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Competition Fever!


We know a number of athletes have recently caught the competitor’s bug after the most recent in-house competition and other local competitions. In an effort to help support those competitive athletes,  over the past 3 months we have provided additional programming and classes to a few competitive athletes at the Cove as a pilot project. It has been a trial program that we are still developing and we are looking to expand to trial to the greater Cove membership.

Some details about the program are:

  • This program is available for both “RX” and “Scaled” athletes
  • The existing Cove programming is the core of the program. The focus remains on the great programming and classes at the gym but we offer additional skill, conditioning, and strength work to be done after class.
  • We have a dedicated competitor’s class on Saturday’s at 8 AM. These classes are very specific in the design to help the competitive athlete and are a ton of fun.
  • We release our workouts via our separate daily wod page and via the private Facebook group. You can follow our accessory work at
  • We provide additional accessory work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday and we have our dedicated class on Saturdays.
  • Scaling is very much allowed and often encouraged to ensure you get the most out of the workouts.


As for now we are still in the early development phases and want to continue to offer it as a free trial. If we decide to continue with the program there will likely be a small additional cost for being part of the team.  If you are interested in giving it a try and throwing down with us for the 8 AM competitor’s classes, please email us at or .



Only a few more days to sign up for the Engine Club!  We have a great group signed up and have space for just a few more.  We’ve had lots of  interest from athletes looking to improving their conditioning (and specifically running) and the “Engine Club” will do just that!  This is a four-week class that will be lead by the Engine Mom herself Coach Maria. 

The four weeks will include:

– Running technique:  specifically focused on the “Pose Method” of running

– Pre and post run mobility

– WODs specific to run conditioning through speed work as well as longer endurance workouts

– Video analysis to improve run technique

– Private Facebook group to share video / mobility drills and for additional support 

This club is open to all members at Cove and is appropriate for all running backgrounds. We will meet once a week on Wednesday evenings between 7 and 8pm starting on October 11th. The cost of the program is $60 and you can sign up at the following link.  For those that love or hate running this is your chance to get better with a lot of other great folks.  This will be open to friends and family if you know a “non-Covie” who might be interest.



800 M Run

15 Hanging Power Cleans

20 Sit ups

600 M Run

15 Hanging Power Cleans

20 Sit Ups

400 M Run

15 Hanging Power Cleans

20 Sit Ups

200 M Run

15 Hanging Power Cleans

20 Sit Ups


Fitness: 95/65

Performance: 115/75

Open: 135/95, 15 GHDs


Coach’s Tip: This is a longer endurance workout today.  You should be able to move the weight on the cleans easily and sit ups feel like ‘rest’.  Only do GHD’s if you have been training on them regularly.  It’s only 15 reps at a time, but 60 is a big nut!


Speaking of competitive spirit… David M crushed it this weekend!  


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