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Here are some of the changes we will be implemented in regards to the most recent changes provided by Governor Hogan.

We are going to our members to wear their mask for a longer period of time. Per the direction from Governor Hogan, they can take them off when they don’t feel comfortable in regards to exercising with it on (shortness of breath, dizziness, etc.), but we want them on walking throughout the gym or anywhere outside their “station” (getting plates, grabbing equipment, etc.).

We are going to ask coaches to wear a mask during classes. They may take them off communicate key aspects of safety, instruction, or performance but will primarily keep them on before and during the workout. If taking them off, maintaining appropriate distances will be key as well.

We want to be proactive beyond the demands of the government to ensure your safety. They will include the following:

Making adjustments in programming to allow us to utilize our space more effectively (split strength/metcon, offer more scales, etc.)

Push out the physical footprint of usable gym space to create even greater separation.

Look to change our schedule slightly to offer more outdoor options at different times (we also encourage more outdoor ‘open gym’ use)

Create an area for members to interact outside – bringing chairs outside daily

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(From Ground) 3 Front Squats

10 rounds
1 Power Clean
2 Front Squats
10/8 Pushups

Fx: Kneeling Pushup, 115/75
P: 165/115
O: 205/135


Every 45 seconds for 10 rounds
4 DB Front Squats

10 Rounds
1 DB Power Clean
2 DB Front Squats
10/8 Pushups

Fx: 35/25
P/O: 50/35

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