Missing the friendly competition inside the box?  Want some extra motivation to push a little harder in your basement or garage? Watching “The Fittest” on Netflix and want to be a part of it?  Well, we’ve got you covered!  Introducing the first (and hopefully the last), COVE QUARANTINE OPEN!

Yep, we are bringing back The Open, but quarantine style. If you’re new to CrossFit, the Open is, simply put, one of the early stage qualifying rounds that determines who gets to go to the CrossFit Games.  The Open becomes a challenging and fun way to participate in a truly global CrossFit event.  It is a way to measure yourself against athletes around the world and hold yourself to a higher quality of movement by adhering to the CrossFit Games standards.  Given it is one of the most FUN things we do at the Cove each year, let’s bring the same fun to this incredibly stressful time!

With little-to-no equipment needed, On April 5th we will be rolling out FIVE workouts over the course of the following two weeks.  The Open workouts will be the scheduled workouts for those days, so you’re doing them anyway!  Just like the Open, the Cove Quarantine Open will have a mix of classic benchmarks WODs, awesome chippers, and real burners.

To sign up for the Cove Quarantine Open, just put your name on this signup sheet.  We will use this to track scores, but you MUST submit the scores on Wodify each day a workout is performed to log an ‘official’ score.

We are hoping for 100% participation here!  No pressure, just fun, and fitness!  Who’s in??



We are running a 5:30 PM zoom class tomorrow.

6 rounds
Find about 200m of running distance (preferably uphill)
Sprint Up
Your rest is the time it takes you to walk back down to your starting point. The moment you reach your starting point, you sprint back up


5 rounds
20 Alternating DB Snatch
50 DU

Barbell Option: Do 14 Power Snatch Per Round (75/55, 95/65 Scaling Options)
You can also use a backpack and do 15 Ground to Overhead each round

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