August 7th, 2018 - Crossfitcove

August 7th, 2018

Hey athletes!  Time to have some fun and play around with some Handstands and Handstand Walking.  Listed below are some examples of skill work/exercises you can do to help with the development of your Handstand skills.  We did this a few weeks ago so maybe try some of the skills that you didn’t do last time.  Finish off the day with a simple but tough metcon.  It has a movement you may not have done before- 1-arm KB Thrusters.  Check the video on Facebook on how to properly rack/hold the Kettlebell on your shoulder for most efficient press.  Have fun!




Handstands/ Handstand Walking

Spend 10-15 min working on Handstands/Handstand Walking

Examples for Skill Work:

-using a pike position from a box/bench, walk laterally around the box/bench

-kick into a handstand against the wall, use your heel to gently push your legs off of the wall to practice balancing in a free-standing handstand

-10m Handstand Walks

-Wall Walks w/ a turnaround to a HSPU position

-shoulder taps




4 RFT:

15/12 cal bike

20 1-arm KB Thrusters (5 each arm)- 53/35

*1 min rest after each round

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