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We never thought we’d be laughing as hard during a time like this like as we did today.  From Alea’s “hello, FaceBook, can anyone hear me?!” to Maria’s Happy Hour Turkish Get Up Challenge (and Josh’s 12oz prescription for the ladies and 16oz for the boys), finding lightness at at time like this is a real gift.  Thank you. And keep those kinds of gifts coming!

As you saw today, we are eliminating the daily meet-up workouts from the schedule. Following Gov. Hogan’s announcement and mandate that groups stay to less than 10, it’s just the right thing to do (even if we have less than ten).  We all want to play our part in solving this crisis!

However, we know that many of you are seeking relief from isolation and stress by going on runs, hikes or bike rides — and that is just AWESOME.  Being outside with a friend or family member is chicken soup for the soul! We know we are a bit of schlep from Columbia, but we have a few kayaks and stand up paddle boards for when the weather gets warmer (hopefully in a week or so).  Again, we are NOT looking to substitute a group workout with a group kayak outing per se — rather we are offering you a bit of nature, on the water and clearly MANY feet apart in the coming weeks.  We have three adult sized kayaks and 2 junior ones (which comfortably most people 5’5″ or under). If there is interest we can create a sign-up sheet to organize times. Ping me directly at marina@crossfitcove.come if there is interest and we’ll get the boats in the water soon!


Tomorrow we have a great workout coached by Coach Josh (see video below).  Keep an eye out for a few easter eggs in this video too!  And as usual, we’ll do a Zoom workout.  Friday’s Zoom workout will be at NOON with Coach Marina:



(Corona No Partner WOD)

2 Rounds

70 Front Rack Lunges (wear the backpack in front of you)
70 Backpack Deadlifts (hold the backpack on the top and bottom)
40 Backpack Shoulder to Overhead

Buy-Out: 300 DU (or 500 SU)

Time Cap: 18 min

Coach Josh also will be demonstrating a variety of options using different types of equipment, including backpack, single dumbbell, and double dumbbells. Enjoy his video with a couple of fun easter eggs in it.

We don’t have to be close to share moments!  

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