Cove Open Training

Cove Open Training


Hey athletes!  With the Open quickly approaching we are going to start hitting a couple of the past Open workouts.  Tomorrow we have some gymnastics skill work to warm-up with.  Focus is on bodyweight pulling strength and overhead pushing/Handstand walking.  Then we will hit the last Open workout from 2017, a nasty couplet of Thrusters and Double Unders.  The more people that are here, the more it will simulate the Open experience, the harder you are bound to push yourself.




4 sets:

7-10 Strict Pullups (C2B if possible)

50’ Handstand Walk or 5-7 HSPUs (Strict if possible)




Open Workout 17.5

10 RFT:

9 Thrusters- 95/65

35 DUs


Hey athletes!  Welcome back “Wall Sit Wednesday”.  We have some muscular endurance/threshold training followed by some gymnastics skill work.  Goal for the Wall Sits is do them unbroken and get right onto the Goblet Squats with little rest.  For the gymnastics, pick a path that let’s you work on both skills and stringing together reps.




“Wall Sit Wednesday”

1 min Wall Sit

30 sec Max Rep Goblet Squats- 70/53

*1:30 rest

*continue until you reach 75 Goblet Squats





4 sets:

30 sec Max Rep Ring MUs



4 sets:

5 Ring Kips

5 Ring Rows

5 Ring Dips


Hey athletes!  We are covering a lot in our regular Cove programming this week (as far as skill work, gymnastics, and weight lifting).  Tomorrow we have some extra core work that is focused on body control and force attenuation (being able to slow down/control an object).  The core work is for quality not time.  Finish the day off with a benchmark conditioning workout on the Assault Bike.




Complete 4 sets:

3 Turkish Getups (each arm)

10 Strict T2B

15 Banded KB Swings- 53/35

2 Laps KB Suitcase Carry (each arm)




“Death by Assault Bike”

EMOM until failure-

+1 Assault Bike Calorie


Hey athletes!  We have some Olympic lifting skill work that is focused on the Jerk portion of the lift.  Athlete’s choice of power or full clean but the focus is being able to recover from a big clean to successfully hit the jerk.  Finish the extra training off with some extra conditioning.




Every 2 min for 14 min:

1 Clean + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk

*pause for 1 sec in the bottom of the dip for both jerks

*athlete’s choice of power or full clean




“Christopher Columbus”

8 min AMRAP:

1000m row

Max Burpees over Rower w/ time remaining

January 12th, 2019

Hey athletes!  We can thank Coach Daniel with the guest programming for this week.  Start off the day with some Handstand Walk practice.  Remember, we saw Handstand Walks in the Open last year.  Finish the day off with a nasty triplet of DUs, Burpees, and Snatches.  Athletes can either power and full Snatch it.  The stimulus is to be able to increase weight each round.




4 rounds (with a partner)

P1 – Completes a 50′ HS Walk (or weighted bear crawl 35/25#)

P2 – Partner completes max GHD (until P1 finishes)




16 min AMRAP:

21 Double Unders

15 Lateral Bar Hopping Burpees

9 Snatches


Rnd 1- 95/65

Rnd 2- 115/85

Rnd 3- 135/95

Rnd 4- 165/115

Rnd 5- 185/125

Rnd 6- 205/135

Rnd 7- 225/145

Rnd 8- ???