Monday, March 23rd, 2020 — Crossfitcove

Monday, March 23rd, 2020


We hope everyone had a good weekend of family and fitness this weekend. With Monday’s forecast for rain, staying active and connected will be more important than ever!  Thankfully, almost 70 of you were able to come grab additional equipment on Sunday afternoon, so it’s time to use it!  As we noted, please take extra good care of it all as we’ll need it back in the same great condition when we reopen SOON (a little optimism here ;-)).

We are working a nutrition program (guidance, challenges and more!) for you all, so please take a moment to fill out Coach John’s Facebook poll in the Cove Club.  Getting your input will help us focus our planning and get you on track!

Once again, we have several options for you to hit a WOD virtually:

We have a taped version of the day’s workout coached by Daniel and Madison again!  Follow along and do it any time of day you’d like. Although no headstand today, the work will be equally as challenging!  The click the photo below or find the link to the WOD HERE.

We will also have a NOON Zoom WOD!  Take a break as you’re working from home and join us in LIVE virtual workout!  Here is the login information:

It will likely get harder before it gets easier, so continue to lean on each other, connect more often and keep the FB shenanigans up.  A bit of laughter goes a long way these days!


Backpack Devil’s Press
Alternating Backpack Thruster (reps x2)

Time Cap: 20 min


3 rounds
15 Jumping Air Squats
then immediately sit in an invisible chair for :30 sec hold
Rest 1:00


Coach Mattie is the biggest cheerleader we have.  And after supporting Jenna and hitting the same WOD later that day, she became the one to get the well-deserved cheers! #coviestogether

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