min:

1: 2 Laps around the gym

2: 200/175m Row

3: __ Burpees

4: 10/8 Cal Bike


Fx: 9 Burpees

P/O:12 Burpees



3 rounds-

5 Chaturangas

Right into a 1:00 plank

15 Glute Ham Bridges

1 Chaturanga = 1 Down Dog -> Pushup -> Up Dog


Coach’s Tip: This is meant to be a very active recovery piece for anyone doing the Open to get them ready for Friday.  For those not doing the Open, you should be looking to complete each task as fast as possible to allow for maximum rest each minute and keep the intensity up.

Jared “The Bird” standing tall



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