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While Monday’s dreary weather was not a great way to start the week, Tuesday promises sun and a bit more warmth, so get outside and enjoy the day!

As we noted yesterday, we have been working on a nutrition program (guidance, challenges and more!) for you all, so thank you for all of your feedback in the Cove Club poll.  With our time at the Cove (physically) being put on pause (for now) the evidence is overwhelming that everyone is staying active one way or another.  While our physical activity may have been altered, this can be a great time to work on our nutritional and recovery habits.

The physical work that we do in the gym is just the tip of the health and fitness “iceberg”.  It’s also the most visible and easily measurable.  How do you know if you are getting stronger?  Did you lift more weight than last time?  If yes, then you are getting stronger.  If no, then you are not.  Boom.  Easily measurable!  But what is making us stronger?  Sure, we could start talking about progressive overload, programming, CrossFit vs Powerlifting, etc.  However, if you aren’t feeding your body what it needs to recover, you will never get the full benefit of whatever programming you are following. Period.  Nutrition and recovery go hand in hand and is a long-term game.  It isn’t flashy, it isn’t always easily measurable.  But it is overwhelmingly the biggest part of the health and fitness ice burg.  So let’s take the next few weeks (months, and years) into focusing on creating sustainable nutritional and recovery habits.

Our approach will be simple and focus on the basics- consistency, meal structure, food quality.  We will be giving you guidance on how to structure your meals based on your goal, giving ideas on food selection, meal timing, as well as touch on subjects such as cooking for families/in bulk, cooking on a budget, and some supplements.  We will also be issuing some nutrition challenges each week.  We will be sending out details on this in the next days, so let’s get ready to turn that isolation eating into fuel our food should be!



Once again, we have several options for you to hit a WOD virtually:

We have a taped version of the day’s workout coached by Coach Maria!  Follow along and do it any time of day you’d like.  You can access the workout HERE (google drive) or on our #coviestogether site HERE


We will also have another NOON Zoom WOD!  Join us in another  LIVE virtual workout!  It’s been so fun spending that hour with you all and excited to see more faces tomorrow. Here is the login information:  Click HERE or j



3 rounds
50 Back Rack Lunges
80 High Knees (knees above hip minimum)
50/40 Pushups


20 minute time cap

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