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Huge congrats to all those who participated in the Double Under Clinic on Sunday.  We saw some big breakthroughs and significant improvements in form and technique.  Remember, sometimes you have to take a step backwards to correct bad habits – and we promise the adjustments you made (whether shortening a rope or jumping in a new way) will be well worth it in the long run!


Today we start with a new strength cycle – the SQUAT!  We’ll be working towards a new 1 rep back squat and 2 rep front squat.  In addition to building strength, we’ll be working on mobility, form and overall making those lifts better.  For the next 8 to 10 weeks, you can expect to be squatting on Mondays and Thursdays!




Take 18 minutes to find a find a 1 RM Back Squat




3 Rounds for Time:

30 Med Ball Squat Cleans

15 Burpees

50 Double Unders


*13 min time cap


Fitness- 14/10

Performance/Open-  20/14


Coach’s Tip:  We are starting a Back Squat (and Front Squat) cycle.  Get ready to move some big weight.  For the metcon, Double Unders should be feeling smooth if you hit the clinic this past Sunday.


Lue with the Monday Mindset!

Jump Rope Clinic Sunday!



Attention jump rope clinic participants!  A reminder that we will have three sessions on Sunday: at 9, 10 and 11am (for Novice, Intermediate and Proficient, respectively).  If you have your own rope, bring it!  If you are coming to the 9am, we will be there by 8:30 for sizing recommendations!  And we’ll have 10 minutes before the 10 and 11 to look at your sizing too if you need help.  So excited to see some great breakthroughs!  For anyone looking to do Open Gym, you are still welcome to come, but music might be turned off at times for the clinic!

Saturday 11/3/2018



Every 90 Seconds for 12 minutes:

1 Power Snatch + 1 Snatch from Below the Knee + 1 Snatch from Above the Knee


P/PP Mods:

Athlete’s Choice – conditioning or strength:

Tabata Bike

Rest 2 minutes

Tabata Row


6 barbell sumo deadlifts + 5x Is / Ys / Ts

Every 90 seconds




For time:


Power Snatch

Bar Facing Burpee


*12 min time cap


Fitness: 75/55

Performance: 95/65

Open: 115/75


P/PP Mods:

Sub DB or KB snatch

Sub slam ball + step over for burpees


Coach’s Tip:  Some great Olympic lifting technique work followed by a tricky couplet.  Use the strength work to hammer home the technique so you can focus more on pacing during the metcon.


Saturdays are for Snatches

Friday 11/2/2018



For time:


Wall Balls

Pull ups

KB Swings

Sit ups

**200 m Run after each set**


*30 min time cap


Fitness- 14/10

Performance- 20/14

Open- 20/14, C2B Pullups


P/PP Mods:

200m Row for Run

Sub: ring rows for pull ups

Russian KB swings

Med ball twist / toss for sit ups


Coach’s Tip:  Split up the reps how ever you would like (only 1 partner working at a time) but after each set both partners run 200m.  The reps aren’t super high each set but lots of transitions for movement to movement.

Coach John scheming some epic comp programming!


LOVED seeing all the ridiculous costumes on Halloween! Thanks for showing up and showing off!  Just a reminder that there are only a few days left to sign up for the Double Under clinic.  Put your name on the whiteboard at the gym if you are planning on attending so we have an accurate head count!




With a running clock:

Min 0-8 min-

10/8 Assault Bike Cals

Max Push ups

Min 8-10-


Min 10-18-

14 Alt DB Snatch

30 sec Low Plank Hold

Min 18-20-


Min 20-28-

14 DB Death March-

Max Single Arm DB Push Press (use one of the same DBs as the death march)


P/PP Mods:

Modified box pushups or sub box dips

Sub bird dogs for low plank

Optional: sub sumo DL w/ DBs for death march


Coach’s Tip:  Today is different, in a fun way! The BIG focus should be the HINGE position and keep peoples backs in a safe position for the snatch and the death march.


Small but powerful!

Wednesday 10/31/2018


Halloween is one of the best days of the year at the Cove, so come in dressed to impress!




Every 2 minutes for 14 minutes:

1 Clean lift off + 1 Power Clean + 1 Hanging Clean

(For the clean lift off pull the bar to knee level and hold for 2 seconds)


P/PP Mods:

Single-arm DB complex:

Deadlift – Hang clean – front squat – hang snatch x3 / side




For time:

400 M Run

50 Air Squats

15 Power Cleans

400 M Run

50 Air Squats

12 Power Cleans

400 M Run

50 Air Squats

9 Power Cleans

400 M Run

50 Air Squats

6 Power Cleans


*18 min time cap


Fitness: 95/65

Performance: 135/95

Open: 165/110


P/PP Mods:

Sub 400m Row

Sub DB hang cleans


Coach’s Tip:  Strength work today is centered around technique and Olympic lifting work.  Pick a weight for the metcon that can be done for multiple reps.


