Cove Body Composition Challenge


As summer fast approaches we are continuing our annual tradition of a nutrition challenge to get us ready for beach season. Nutrition is the key success in any fitness program and a challenge like this is a great way to give yourself a jumpstart with the support of your coaches and friends at the Cove. This year Coach John is going to lead us into our first ever Body Composition Challenge. 

This will be a 6-week challenge (we normally do 4 weeks) to ensure you will have enough time to create real habits to see significant change in your body composition.  

Overall goals include:

-Decrease body fat

-Increase lean muscle

-Educate on various aspect of health and fitness

For those looking to accelerate strength and performance gains, we have added accessory programming (to be done in conjunction with nutrition elements).  Done in addition to regular Cove programming, this accessory work will:

– Build/retain/sculp muscle

– Address and correct muscular imbalances

– Strengthen ligaments, tendons and joints

– Strengthen balance and stability

– Switch up intensity and routine

How It Works

-Attend 4+ classes at the Cove per week (or do at home WODs in unable to come in)

– Incorporate nutrition guidelines (see below) for six weeks

– Perform extra accessory programming (generally lower body, upper body, core) 3x week for six weeks.  Estimated 30 min per session.  These can replace one workout day to mix up intensity and give the body a break.  And working on movement in a controlled manner will certainly carry over into future WODs! 

-View weekly videos (15-20 min) on different topics (i.e. eating for performance vs composition, nutrient content/consistency, macro nutrients (good, bad, counting), programming for composition vs performance, meal prepping, habit building, etc)

-Two InBody Scans to measrure body composition (1 pre challenge, 1 post challenge)

-Private FB page for challenge group with unlimited support

-Before and after photos (for contestant/gym use if permitted)

Goal-Based Nutrition

Your nutritional approach will be determined based off of your goals (muscle gain, leaning out, performance, etc).  Many of the diet prescriptions will have certain aspects that will be the same (consistency, whole foods, water, etc) while others will be different based on the individual (macronutrient goals, food timing, etc).

Key Dates

Body Comp Challenge Kick Off Meeting: Friday, May 3rd 7:45 PM

Initial Scan: Sunday May 5th 10am – Noon

Post Challenge Scans: Saturday, June 15th Noon – 2 PM

Cost: $75 (Current Cove Nutrition clients free)

This will be an individual challenge but we like to think we are creating a team of participating Covies supporting each other in everything fitness and nutrition! Through weekly videos, our private challenge Facebook group, and challenge check-ins we are expecting some great results for all athletes will to take part in the Body Composition Challenge!S