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We have 19 people signed up for the Quarantine Open and we are looking for even more. It’s a series of 5 workouts designed by Coach Daniel over a period of 2 weeks to test your fitness.  Although the word competition might scare you this is something different. It’s about competing with yourself and having the energy of those around you to bring the best out of you. It is about community as all things at the Cove are. We are looking to do lots of fun activities with the “Quarantine Open” including some zoom get post wod  happy hours, fun online activities, and maybe even some online throwdowns.

We will be releasing more information soon, but if interested you can sign up here.


Tomorrow’s zoom class will be a noon for this classic benchmark workout.

“DT @ Home Edition”
10 rounds
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Shoulder to Overhead

*DT is normally 5 rounds, but I want you guys to use a lighter weight and do more volume instead

(All equipment options are fair game)


:30sec max glute bridges
:30sec side plank leg lifts
:30 sec side plank leg lifts other side
:30 sec single leg glute bridge
:30 sec other leg glute bridge

*repeat for 3 rounds

Throwback pictures from “Partner DT” from our last guys night. Justin looking fresh. Dad not so much. 

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