Jesse taking his time setting up for a Power Clean



Halloween is one of the best days of the year at the Cove, so come in dressed to impress!  We’ll have a few tricks (and treats!) up our sleeves too, so get ready for a fun day (not like they ALL aren’t fun, right?!)




3 sets:

Max Strict Press 75 % of 1 RM

Rest 1 minute

Max Strict Pull ups

Rest 1 minute


P/PP Mods:

Shoulder press from rig or w/ DBs, shoot for 10-15 reps unbroken

Ring rows or barbell rows, shoot for 10-15 reps unbroken




5 Rounds for Time:

50 Double Unders

20 Goblet Lunges –  24/20

10 DBall Over the Shoulder

Rest 1 minute


*20 min time cap


Fitness- 25/20, 40/30

Performance/Open-  50/35, 100/70


P/PP Mods:

10 Assault Bike Cals

Box step ups or side steps (optional unweighted)

Sub slam ball for DBalls (still over the shoulder movement, just using a smaller, lighter ball)


Coach’s Tip:  Strict work for the strength today.  We are going off of our 1RM Strict Press (if you don’t know what that is use a weight that you can do at least 10 reps of).


Morning warrior Marissa is CRUSHING it under Coach Katie’s watchful eye!


A huge congrats to all our Nutrition Challenge participants for committing to five weeks of healthy eating!  Today we kicked off the Challenge by reviewing guidelines for success and doing a baseline workout (along with baseline body composition testing).  Please join us in supporting these athletes on this journey.   It will be challenging… yet SO rewarding if you commit to the process!


Heat one rocking the assault bike baseline!



Halloween is one of the best days of the year at the Cove, so come in dressed to impress!  We’ll have a few tricks (and treats!) up our sleeves too, so get ready for a fun day (not like they ALL aren’t fun, right?!)




Take 15 minutes to find a heavy 3 Rep OHS

*Take from the rack


P/PP Mods:

Can opt for front or back squats if preferred




For time:

50/40 Cals on the Rower

25 Burpee Box Jumps- 24/20

50 OHS


*12 min time cap


Fitness: (95/65) front squats

Performance: 95/65

Open: 115/75


P/PP Mods:

Modify row volume if necessary

Sub 12x box burpee + 12x russian KB swings for burpees box jumps

OHS off rack – Can opt for front or back squats if preferred


Coach’s Tip:  Heavy Overhead Squats for Strength.  They require a lot of balance so control over speed with these.  The OHS weight for the metcon should be something that you can do in 10+ reps each set.


Warren T. loves the barbell!

Saturday 10/27/2018




Build up to a heavy set of 5


P/PP Mod:

Optional sumo stance

OH or hook grip




For time:

21-18-15-12-9 Deadlifts

**Run 400 M after each set** (5 total)


*20 min cap


Fitness-  135/95

Performance-  155/105

Open-  185/125


P/PP Mod:

Optional sumo stance

18 cal assault bike


Coach’s Tip:  Simple but effective workout today.  Deadlifting while under fatigue can be tricky so don’t be afraid to take a little extra time to catch your breath and always get setup properly.



Dates: October 28th -Dec 2nd

Join an awesome group of Covies as they embark on a healthy journey together!  The Fall Nutrition Challenge kicks off Sunday and there’s still time to sign up!  Yes, it goes through Thanksgiving but do not let this discourage you from signing up. Thanksgiving is 1 day out of 5 weeks. And although we will be limiting sugar, alcohol and processed foods, it does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy the holiday with your friends and family. My philosophy is everything in moderation and each day is a new day, so on the 23rd you jump back on the wagon and that wagon can include a left over turkey sandwich or what ever you look forward to the most!! Let me be your guide….I promise you will not be disappointed or reject any of your decisions!!!!

So who is with us?  We are ready to get this started!!! 

Feel free to email me at flex with any questions! And if you have a family member who is not a cove member they can also sign up!!!





In teams of 3:

For time-

200/140 Calorie Row

100/70 Assault Bike Cals

100 Pull ups

100 Hang Power Cleans

80 Thrusters

60 Squat Cleans


*30 min time cap


Fitness: 95/65

Performance: 115/75

Open: 135/95


MMM: 200
MMF: 180
FFM: 160
FFF: 140

MMM: 100
MMF: 90
FFM: 80
FFF: 70


P/PP Mod:

Sub ring rows for pull ups

Thrusters off rack or DB thrusters

DB squat cleans or goblet squats (no clean)


Coach’s Tip:  Switching it up with teams of 3 today.  There is a ton of work to do but only one person working at a time so two teammates get rest.  When it’s your turn you should be going hard!


Dan P. lifting heavy in the early morning light…