Many people love days like today because they allow themselves to reflect on all the good that surrounds them.  They spend time with family or friends, catch up on the mundane or milestone moments in life and immerse themselves in each other’s lives.  It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to spend days like that, even if just a few times a year.

But we are not those people.  For us, this is EVERY day.  We thank each of you for sharing your lives with us (and each other) daily. We are in awe of the connections and amazing friendships that have grown from time spent within the four walls of the Cove.  And we marvel how those have spilled outside the box from everything to dinners out, drinks in — to even marriages and babies!

When we envisioned what the Cove could be, we were very clear in our mission.  We have always said we are not in the fitness business, rather, we are in the business of changing lives.  The irony is that when we set out to achieve this goal a mere five years ago, we had no idea that OURS would be the ones who would be changed the most.

We cannot tell you how much we love, appreciate and yes, are THANKFUL for each of you.  Not just today but EVERY day.



One last reminder that on FRIDAY we will have a Noon class only (with no sitter coverage).  We’re back to a regular schedule Saturday and Sunday (Regular Yoga, Cove Kids, and Open Gym 9a-Noon!!!)



During the holidays we often let our health slip so in an effort to stay on top of our fitness goals we are doing the Cove 100,000 meter row challenge. We have done it the past couple of years and it has been a fun community connector.  Starting the day after Thanksgiving all those that have signed up will attempt to row 100K before the close of 2019. It works out to roughly 2,700 meters a day. Do it alone, do it with great tunes, grabs some buddies to do it together or pull the rowers around to one of our TV’s are start binging your favorite Netflix show (Gray’s Anatomy has been a Cove favorite).

You can break the meters up any way you want, decide to split the challenge with a friend, or even set your own challenge with the assault bike. You can sign your name on the whiteboard if you decide to take the challenge and we’ll all be cheering you on!.





“The Kitchen Sink”

(Shared Reps)

120 Partner Wall Balls

100 TTB (Open only: non working partner must hang)

80 HSPU (Open only: non working partner must hold a plank)

60 Squat Cleans

40 DBall over the Shoulder

20 MU


Time Cap: 35 min


Fx: 14/10# WB, Hanging Leg Raise, Piked Pushup, 135/95, 50/30, J-Hook Row

P: 20/14# WB, 155/105, 70/50, Option to do Bar MU

O: 20/14# WB, 185/125, 100/70#, Ring MU


Coach’s Tip: Come in and get a workout to help work off some of the desserts from Thanksgiving.


There is so much happening in this photo and we love ALL of it…

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