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Sunday, March 21st, 2020


It has been a stressful week as we are adjusting to our response to COVID-19, but we did, indeed survive it together. Sunday is generally a day of rest and recovery and we would encourage you to keep that tradition as well. We have Coach Katie F’s yoga class at 9 AM via Facebook Live on the Cove the Club.

A suggestion for you is to enjoy the outside world while maintaining physical distancing (I like that term so much more versus social distancing). Go play tennis, shoot some hoops, go for a hike, bike ride, or jog.

A final thought to close out today’s “Daily WOD” page is to be so thankful for all of you encouraging and connecting with one another. Part of health isn’t just about our bodies but our mental and social needs. Whether it be the battle over handstands sparked by Coach Daniels’ upside programming discussion, the different whiteboard questions (love the celebrity pictures), or just pictures of people working out – they have made this period of isolations just feel a little more connected. Thank you all for supporting this community. In every sense.  THANK YOU.

Jessica M heating a 10 minute handstand. That girl loves a challenge.





Important gym updates! Please read! We have been spending countless hours debating and carefully considering many inputs as we make decisions about the gym over the next days and weeks. In addition to extensive polling amongst members, we are looking to other places (other gyms, yes, but also a variety of other businesses) to inform what to do — and what not to do! We know that there is no ‘right answer’ for everyone, but we are trying our best given what we know about what’s happening — and what we know about YOU.
What we DO know is that many of you come here as the single hour of relief in an ordinary day of chaos. And, in days of extraordinary chaos like we are experiencing now, we also want to be here for those who truly need that escape. We also know that not everyone is comfortable being in a public space of any kind (despite our family status at the Cove) and we completely understand and respect that. And we’ve developed some creative solutions that we think can help BOTH perspectives. And of course, any of this could change at any given time…
  1. For those that want to be here, we will be running a regular class schedule for now. We will be limiting our white board intros, so please read the workout and coach’s tip in advance.
  2. Please give each other space on the floor. Each mat is 4’x6’ so if each athlete occupies six mats (12’ x 12’ space) we will all be protected in our ‘social distancing’ bubble. And since we will be spread out, PLEASE respect the coach as they will be yelling across the entire floor space!
  3. For those that want even more distance and space when working out, we are extending open gym hours to run from 9:30a until 8:30pm. As always, feel free to do your own thing during regular classes, but also feel free to come in when the gym is quieter and normally ‘closed’. Same rules apply: clean up every piece of equipment you use and sanitize your personal space.
  4. We will be programming ‘at home’ workouts to run in parallel with our regular Cove programming for our members who want to stay at home. You will be able to follow along with the rest of your fellow Covies as we’ll be adding the WODs to Wodify so you can put in your scores!!! Classes (or parts of them) will also be run outside whenever possible!
  5. If you are sick, look sick, sound sick or are acting sick, please don’t come in. And don’t be offended if we ask you to go.
  6. We WILL be running kid’s classes this Sunday! We will be running ONE class at 9am for mixed ages and capping attendance at 10. We heard loud and clear from the parents that continuing to have this as an outlet for the kiddos is something so valuable in times like these.
  7. The kids’ room will operate as usual but we will be VERY strict with runny noses and colds. Please don’t bring your child in if there is a hint of illness! Please wash all hands before coming in and keep the shoes outside of the kids’ room.
  8. Clash of the Cove is currently ON. This will be assessed on a day-by-day basis (like everything else!)
  9. Oh, and don’t be offended if we don’t walk around with fist bumps after class. Let’s lay off this for now and just wink at each other from afar
Like we said, there are no ‘right answers’ for any of this. We are simply trying to do our best —day by day — to make decisions to help us all through this challenging time!



Open gym from 9am to noon with a single kids class from 9 AM to 9:45. Let’s have a great day tomorrow.



