August 6th, 2018 - Crossfitcove

August 6th, 2018

Hey athletes!  We have a lot of gymnastics this week for the regular Cove programming so look for a little skill work, Olympic lifting, and extra conditioning this week.  We have been working on putting together the Ring MU for the past few weeks so here is a chance to test it out.  Some max effort work followed by short rests.  Hopefully you have been putting in the work and these feel easy!  Finish the day off with some Olympic lifting.  We have a longer EMOM with lighter weights but a chance increase as you want for the last 5 minutes.  This will help accumulate some volume while under slight fatigue.




Ring MUs

1 min- Max Reps

1 min rest

1 min- Max Reps

1 min rest

1 min- Max Reps


*Score total Ring MUs

Sc- Banded Ring MU Transitions (see video on Facebook)





EMOM for 20 min

Min 1-5- 2 Cleans @ 65%

Min 6-10- 1 Clean @ 70%

Min 11-15- 1 Clean @ 75%

Min 16-20- 1 Clean @80+%

*full Cleans

**as always, respect the class going on with dropping the weights if you are doing this during another class time

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