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Thursday, March 26th, 2020


We invite you to our house tonight via Facebook Live on Cove the Club at 8:30 PM. We plan on chatting about what is going on with the Cove gym, how we can best serve you, and take your questions. See you in da club later this evening.



Hey athletes!

As stated in Monday’s post, nutrition is a highly individual process.  It will take time to figure out what exactly works for you and what to do to adjust when that stops working.  However, even though nutrition is an individual process there are some broad approaches and guidelines that we can follow to get started.  And that is exactly what we are going to do- take a simple approach so we don’t get overwhelmed.  After the next 4 weeks (and beyond), we want you to have laid a solid foundation of consistency, quality, and fun with your nutrition.

We are going to base our guidelines on the Meal Type infographics.  If you have worked with me, done a challenge with me, or paid attention to any of my nutrition-related posts you should recognize them.  Why do I keep using them?  Because they are simple, efficient, and effective.

The Anytime Meal is just that, it can be eaten anytime during the day/night and should keep you satisfied for a few hours.  It consists of plenty of protein, lots of vegetables, and some healthy fat.

The Post Workout Meal is mainly focused on restoring your muscles glycogen stores, getting protein to your muscles, and helping to start that recovery process after a hard workout.  It consists of plenty of protein, some veggies and fruit, and some starches.

**How much should you be eating for your goal?  Check out this nutrition calculator-


In order to keep it simple we will divide you into 3 goal groups:

-Lean out/”tone up”

-Build muscle/gain weight

-Athletic Performance


Here are the following guidelines for each goal:

*for examples we will use 3 meals/day


Lean out/”tone up”

-the majority of your meals will look like the Anytime Meal

-keep the Post Workout Meal on workout days (rest days use all Anytime Meals)

-you should eat until about 85% full and feel satisfied after your meals (not stuffed)

-you need ample protein (to help maintain the muscle that you have)

-snacks- stick mainly to veggies, protein, smaller portions of fruit

-Ex. WOD day- 2 Anytime Meals, 1 Post Workout Meal, snack- assorted veggies


Build Muscle/Gain Weight

-the majority of your meals will look like the Post Workout Meal

-make sure you get some veggies in there even with the starches and simple carbs

-you will be consuming more food than you are used to so you should feel full after meals

-snacks- stick mainly with full portions of fruits, healthy fats, protein

-Ex- WOD day- 3 Post Workout Meals, snack- Super Shake

Athletic Performance

-you will have a good balance of Anytime and Post Workout Meals

-the farther away from your workout stick more with the Anytime Meal, the closer to your workout stick more with the Post Workout Meal

-you need both ample protein and carbs but don’t neglect the health fat

-snacks- stick to protein further away from workout, fruits/simple carbs closer to workout

-Ex. WOD day- 1 Anytime Meal (farthest away from your workout), 2 Post Workout Meals, snacks- fruit pre or post workout, protein shake post workout (plus your Post Workout Meal)

The rest of the week we will be focusing on structuring our meals according to the Anytime Meal and Post Workout Meal and your goals.  We will also be posting different examples of what these would look like for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  Post your meals as well!



We have another noon zoom workout with Coach Marina but this time at 5:30 PM. Looking forward to seeing the evening crew back together. To join, simply use the following link.

Below is tomorrow’s Home Workout with an introduction with Coach Josh and Coach Marina actually doing the workout.

“Maybe today will be a rest day”

100 Backpack Overhead Squats (if mobility doesn’t agree, 100 Front rack squats)
300 DU (500 SU)
30 Devil’s Thrusters

*Thrusters can be done with DB or backpack

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