Tuesday 1/14/2020 — Crossfitcove

Tuesday 1/14/2020



13 minutes to build to heavy 2 Overhead Squats (from ground)




For time:

2-4-6-8-10 reps of-

Power Snatch

Bar Facing Burpees (reps x2)


Time Cap: 15 min


Fx: 75/55

P: 115/75

O: 135/95


Coach Sarah’s Tips: Limiting factor for the Overhead Squats will be going from the ground, great opportunity to warm up for the power Snatches in the WOD! Don’t be afraid to go heavy on the Snatches – challenge yourself, singles and small sets should be where you’re at. With the burpees, find a good pace and stick with it…all out on the last 5 burpees!! Reps increasing across the WOD so don’t go too hot out of the gate, control your breathing and you’ll be golden.

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