We love you all and we show our love with burpees, lunges, and assault bike calories.



3 Person Team WOD (shared reps)


Buy-in: (shoulder to shoulder) 150 team lunges


2 rounds-

60 Power Clean

60 Dballs to a Box

60 Calorie Row


Time Cap: 35 min


Fx: 135/95, 50/35, 48/40″

P: 165/115, 70/50, 48/40″

O: 205/135, 100/70, 48/40″

Coach Jason’s Tip:  What’s better than a partner WOD on Valentine’s Day … a threesome! Make sure you stay in sync, shoulder to shoulder as a team on the 150 lunge cash in. Moving into the 2 rounds set a strategy ahead of time with your team. Don’t be a hero, rely on your team members as there will always be two people resting while you’re working. Decide how you’ll count reps so you don’t do more work than necessary (apparently I’m guilty of this!!)

Power Cleans – These are pretty heavy so consider small sets and cycle them through the team. Fast singles may be a good option if you can coordinate well, as soon as you drop the next person starts their pull. Practice and decide on the reps you are targeting.

Dballs to a Box – I love the mixture of strongman type work in the WOD! Keep a solid core and flat back, clean the dball to your shoulder and set it on the box. Then the next partner takes the dball to the floor and repeats. I haven’t tested it yet but I think singles will make a lot of sense for the dballs.

Row – Sprint to the finish. Keep transitions to a minimum, try to push through 20 calories each or vary it some if you are on a co-ed team.

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