Saturday 1/11/2020 — Crossfitcove

Saturday 1/11/2020



For time:

__ Rope Climbs

150′ HS Walk

60 Wall Balls


__ Rope Climbs

100′ HS Walk

40 Wall Balls


__ Rope Climbs

50′ HS Walk

20 Wall Balls


Time Cap: 20 min


Fx: 6/4/2 Rope Climb Scales, Dolly HS Walk, 14/10 Wall Ball

P: 4/3/2, 20/14 Wall Ball

O: 3/2/1 Legless, 20/14 Wall Ball


Coach Maria’s Tips:  For the (regular, not legless) rope climbs – the goal is to get up the rope in 3-4 pulls or less – focus on pulling the knees to chest and secure your footing and to maximize your distance for each pull. Handstand walks will be the biggest hang up for most people on this workout – focus on controlling your breathing, keeping tension throughout your core as you will likely feel core fatigue after the rope climbs. Because of the shoulder-heavy nature of this WOD and the volume of wall balls, I recommend really emphasizing the hip drive out of the bottom of the wall ball – use your legs to launch the ball as much as possible so you don’t have to rely on strict pressing strength.

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