We hope everyone had a great weekend and you’re ready to get after it this week! Whether at home, outdoors or inside the gym!  With a handful of indoors under our belt, we’re already learning a ton.  A few asks of you to make classes go more smoothly and safely:

  1. Bring a yoga mat!  You will use this daily for warm up and cool down. While Covid-19 does not travel via sweat angels, any time you are laying on the ground, we ask that you use a mat (that means burpees and stretching or just laying flat out after a tough WOD).
  2. Everyone is doing a GREAT job cleaning up their equipment, but the wide sprays of the cleaner get all over the mats — and make for a slippery space for the next athlete in the following class. Please wipe down the mats until they are dry to be considerate of who’s taking your spot next!
  3. Some workouts will require a lot of gear cleaning (i.e. tomorrow you’ll use the rig, a bar/plates, plyo box and med ball). This takes time to clean, and while we love that you all socialize after the workout, make it a point to clean up and clear your spot first. There is plenty of space outside or by the green chairs to catch up (socially distanced, of course) with the friends you’ve missed so much!
  4. We are doing our best to mark out measured and distanced spots for each day.  Please respect the spacing and make it easier on the coach by maintaining the recommended station placements.

We are doing our very best to make this a safe and fun time to be back in the gym, and by helping us with the above, you are helping us help YOU.  The sound of barbells dropping (and not rolling) and music pumping has been chicken soup for the soul and we’re grateful to all of you for putting your trust in us.  THANK YOU.  From the bottom of our hearts!

And remember, if you are not ready to come inside yet — we totally understand! You are welcome to come during class times and set up outside in the parking lot. We have music and a clock for you, so come on in and get your workout in outside!

Monday’s class set up is below.  Put your bars where the PVC pipes are, boxes where the yellow/green cones are and wall balls by the red/orange cones.  We are ready to start the week off right!

Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes
5 Front Squats (from ground)


“Reunion with my buddies”

Round 1
40 Wall Balls
40 Pullups

Round 2
40 Wall Balls
40 Box Jumpovers

Round 3
40 Wall Balls
40 Clean

Time Cap: 16 min

Fx: 14/10, Ring Row, 20/18, 95/65
P: 20/14, 24/20, 135/95
O: 20/14, 24/20, 135/95, C2B


Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes
10 DB Front Squats

Round 1
40 DB Thruster
40 Bentover Rows

Round 2
40 DB Thruster
40 Jump Tucks

Round 3
40 DB Thruster
40 DB Clean

Fx: 25/15
P/O: 35/25

Mike E. working up to some heavy squat cleans!

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