Cove Open Training

Cove Open Training

November 14th, 2017

Hey athletes!  How did you all feel about your Push Jerk or Push Press numbers today during class?  Tomorrow we have a lot of squats in the regular Cove programming so we are going to hit some Core/Body Armor work.  Make sure you mobilize, stretch, and drink plenty of water after tomorrow’s workout.  We want to try to recover as best we can with our Olympic Lifting coming up later in the week.




Complete 4 rounds

5 1-Legged KB Deadlifts (3 sec lowering, 3 sec lift)(5 each leg)

10 GHD Hip Extensions (w/ 3 second pause at parallel)

50m Waiters & Suitcase Carry


Accumulate 3 min in an L-hold from rig or paralletes

November 20th, 2017

Hey athletes!  Great work this weekend on the Split Jerks!  Lot of weight being thrown overhead and we will continue to work on our overhead strength, both through the regular Cove programming and our Comp programming.  We will be starting a Push Jerk cycle with our regular Cove programming so make sure you are taking good care of your shoulders.
If you haven’t yet, please watch our coaches video about “Cindy” this past weekend.  We know you all are competitive and want to do well but the only way you will continue to get better is with virtuosity through movement.  Going forward, let’s hold ourselves accountable to firm movement standards and self regulation.  If you have any questions, we will be glad to talk to you.
Lastly, for this week we will be working on some gymnastics skill work in the beginning of the week and hit our Olympic lifting toward the end of the week.





EMOM for 8 min- 20 secs of Alternating Pistols, 40 secs rest


Spend 10 min working on different Pistol Progressions, then 3 x 5 (each leg) of your choice of pistol progression


Spend 10 min working on Pistol Progressions, then 3 x 5 (each leg) Split Squats

*3 x 5 would be 3 sets of 5 reps

November 18th, 2017

Hey athletes!  You all just spent a lot of time on Squat strength so now it’s time to work on some Overhead strength.  We will programming in some separate Overhead work each week in addition to our Clean & Jerk work.
Tomorrow we are also testing a benchmark workout named “Cindy”.  Pullups (and squats) should be unbroken, especially if you were following the pullup cycle we just went through.  Start breaking those pushups up early (with a very small break) so you can get through them in the later rounds.




15 min to work up to a heavy Split Jerk





20 min AMRAP:

5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Squats

November 17th, 2017

Hey athletes!  Today we will be continuing on with our first week of our Olympic lifting cycle.  Each session will start with some sort of complex to help work on different positions of the lifts and end with some percentage work.  The percentage work will be based off of your 1 Rep Max full lift (not your Power version).  We will be building up in percentage over the next few weeks so please stick to the percentages.  We are also focusing on consistency so any missed lifts count toward your sets and reps (no redoes).
Remember, we want to be able to hit these lifts as consistently in metcons as we do in our training.  Key to that success- FOCUS.




8 min to work on the following complex:

1 2-position Snatch DL

1 Power Snatch

1 Overhead Squat


2 x 3 @ 60% of 1RM

2 x 3 @ 65%

4 x 1 @ 70%

*Spend time doing a good empty barbell warm-up, going over different positions.  Then, spend 8 minutes working on the complex.  Finally, end with some percentage work based off of your 1 Rep Max Squat Snatch.

**2 x 3 would mean 2 sets of 3 reps.  Reset each rep.  No touch-n-go.

November 15th, 2017

Hey athletes!  Time for some good gymnastics work.  Today we are focusing on Handstand Pushups and Toes-to-Bar.  There are a few different versions based on ability.  Remember, this a skill work- a time to perfect and get better at these specific movements so that when they are in a metcon and you are breathing heavy (and are focusing on not dying) your muscle memory can take over.
Over the next few weeks we will be varying up our gymnastics movements so get ready to heave some fun!




EMOM for 10 min
Odd- 6 Unbroken Strict HSPUs
Even- 12 Unbroken T2B

Odd- 6 Kipping HSPU
Even- 10 T2B

Odd- 6 Dumbbell Strict Press
Even- 8 Kipping Leg Raises + 8 Strict Ab Mat Situps