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Coaching And Gym Updates!


We have some fun gym updates to share, but are most excited by announcing that Joel Parsons is joining the coaching team at the Cove!  Joel  is one of those super stealth athletes.  He’s extremely consistent and incredibly humble.  He’s so well-rounded and thoughtful about movement and performance strategies.  He works hard but he also works SMART.  Plus he’s one of the nicest guys around.  As a fellow introvert, I appreciate the fact that our style of training within a strong community requires him to push outside of his comfort level.  And not only has he done this for himself, he’s excited to help everyone at the Cove do the same.  Here’s a bit more about the Cove’s newest coach!

“My CrossFit journey began in early 2008, as my college years were coming to a close.  I played rugby and was a competitive cheerleader throughout college, but never really took my fitness too seriously. In 2007/2008, I decided that I wanted to enlist in the Air Force, which lit a fire under my butt to really get serious about my health and fitness.  Over the course of about a year, I got into the best shape of my life; swimming, lifting, and eventually finding this small weird cult called CrossFit.  Although I started out trying to do CF-style workouts in a 24hr Fitness in San Diego, I eventually found and joined CrossFit SoCal.  Even though I ended up not joining the military, I had found a new love in this intense training philosophy and haven’t looked back.  I trained like crazy and even dabbled in competitive fitness; attending my first competition in the 2010 CrossFit Sectionals (and got completely destroyed). I eventually got my CF trainer cert through their L1 certification course back in 2012, and became a CF coach at CrossFit Diesel shortly after moving to MD in 2013.  Fast forward 7 years, and here I am. Older, creekier joints, but still loving this training methodology. Over the years, I’ve been a member of, and visited, a ton of different CrossFit gyms across the country.  I’ve seen gyms that were just OK, some that were bad, and a few that are truly great.  The Cove is one of the greats, and I have really enjoyed being a part of the community here.  You may have seen me around the gym mostly keeping to  myself (I’m a serious introvert), but never hesitate to approach me and ask me anything!  I love getting to know my fellow athletes, and helping out however I can!  Looking forward to getting to know more of  you, and helping each other bust out some serious PRs!”


Outdoor Classes: Due to continued demand, we’re running three outdoor classes again this week.  We’ll be praying for cool temps and no rain, but if that’s not the case, stay tuned to this blog and the FB Cove Club for updates about schedule changes!

Showers:  We have been asked by a few of you about shower usage. As of Monday, we will allow the individual shower rooms to be used.  BUT we ask that you spray/wipe down the stalls after each use with the cleaners provided.  Due to the fact that they are not open-room showers like you’d find in bigger gyms and have limited touch points (bring and remove your own toiletries each time), we feel confident that by cleaning after each use we can utilize the space safely and follow CDC guidelines.

Yoga Mats:  Most of you have been great about bringing mats with each visit, but we need EVERYONE to do the same.  Please remember to bring a mat daily as any time you are splayed on the ground (post-wod bliss, burpees, stretching, etc.) we want you on your own mat. Thank you again!


Odd Rounds: __ Burpees
Even Rounds: __ Cal Bike/Row

*30 second rest between rounds

Fx: 10 burpees, 8/7 cal bike, 10/8 cal row
P: 13 burpees, 12/9 cal bike, 15/12 cal row
O: 16 burpees, 15/12 cal bike, 18/13 cal row

*Any time you cannot finish the round, you get one “demerit”

After the MetCon is finished:
No demerits = 400m Run
Every demerit = +100m to your run

Coach’s Tip:  Find a number that works for YOU each round!  The goal is to find something challenging, but not impossible. The ‘demerits’ are giving you goal to chase, not necessarily a ‘punishment’.  If  you are finding yourself getting “demerits” each round, you need to scale back the volume.


Same Concept, but on Even rounds:
Fx: 70 SU
P: 60 DU
O: 75 DU

Welcome Coach Joel!

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