MARCH 21ST 2020 — Crossfitcove

MARCH 21ST 2020


We have been archiving all the virtual WODs on a Google site for easy access and navigation. We’ve called it #CoviesTogether (thanks for the hashtag Maria) and it was created and designed our very own tech engineer Charlie Anglim.  If you missed a workout or just want to watch us suffer through one, you can keep up with ALL workouts HERE!

While the days seem to be blurring together, it’s the WEEKEND so time to have some weekend fun.  It’s supposed to be a bit chillier, it’s the perfect weather to get outside for a brisk walk, jog or bike ride.

To keep our weekend schedules similar to the past, we’ll be offering multiple workouts options, kids’ classes AND yoga!!!!  We’ll do some variations on times and style of each (of course) but we’re let’s try to keep to our ‘normal’ schedule as much as possible!

Here’s the schedule for the weekend:

  • At 9am there will be a trail run in Patapsco!  Remember to respect the space of your fellow Covies and the others that will be on the trail.  Location is  Landing Road and Montgomery Road.  (Side parking, No entrance FYI)
  • Early risers can work out with Madison and Daniel on the pre-recorded workout below.  As always, it’s challenging and fun, and can be done with a variety of equipment. LINK TO VIDEO IS HERE
  • At 11am will be running a “CrossFit Family” class.  This is meant to be partner-style workout that parents can do with their kids.  We know our little fire-breathers will be missing Cove Kids’ classes, so let’s give them a virtual experience like we’ve been having!  We will post any equipment needs/recommendations by the morning.
  • At NOON you can ZOOM with Coach Brian and hit a group workout virtually.  Use the link HERE to connect prior to class and join in the fun.  Today’s workout was amazing with great participation — and it is so motivating to work out with you all at the same time!
  • On Sunday we will be doing our regular 9am YOGA WITH KATIE!  We’ll be streaming it on FB Live in the Cove Club, so we hope to ‘see’ you all then!





Backpack Squat Cleans
Backpack-Facing Burpee Jumpovers

Time Cap: 10 minutes

*You can use dumbbells or barbell if available, same rep scheme

Fx: 75/55
P: 115/75
O: 135/95



Odd minutes: max shoulder taps for :30sec (piked or handstand)
Even minutes: max shoulder press :30 sec (with backpack or dumbbells)


Happy 13th birthday to Tom Anglim (not to be confused with ‘slightly older than 13’ Tom Anglin!). 

Oh, and hi Simone.

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