FEBRUARY 22ND 2020!!!!!!!!!


It’s time for the COVE 5TH ANNIVERSARY BASH! Those of you who have been here for a while know that this is the night we wait all year for — and spend the whole next year discussing. Plus, we’ll find any excuse to throw a good party!


We want EVERYONE to mark Saturday, February 22nd their calendars.  We’ll be transforming the Cove into a party space from 7:30 – 11:30pm, so start planning your outfits now.  This will not incorporate a WOD, so doll yourselves up and show your fellow athletes what you REALLY look like outside in the real world.


This is an adult-only evening, so line up those sitters, update your credit cards on Uber and get ready for a really fun night.  For those of you new to the Cove or who have not attended this event before, PLEASE make it a point to be there.  You get to meet and mingle with so many amazing people — some you see in the gym and some you only see on the WhiteBoard.


Here are some FAQs to help you plan better:
What should I wear? Dress is definitely “festive”, but you’ll see a huge range in attire.  We transform the place into a ‘nightclub’ (or, rather, a very cheesy nightclub) so the ambiance will be very different than how you see it every day.  Our guidance would be to wear something you’d wear to a New Year’s party.  Not necessarily one you’ve bought tickets for at a ballroom, but more like a party at a friend’s house.  Women wear everything from party dresses to jeans and blouses, and men ranged from suits to jeans and a button down.


Can I bring a date?  Yes! We want you to have as much fun as possible, so if that means bringing a friend or two to spend time with, DO IT!  We just ask you be considerate and not bring an army of people — this is meant to be a Cove community event first and foremost.


Will there be drinks?  We will have beer, wine (red and white and prosecco) and will be serving our signature cocktail “The Cove Crush” (vodka/triple sec/sprite/seltzer and grapefruit juice).  If you have something specific you drink, feel free to bring it.  We will have coolers for your specialty beverages available, so bring a bottle or six pack if there’s something special you like.  We will also have non-alcoholic options (waters, selters and sodas) available to drink as well.

What can I bring? We will not be serving dinner, but will provide some really light snacks.  If you want to bring something to stock the food table (a tray of cookies, veggies or some finger foods, please do so!).  We don’t want to be washing dishes all night, so anything you can pick up with your hands or with a napkin is great.  And only on trays we can dispose of please (pre-made kinds from Wegmans or Costco are perfect)!  But any snacks of this kind would be super useful!  Or see “Will there be drinks” information above if you prefer to bring something liquid.

How can I help? As always, we are amazed at how generous this community is and how willing people are to just pitch in.  There are three ways you can help us make this party a huge success:

  • Treat the place like the “home away from home” it is and help us keep up with ‘party maintenance’ throughout the night.  This not only helps keep the party rolling and quickens clean up later, it allows us to actually open the gym the next day so people can work out (even though it will be a delayed Open Gym!).  If you see a chance to throw empties in the trash or see a cooler that needs re-stocking, we’d love the help!  If you see you can help buy swapping out a full garbage can or refilling toilet paper rolls, you’re already helping more than you know!
  • Coolers!  A week  before the party we will put out an ask for large coolers we can borrow.  We typically need at least six LARGE (extra large, actually) so if you have one hidden somewhere, dust it off and bring it in!   Stay tuned as we’ll  put something on FaceBook soon.
  • Have fun.  NOTHING is more important to us than you having a great time.  We’ll have a DJ, a photo booth and we’ll be doing a brief ‘awards’ ceremony.  Embrace the cheese.  Catch up with your fellow athletes, and meet some new ones.

And, as always, what happens at the Cove, stays at the Cove.




Back Squat

EMOM for 10 minutes:

Odds: 8 Back Squats @ 45% of 1RM

Evens: 4 Back Squat @ 65% of 1RM




5 rounds-

12/9 Cal Bike

8 Hang Squat Cleans

10 Lateral Burpees over the bar


Time Cap: 17 min


Fx: 95/65

P: 115/75

O: 135/95


Coach Katie’s Tips: Looking at some larger volume at lighter weights for the strength piece today. For the sets at 45%, think about maintaining control on the way down and exploding on the way up for maximum muscle fiber recruitment. The sets of 65% should be nice and smooth throughout. Try not to rest at the top or bottom. This will be hard, but will increase time under tension and your overall strength. Side note, if you are sharing a barbell with a buddy, help each other change out plates as time will be tonight!

The METCON is ALL about pacing. The bike, squat cleans, and burpees can all jack up that heart rate. With 5 rounds to knock out, you want to be the turtle, not the hair. Try to keep moving at a steady pace and keep your breaks short. Consider taking an extra second or two before picking up the barbell to make sure you can do all those hang squat cleans unbroken (rest in the front rack position if you need).

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