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Thursday 11/28/2019



  • WEDNESDAY: No 7:30 PM class
  • THURSDAY (THANKSGIVING DAY):  9am and 10am.  We’ll open the gym for two classes only so you can sweat it out before all of that food!  No sitter coverage.
  • FRIDAY: Noon class only. No sitter coverage.
  • SATURDAY:  Regular schedule.
  • SUNDAY:  Regular Yoga, Cove Kids, and Open Gym 9a-Noon


During the holidays we often let our health slip (see John’s posts about nutrition too!) so in an effort to stay on top of our fitness goals we are doing the Cove 100,000 meter row challenge. We have done it the past couple of years and it has been a fun community connector.  Starting the day after Thanksgiving all those that have signed up will attempt to row 100K before the close of 2019. It works out to roughly 2,700 meters a day. Do it alone, do it with great tunes, grabs some buddies to do it together or pull the rowers around to one of our TV’s are start binging your favorite Netflix show (Gray’s Anatomy has been a Cove favorite).

You can break the meters up any way you want, decide to split the challenge with a friend, or even set your own challenge with the assault bike. You can sign your name on the whiteboard if you decide to take the challenge and we’ll all be cheering you on!.





“I’m thankful that’s over”

6 rounds-

15 Burpee Box Jumpovers

15 Thrusters

20/15 Cal Row


Time Cap: 30 min


Fx: 75/55, 20/18″

P/O: 95/65, 24/20″


Coach’s Tip: Come in and get a workout in before heading out for your Thanksgiving.

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