“Don’t mess up”


Strength Intervals
Every 90 seconds for 6 rounds
Build to a heavy complex
1 Power Snatch
1 Hang Power Snatch
1 Overhead Squat

Coaches Marina’s Tip: I did this workout last week to test it out and it could be a new favorite!  The volume of each movement is perfection! Managing your heart rate and keeping your shoulders ‘fresh’ is key to getting through the doubles in a relaxed fashion.  I rushed through the first set (6 unbroken and quick burpees) and “messed up” on the rope on the first round!  I went immediately back to the bar and did four snatches. Rested a hot second. Did two more.  I did methodical burpees with very little shoulder work (flopped to the ground each time) and inched my way to the rope with each burpee.  I took a nice deep breath with the rope in hand and felt great — and went unbroken the rest of the rounds on the rope.  And that was my rep scheme the rest of the workout.   Get right off the rope to the bar.  Break up the barbell to manage heart rate, easy burpees and then jump!  I’d STRONGLY recommend doing a single or two just to get a rhythm before going to doubles as you’ll be more tense than usual because you DON’T WANT TO MESS UP!  And if you do, you’ll still have a great workout 😉

Your shoulders will be super warm after this workout and the strength work will be FUN. You might even surprise yourself by putting up numbers close to or beating PRs!  Get ready for a great day!


Monday, March 9th,2020


After a short break, we are excited to announce that the Cove Barbell Club will be returning after amazing results over the past two sessions. Olympic Lifting Coach Andrew K will be leading the program with the help of Head Coach Holden.

The program will run 8 weeks with classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM.  Each class will focus on perfecting the snatch or clean and jerk. This will be achieved through specific programming and coaching that focuses on technique, speed, mobility, and developing raw strength. The program will start on Tuesday, March 24th and cost $150 for Cove members and $175 for non-members. Space is limited so if you are interested in the program you can sign up here. If you have any questions just email us at




EMOM for 10 min:

2 Squat Snatch

*Build weight as needed


For time:

15-10-5 reps of-

Squat Snatch

Pullup (x2)


Time Cap: 18 min


Fx: 45/35, 75/55, 95/65, Ring Row

P: 95/65, 115/75, 145/95

O: 135/95, 155/105, 185/125, C2B


Coach Tips: This is my type of workout. A highly technical barbell movement coupled with a dynamic gymnastics movement. Love it. When it comes to heavy snatches I am very cautious about pacing the other parts of the workout. However we have to change weights during this workout, so I would try to be a little more aggressive during the pull-ups.

I also look at the opening EMOM as a great way to prepare myself for the metcon. I would not worry at all about tiring myself with that part of the workout, rather see it as a chance to get my technique dialed in for the metcon and build some confidence for the heavier loads.


Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020


EMOM for 20 min:

1: 15 Box Jumps

2: 12 Burpees

3: 17/13 Calorie Row

4: 6 Strict Pullups


Fx: 20/18″,  Banded Pullups

P/O: 24/20″, Strict Pullup on Rings




(Barbell Only)

3 rounds-

12 Good mornings

10 Bulgarian Split Squats (5 each leg)


Coach Tips: Great EMOM today building that strict pull up strength that was exposed with last Thursday’s wod (at least for me).

The boys clean up nice

Monday, March 2nd, 2020


30 rounds for time
5 Wall Balls
1 Power Clean

Time Cap: 25 min

Fx: 14/10, Piked Pushup, 135/95
P: 20/14,185/135
O: 20/14, 225/155

Coaches Tip: Nothing says pacing like a 30 round workout with a 25-minute time cap. Rest just a little bit extra in the early rounds of this workout, as it is a marathon and not a sprint. The power clean weight should be something challenging for you (80%+ of your one-rep max), so go ahead and accept that challenge. Just approach each power clean with focus. Treat it like a one-rep max.  I know Barbell Club loves this workout.

Return of Cove Kids



We are excited to announce that Cove Kids is back and we also have yoga tomorrow.

Cove Yoga: 8:15-9:00

Cove Kids (ages 4-7) 9:00 AM

Cove Kids (8=11) 9:45 AM


30 rounds for time
5 Wall Balls
1 Power Clean

Time Cap: 25 min

Fx: 14/10, Piked Pushup, 135/95
P: 20/14,185/135
O: 20/14, 225/155

Coaches Tip: Nothing says pacing like a 30 round workout with a 25-minute time cap. Rest just a little bit extra in the early rounds of this workout, as it is a marathon and not a sprint. The power clean weight should be something challenging for you (80%+ of your one-rep max), so go ahead and accept that challenge. Just approach each power clean with focus. Treat it like a one-rep max.  I know Barbell Club loves this workout.

