As we continue to run our outdoor classes, we have to be sure the weather will allow us to workout. At times we may have to cancel a class at a moment’s notice. Be aware that if we do cancel a class, you will receive an email of this cancelation from Wodify.

We ask that you only reserve one class per day. If there is a class that you are looking to take but get locked out, we encourage you to still put yourself on the waitlist. We are continuing to look to provide ways to offer as many workout opportunities for as many people as possible and understanding the most popular classes helps us make decisions.


We are going have set up classes for Saturday at 9 AM and 10:15 and they are live on Wodify right now. If we see a strong demand for classes on Saturday we will add an 11:30 immediately.





Noon zoom class with Coach Teresa

“Tight Cheeks”
4 rounds
100m Loaded Carry
20 Back Rack Lunges (or Farmer’s Carry w/ DB)
20 Glute Bridges

Loaded Carry can be back rack or farmer’s carry

Time Cap: 17 min

Fx: 35/25 DBs or 95/65 BB
P/O: 50/35 DBs or 135/95 BB


3 rounds
8 Bird Dogs each side
:45 sec plank transitions
Rest :30

Plank transition = moving from high plank to low plank while keeping core as still as possible

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