Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 — Crossfitcove

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020


During this time of physical distancing we are working our hardest to maintain our personal and human connections with one another. We love seeing all our members connecting to each other virtually. That connection is just as important to your health as these workouts.

Tomorrow we would love to check in with you. We plan to doa Facebook live video tomorrow evening. Look for more details on CrossFit Cove the Club (and will try to repost on youtube)



We have a number of ways to enjoy tomorrow’s workout virtually. First Coach John provided us an excellent workout demonstration in his very own home gym, Johnny’s Cage.  Coach Marina did the workout for this video for those that want to follow along and she enjoyed it so much she will be doing it again via zoom tomorrow at noon.  So get your leaf blower and join us tomorrow.



1: 60 DU
2: 15 Backpack Swings (KB alternate)
3: 14 Pistols
4: 2 No arm Burpee

Fx: 90 Single Unders, 25 Air Squats
P/O: As written

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