Tuesday 2/25/2020 — Crossfitcove

Tuesday 2/25/2020


Coach Madison and Coach Daniel will be running a free butterfly pull up clinic for members on Sunday, March 15th at noon.  If you are a CrossFit athlete who is looking to improve your times, the butterfly pull up is a key tool to have in your arsenal. This is an advanced skill so we ask that you have at least 5 strict pull ups and be able to execute 10 unbroken kipping pull ups.  If you are interested in signing up for the event email us at info@crossfitcove.com or through the Facebook event page.



“Death by Shuttle Sprints”

*Sprints are 10m apart

The workout starts at 4 shuttle sprints

*If you can no longer do shuttle sprints in the allotted time, the workout becomes an EMOM of:

7 Burpees + 10 Deadlifts

Time Cap: 24 min

Fx: 135/95

P: 155/105

O: 185/125



3 rounds-

15 Barbell Strict Press

15 Barbell Curls


Coach Holden Tips: 

The worst “Death By” metcon I’ve ever done is “Death By 10m Sprints” – Steve Michelotti

Focus on breathing and bracing your core on the deadlifts once you get to the EMOM. Don’t skip out on the accessory for that post wod pump!

Coach Maria hitting a fast set of butterfly pullups.

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