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OPEN 20.5!

OPEN 20.5 


It’s hard to believe we are in the final week of the Open already! Let’s close it out with some great performances — and of course,  a celebration to wrap it up!  Here’s the plan for the final week!


THURSDAY @ 8PM WORKOUT ONE WILL BE ANNOUNCED on We will also post the workout on our blog/website as soon as it is released,  so continue your habit of reading this post regardless!


FRIDAY’S WORKOUT WILL BE THE OPEN WORKOUT.  As you now know, our Friday partner WOD will be replaced with 20.5. We’ll resume our normal Friday fun next week!
THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE WILL BE AN ‘ACTIVE RECOVERY’ CHALLENGE. You can keep it simple but recovery focused — that means 30 minutes of “active” recovery. Run, walk, row, swim, bike, rollerblade, ice skate.  Each day you do it you get one point.  Get out of the gym and use your fitness!
FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS KICKS OFF AT 5:30PM WITH THE TEAM “FACE OFF’! This week TWO representatives of each team will kick off the night with an epic throw down.  This Friday’s event will call for one RX and one SCALED athlete from each team to represent in a mixed gender heat.  You can nominate any guy or gal from your roster; we just need one athlete willing to go RX and one to go Scaled (ideally it will be a new face on the floor, but if someone wants to hit it again, that’s fine too).  If it’s time, lowest combined time wins. If it’s reps, most combined reps wins.  And just like last Friday, it will be an exciting way to kick off the night and get everyone energized.  We will run rolling heats after that until we are all done!
AFTER PARTY AT COLUMBIA ALE HOUSE.  Round four went to the Allie Cats and they decided for are after-party celebration will be just around the corner at FRISCO’S again.  It was how we kicked off the Open and it’s how we’ll end it!
Friends and family are of course welcome.


For time, partitioned any way:
40 muscle-ups
80-cal. row
120 wall-ball shots
♀ 14-lb. ball to 9 ft.
♂ 20-lb. ball to 10 ft.
Time cap: 20 minutes
Rx’d (Ages 16-54) ♀14-lb. ball to 9 ft. ♂20-lb. ball to 10 ft.
Scaled (Ages 16-54) ♀chin-over-bar pull-ups, 10-lb. ball to 9 ft. ♂chin-over-bar pull-ups, 14-lb. ball to 10 ft.
Teenagers 14-15 ♀10-lb. ball to 9 ft. ♂14-lb. ball to 9 ft.
Scaled Teenagers 14-15 ♀chin-over-bar pull-ups, 10-lb. ball to 9 ft. ♂ chin-over-bar pull-ups, 14-lb. ball to 9 ft.
Masters 55+ ♀chest-to-bar pull-ups, 10-lb. ball to 9 ft. ♂chest-to-bar pull-ups, 20-lb. ball to 9 ft.
Scaled Masters 55+ ♀jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups, 10-lb. ball to 8 ft. ♂jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups, 14-lb. ball to 8 ft.

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