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Thursday 4/18/2019


16 minutes to establish a 3 RM Power Clean (unbroken)


“Power Elizabeth”
For time:

21-15-9 reps of-

Power Clean

Ring Dips

Time Cap: 9 min

Fx: 95/65

P/O: 135/95

Coach’s Tip:  High rep Power Cleans for the metcon today.  Make sure you are hitting good positions and taking breaks when needed.  Form leads to efficiency leads to better times.

Wednesday 4/17/2019



3 Rounds for Time::

30 Goblet Lunge w/ DB

20 Step Ups

10 Burpee Box Jumps

Time Cap: 18 min

F 35/25 DB

P/O  50/35 DB


3 rounds-

20 Barbell Good Mornings

15 Barbell Curls

10 Bent Over Rows (You can have weights on the side for this part)

Time Cap: 11 min

Coach’s Tip:  Pick a DB weight that you can step all the way up onto a box using only a single leg (without any help from your opposite leg).  Movements for the accessory work should be done slow and controlled.

Tuesday 4/16/2019

EMOM – 10 Minutes
Odd min: Rig Work
Even min: One legged squat work

-5 Bar MU, 10 C2B, 10 Pull-ups, 10 Banded Strict Pullups
-10 Pistols, 10 1-leg box step ups off the side (5 each leg)


40/30 Cal Row
__ Deadlifts
__ Bar MU
Fx: 135/95, j-hook row reps: 30/30
P: 185/125, kipping, reps: 30/20
O: 225/155, reps: 30/25

Time Cap: 12 min

Monday 4/15/2019

A HUGE thank you to Katie F. for running an amazing Aerial Yoga clinic this weekend. It was so cool to see the rig transformed — and to see our athletes suspended from it! Stay tuned for details on our next one!



14 minutes to find 1 rep Snatch Balance


“The Power of Exponents”

AMRAP in 16 minutes:


Empty Barbell Overhead Squat

Empty Barbell Push Press



Fx: 1:1 Single Under


Coach’s Tip:  Lots of shoulder and leg work today.  Make sure to keep some tension on the bar when doing Overhead Squats, don’t just let your shoulders relax.


Yoga goes aerial!

Saturday 4/13/2019


“Cardio Day”

35 min AMRAP:

Buy-in: 1 mile run (one time only)

10 Dball over the shoulder

15/12 Calorie Bike

20 Pushups

30 Air Squats

F 50/30

P 70/50

O 100/70


4 rounds-

10 DB Hammer Curls

10 Banded Tricep Extensions

Coach’s Tip:  A longer endurance metcon today so make sure you are fueled properly.  You should be pacing yourself so that you shouldn’t have to take long breaks between sets or movements.

Friday 4/12/2019




“Walk the Plank”

*Partner must hold plank if not working

Buy-in: 300 ft. bear crawl

3 rounds-

100 DU

20 Front Squats

40 TTB

60 Alt. DB Snatch

Buy-out: 300 ft. HS Walk


Time Cap: 35 min

Fx: 2:1 Single Under, 115/75, 35/25, Hanging Leg Raise, bear crawl instead of HS walk

P: 135/95, 50/35

O: 155/105, 50/35

Coach’s Tip:  A combination of weights and bodyweight movements.  Play to your strengths and break work up however you see fit.

Thursday 4/11/2019



For time:

21-15-9 reps of-

Bar-Facing Burpees

Power Snatch

Time Cap: 17 min

*Weights go up each round

Fx: 75/55, 95/65, 115/75

P: 115/75, 135/95, 165/115

O: 135/95, 165/115, 185/125


“The CrossFit 40 Time”

40 cal bike for time

Time Cap: 2:30

Coach’s Tip:  Putting some of our recent overhead, trunk, and leg work to the test with full Snatches while under fatigue.  Pick a weight that you are confident you can handle for each set.

Wednesday 4/10/2019

You may see some new faces around the gym in the late evenings — so be sure to welcome our newest Fresh Start Challenge members! They’re in their first week, so remember to give them a word of encouragement and a warm Cove welcome. Most of us recall how hard those first few classes were, so a little support will go a long way!


“Don’t Trip”

4 rounds-

10 Front Rack Lunge

50 DU

20 Box Jumpovers

Time Cap: 15 min

Fx: 115/75, 18/12

P: 135/95, 24/20

O: 155/105, 24/20


Durante Core

4 rounds-

10 Hollow Rocks

10 V-ups

10 Tuckups

10 second Hollow Hold

Coach’s Tip:  Legs are going to be heavy and fatigued from Lunges and DUs so make sure you put enough energy in your first few Box Jumpovers.

Jordan looking calm, cool and collected before a big lift…

Tuesday 4/9/2019


Find a heavy 2-rep Split Jerk (off rack)

Time Cap: 15 min


“DT’s Fraternal Twin”

5 rounds-

8 Deadlifts

6 Hang Power Cleans

4 Shoulder to Overhead

Time Cap: 16 min

Fx: 135/95

P: 175/125

O: 205/145


6 min EMOM

:30 sec max pushups

Coach’s Tip:  Push/Pull type day.  Definitely going to need to utilize the “hook grip” on the barbell for the metcon.

Monday 4/8/2019



Back Squat


*Increase weight each set. On the 3rd rep, add a 3 second pause at the bottom of the squat



“Flip it and Reverse it”

For time:

30 C2B

40 Wall Balls

50 Empty BB Back Squats

60 Calorie Row

50 Empty BB Back Squats

40 Wall Balls

30 C2B


Time Cap: 19 min

Fx: 14/10, J-hook Row

P/O: 20/14

Coach’s Tip:  Hitting some heavy Back Squats today, feel free to go as heavy as you want.  Metcon should be done with large sets (10+ reps) of movements even when tired.