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Five years ago we dreamt of having a place that brought us joy, laughter and great reward.  And with a team of the best coaches in the business and an amazing community of unbelievable athletes, we learned dreams DO come true!  Saturday night emboded this — we have never laughed harder, hugged more and basked in all things Cove.  From shell cupcakes to Cove crushes to cutting a cake for a future Covie wedding, we celebrated our anniversary in a way only Covies know how.  Thanks for an amazing cap to five years.  And here’s to the next five!!!!


Some of you have asked for the slide show that was playing. Click on the photo below to get to the 2019 Year in Review Flickr album!   We will post the PDF of the awards presentation to the Cove Club FB page shortly!

Cove 2019 Review





1000m Row

50 Thrusters

30 Pullups

Time Cap: 13 min

Fx: J-Hook Row, 45/35

P/O: 45/35



Every 90 seconds for 6 rounds 2 Thrusters (from Ground) Adjust weight accordingly


Coach Marina’s Tips: 

Jackie is one of my all-time favorite workout!  It’s a manageable little chipper and super fun if you don’t gas out on any one movement.  For the 1K row you MUST find time to recover on the return every time.  Row one long drive with legs then hips then arms in one straight line. Avoid short, hard bursts as you want the turbine in the erg to run as long as possible — otherwise you are just doing extra work without reward!

The weight is light for the thrusters so aim for big sets, but make sure to rest the bar on your shoulders during the front squat portion — and do not ‘death grip’ the bar.  It will save your wrists and will help avoid fatigue.  And drive from your hips as much as possible — it’s all about momentum!

With 30 pull ups left, all you have to do is get through them.  Even if you go in small sets, take very little rest in between.  Just keep moving!

The heavy thrusters come after a tough METCON, so adjust weights accordingly.  This is not meant to be a PR sesh. Go heavy, but if your elbows aren’t up and your midline is collapsing, drop the weight lighter and focus on perfect form.


All the feels…

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