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Healthy Habits for the Holidays Challenge

We are blown away by what is happening at the gym this Open season!  In addition to the amazing performances and breakthroughs, it is so fun to see so many of  you making new connections and spending time with friends.  It’s what the Open is all about!

The Open also affords us a time to be focused on health and fitness.  What you do the night before matters.  How much rest you get matters.  And what you eat certainly can make all the difference.  And right behind the Open comes a CrossFitter’s toughest time of year — the HOLIDAYS!

Yes, they are fast approaching.  We have Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years (and Halloween) all coming up and while these are times filled with family and fun, they can turn into a time when athletes tend to fall off the fitness and nutrition wagon and a lot of progress can be nullified in a short amount of time.  One of the keys to success for staying on the fitness and nutrition bandwagon – consistency.

How do you improve consistency?  Through healthy habit formation!

Join us for a 5-week Healthy Habits for the Holidays Challenge to help get some ideas on how to form habits, execute those habits, and continue with those habits weeks, months, and years from now.

Healthy Habits for the Holidays Challenge

What:  A 5-week challenge that works on building sustainable healthy nutritional and activity-based habits so that during the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) you will have a solid foundation of knowledge and actionable habits to incorporate and stay on your health and fitness track.

When: November 18th -December 20th

How:  Each week, participants will be given nutritional and fitness habits to incorporate into their everyday lives and keep track of said habits (through a Google doc).  Each week, habits will be explained and support will be given through a private Facebook group.  Additional topics regarding nutrition and fitness will be presented and discussed each week as well (for example- how to approach eating and stay on track in a social setting, nutritional timing, dietary supplements, incorporating supplemental skill/strength work into your routine, etc).

The focus of this challenge isn’t necessarily a transformation of body composition but building healthy habits to survive the stressful holidays and get you on track heading into the New Year. Additional support will also be provided with a private facebook support group and with weekly habit worksheets.

Cost- $40

If you would like to sign up, just email us at


EMOM for 14 min:

O: 1 Hang Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats

E: 10 Pullups


*Select challenging weight to use across the entire strength


Fx: 10 J-hook Row

P: As written

O: C2B




AMRAP in 12 min:


Hang Power Clean



Fx: 95/65

P/O: 135/95


Coach’s Tip: Last week of the Open.  For the metcon, pick a weight that you can do in two sets in the higher rep range.


Faye showing fierce determination and focus during 20.4…

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