Cove Open Training

Cove Open Training

July 23rd, 2018

Hey athletes!  Starting the week off with heavy Front Squats and some extra conditioning.  The Front Squats are a bit of a squat complex with the first two reps being regular squats and the third rep having a 3-second eccentric portion (take 3 seconds to lower to the bottom of the squat then explode upward).  This will held with some strength, balance, and explosiveness that we need for Cleans.  Finish the day off with some extra conditioning featured fromBen Bergeron.  This is a straight up engine piece- low skill, fast pace.  Enjoy!




Front Squat


*increase weight each set

*first 2 reps regular, last rep perform a 3 second eccentric (lowering)




“Death Race”

5 Rounds for Time:

15/10 Cals Bike

10 Burpees

July 21st, 2018

Hey athletes!  Time to get back to sending some heavy weight with the Olympic lifts and a few high level gymnastics movements.  Start the day off working up to a heavy 2 rep Snatch.  Then hit a tough conditioning piece with a lot of moving parts.  We have been putting Ring MU skill work in the extra programming for a few weeks now so it’s time to put them to the test.  If you fail more than 3 reps, you must move down to the scale.  This is a great workout to find a pace with higher skilled movements in the beginning ending and some engine/mental movements at the end.  Great way to end the training week!




16 min to work up to a heavy 2 Snatch (full)




For time:

5-7-9 reps of

Snatch (full)

Ring MU


800m run


12-15-18 reps of



*20 min time cap*


Rx  135/95 Snatch, Ring MUs, 95/65 Thruster

Scale  115/75 Snatch, 75/55 Thruster

Scale for Ring MUs- C2B Pullups + Ring Dips (i.e. 5 Ring MUs= 5 C2B then 5 Ring Dips)

Scale for Pullups-  J-hook Barbell Rows

July 20th, 2018

Hey athletes!  We have some overhead strength followed by some gymnastics style core work.  For the Push Press, take the weights off of the rack.  Warm up to a heavy set of 5 then progress from there.  Make smaller jumps in your weight by starting heavy and finishing heavy versus starting light and making bigger jumps in your weights.  Finish off Friday with some core work using a couple movements that we haven’t done in a while- Turkish Getups and L-holds.  Take your time with the Turkish Getups and really hammer home the form.  You can alternate arms between reps or do 5 on one arm then 5 on the next.  Then rest up for Saturday!




Push Press


*increase weight each set, every set should be heavy




Complete 3 sets:

10 Turkish Getups (5 ea arm)

30 sec L-hang from rig

30 Hollow Rocks

Tuesday 18, 2018

Hey athletes!  Legs might be a little sore from the week so far so we are going to hit the bike for some conditioning and to help ease the soreness.  We did this same workout the other week.  If you don’t like that bike, this is a great way to get better at it by just doing the work!  Finish off the day with some Handstand/Handstand Walk practice.  We have listed some ideas and will post some videos/links that demonstrate some of them.  If you are very proficient at HS Walks, go for a max distance or max time in a Hand Stand.





30 cals, rest 1:1

25 cals, rest 1:1

20 cals, rest 1:1

15 cals, rest 1:1

10 cals

*score each round




Handstand Walks

Spend 10-15 minutes working on Handstands/Handstand Walks

Examples for Skill Work:

-using a pike position from a box/bench, walk laterally around the box/bench

-kick into a handstand against the wall, use your heel to gently push your legs off of the wall to practice balancing in a free-standing handstand

-10m Handstand Walks

-Wall Walks w/ a turnaround to a HSPU position

-shoulder taps

July 17th, 2018

Hey athletes!  We have some great weight lifting and another game-day style workout tomorrow for the regular Cove programming.  The extra work is going to be a chance to get in some good rowing and rope climb technique work.  We are throwing in some higher box jumps to work on being explosive while under fatigue.  You must land above parallel for the box jumps.  If you can’t, lower the height.  For the rope climbs, if the reps are too much just cut the down a little.




EMOM for 12 min:

1st– 15/12 Cal row

2nd– 8 High Box Jumps- 30/24




Rope Climbs

7 Rope Climbs, rest 2:1

5 Rope Climbs, rest 2:1

3 Rope Climbs, rest 2:1

1 Legless Rope Climb

*Time each set