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In an effort to continue to provide great service to all of our athletes, we annually send out a survey. These surveys allow us to figure out what things we are doing well and what things we can improve upon.  We strive to provide “the best hour of your day” each and every day and this feedback is instrumental in helping us achieve this goal.

  We have developed a survey that asks a broad range of questions that helps us address everything from class schedules to gym culture.  This survey should only take 5-10 minutes (maybe 12 if you have a lot to add in the open-ended questions).  We have also included individual coach’s surveys as each of us strives to grow better at our craft every day.  We want to know what you love and what we need to work on.  This will likely take 2-3 minutes per coach.  HONEST feedback is critical so this survey is ENTIRELY anonymous.  If we are going to grow and keep the interests of our members at the forefront, want to know it ALL.  The past 3 years we have been voted Howard County’ Best CrossFit and we wish to continue to upheld that high level of service.  And it all starts and ends with YOU.  We will close the surveys on 11/23 (Saturday) so please take the next two weeks to make sure your voice is heard.  We are hoping for 100% participation, so we’ll be reminding you (often) over the next days!


CrossFit Cove 2019 Survey

Coach Alea

Coach Brian

Coach Daniel

Coach Holden

Coach John

Coach Josh

Coach Katie

Coach Madison

Coach Marina

Coach Maria

Coach Mattie




13 minutes to find a heavy set of 3 Push Press (From Rack)




3 rounds-

400/350m Row

25 DB Push Press

75 DU


Time Cap: 15 min

Fx: 75/55#, 2:1 Singles

P/O: 95/65#


Coach’s Tip: Shoulders may be a little sore from Monday so utilize the legs for the Push Press.


Lifting for two…




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