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It’s certainly not the same, but it was AMAZING to see so many of your faces online working out (whether on your own, at the Zoom session or outside at the track!).  And we want to see how you’re using all that borrowed equipment. The kettlebell rack is bare and there are a sad few dumbbells left behind (shockingly, the 70’s. ha!).  But tomorrow we’ve got some great options planned again:

  1. The pre-recorded workout with Coach Brian is below.  Hot off the presses (finished this evening), it’s a bit dark out.  But hopefully the 5:30am people will feel like it’s just before sunrise.  THIS WILL BE POSTED MOMENTARILY.
  2. Tomorrow’s ZOOM broadcasted class (meaning, one you can log into and participate LIVE) will be at 6:30am.  We will be rotating the time of day the ‘live’ classes air to match up with class times.
  3. We will be doing another meet up at Wilde Lake HS at 12:30pm.  That’s 12:30, not noon!  We’ll do the day’s workout plus some other endurance work we have schemed up! The school is located at 5460 Trumpeter Rd, Columbia, MD 21044 so bring water and a yoga mat if you have one.  The field is turf and has those little rubber pellets as a base.  A yoga mat will just help keep them off you as you sweat!


It’s been a whirlwind day, but we couldn’t be more appreciate of this amazing community and your support.  We’ll be working through a lot over the next days and weeks, but wanted to share some thoughts and immediate plans with you all.  Keeping Covies together (socially connected and physically active) is our priority right now and we’ve got some fun things to keep you busy.  Oh, and if  you are not on FaceBook, we strongly urge you to create and account to stay better connected.  The private FaceBook group “The Cove Club” will be an important communication tool for our community:

  1.  We will be releasing a pre-recorded video version of Tuesday’s home workout tonight. It will be a fully coached class with all your favorite things (intro, warm up, WOD and cool down!). It will be on our Facebook feed and YouTube channel and our first class will be led by Coach Daniel  and Coach Madison!  Come back to this page or to the Cove Club for links!  This is so you can do the day’s WOD at any time convenient to you.  All workouts will be in Wodify so enter your scores!

2. We also will be having a virtual ZOOM class each day. We will be sending out a link and password soon as well. We like these virtual ZOOM classes because everyone can share in the experience with each other — and there’s nothing like sweating it out with a fellow Covie ‘live’!

3. Whenever weather (or law) permits, we’ll be doing an outdoor workout!  It’s supposed to be a beautiful day, so let’s go outside, breathe in the fresh air and sweat it out at an appropriate six foot distance from each other 😉  



10 Odd: Hold weighted backpack at shoulder level for :30 sec

Evens: :30s handstand hold

Fx: hold in piked position as inverted as possible



10 rounds

8/6 Pushups

12 Jumping Air Squats

Time Cap: 16 min

Fx: Kneeling Push-up



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