Saturday, February 15, 2020


1 Rope Climb
7 Thrusters
30 DU
10 rounds

Time Cap: 22 min

Fx: 75/55, 2:1 Singles
P: 95/65
O: 95/65, Legless



6 rounds Tabata (3 minutes)
Lunge + Jumping Air Squat + Lunge
right into
6 rounds Tabata (3 minutes)

Coach Tips:  Unbroken or die. – Coach Josh

The day is here! Babes, Barbells, and Brunch


SO much going on Sunday! Open gym will be from 9a -11a (sorry, fellas, it’s the ladies’ gym at 11 for our Babes and Barbells event!). YOGA starts at 8:15 (until 9a), so come in and enjoy the zen!  Kids classes run as usual:  9-:9:45a 4-7 year olds and 9:45 – 10:30 is for 8 – 11 year olds.

For the Babes, Barbells and Brunch event, we have a SUPER fun workout planned.  We’ll hit the WOD then stay after for the potluck brunch. Electric skillets will be set up so we can make eggs, pancakes, waffles, sausage, whatever, while we sip on Mimosas, Bloody Marys, or your beverage of choice.  This is always a fun event that makes all the fellas jealous and is an awesome opportunity to get to know those fierce females you only ever see crushing it on WODIFY.

If you haven’t yet, you can RSVP for the event here and here is a sign up sheet to note any item you might be bringing to share!


And for those of you who hate secrets, here’s the workout we’ll be doing!  It will be a PARTNER WOD format, with one fierce female working at a time.  We will run the clock in (3) 10-minute intervals, with 3 minutes rest in between.  We will hit three separate ten minute workouts as a team, rotating in three groups from one to the next.  For two of the workouts, if you complete the work in less than 10 minutes, the remaining time is glorious rest!


Here’s what you can expect!




Minute 0 – 10:00: Station 1: “DOUBLE ISABEL”
60 Snatches
Minute 10:00 – 13:00 REST/TRANSITION
Minute 13:00- 23:00 Station 2: “BARB-RAP”
10 min AMRAP of:
20 Pull-Ups (or J-hook row or ring row)
30 Push Ups
40 Sit Ups
50 Air Squats
Minute 23:00 – 26:00 REST/TRANSITION
Minute 26:00 – 36:00 Station 3: “KAREN”
150 Wall Balls




“But first let me take a selfie”

Every 4 minutes for 20 minutes:

12/9 cal bike


9 Front Squats

Max bar-facing burpees until round clock is at 3:00


*Remaining time is rest, score is total burpees accumulated


*You MUST take a selfie at the end of every round at 3:30. The round that you got the least amount of burpees in will be your WODify picture for the month

**Selfies will be used for new WODify pic


Fx: Piked Pushup, 115/75

P: 8, 135/95

O: 9, 155/105



10 min recovery Cooldown, coach’s choice





There is no yoga today but we have Cove kids at 9 (ages 4-7) and 9:45 (ages 8-11) AM and as always open gym from 9 to noon. Yoga will return next week!


AMRAP in 30 min:

30 Pullups

30 Cal Row

30 Lateral Burpee over Bar

30 Power Snatch

30 Box Jumps

30′ HS Walk

Fx: 75/55, 20/18″, Ring Row, 30 Shoulder Taps

P: 95/65, 24/20″

O: 115/75, 24/20″, C2B






9 AM to Noon

Yoga and Cove Kids will return in 2020



Build to a heavy:

1 Power Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch (does not have to be unbroken)


3 rounds-

30 Alt. DB snatch

30 Pullup


Fx: 35/25, J-Hook Row, Hand release pushup

P: 50/35#

O: 50/35, C2B, Strict


Coach’s Tip: High rep gymnastics for the metcon.  Pullups should probably be broken up from the beginning, maybe in sets of 10.  By the end it may get down to sets of 5.  Pick a scale for HSPUs that allows you to go through a full Range of Motion.