Cove Open Training

Cove Open Training

June 23rd, 2018

Hey athletes!  Got something a little bit different for Saturday.  We start off by working up to a heavy Thrusters from the racks.  We haven’t done Thrusters for strength a ton but it’s a great way to work on our full body power and our core to extremity strength.  Plus, it gets us super warm for the thrusters in the metcon.  The metcon is a take off of the benchmark CrossFit workout “Jackie”…just on steroids!  It’ll be a great one!






*increase weight each set

*take off the rack



For time:

1 mile run

50 Thrusters

30 Pullups


Rx+  95/65, C2B

Rx  75/45

Sc  45/35, Jhook Barbell Rows

June 22nd, 2018

Hey athletes!  Crazy job on the Deadlift tester with those weights!  Those eccentrics really paid off and will continue to pay off during this Deadlift cycle.  We have some Back Squats and small Olympic lifting/Handstand work for tomorrow.  The squats are done in “waves” where you work up in weight, drop back down and work back up.  The percentages aren’t meant to be heavy.  This is just to keep our legs strong and keep us squatting…because who doesn’t like squatting?!  For the skill work, we are working on being able to breath properly while upside down and be able to come off of the wall and get right into another movement.  You should have plenty of time to rest between sets.




Back Squats

3 waves:

6 reps @ 70%, 72%, 74%

4 reps @ 75%, 77%, 79%

2 reps @ 80%, 83%, 86%

*Squat waves- do 6 reps @ 70%, then 4 reps @ 75%, then 2 reps @ 80%.  Then drop back down and do 6 reps @ 72%, 4 reps @ 77%, then 2 reps @ 83%.

*take rest after each set

*do this on inside of rig or portable racks in far back




Every 90 seconds for 5 sets:

10m Handstand Walk

5 Hang Power Cleans

*increase weight each set

*do this in the far back


Rx+  As written

Rx/Sc  20 sec Handstand Hold (against wall or box)

June 20th, 2018

Hey athletes!  Some Core work along with some Dumbbell Cycling practice tomorrow.  We know some of you did GHDs today in the regular workout but T2B is a little bit different type of core movement and we want to accumulate some reps under fatigue.  Focus on straight legs and folding at your hips rather than driving the knees up with a bent leg.  Finish the mid-week off with some Dumbbell practice with different movements.  We are looking for form and efficiency over weight and speed in this one.  You should have plenty of time to catch your breath so the main focus should be on your technique.




30-25-20 reps of


GHD Hip Ext

After 30- 100m Farmers Carry

After 25- 100m Suitcase + Waiters Carry

After 20- 100m Double Waiters Carry


Rx  As Written

Sc  Toes to Barbell




Spend 5-8 minutes mobilizing your shoulders, hips, and ankles


EMOM for 12 min:

1st– 10 DB PCs

2nd– 10 DB Front Squats

3rd–  10 Alt DB Snatch

4th– 10 Single Arm DB OHS (5 each arm)

Rx  50/35

Sc  35/25

June 19th, 2018

Hey athletes!  Nice work on the HSPU/Pushup tester today!  Look to build on both of those movements in the next few weeks with the regular programming.  You may not see them as much on this extra programming during the cycle (that may change depending on frequency/volume) but you will still see plenty of gymnastics.  For tomorrow we are just working on the rings.  Spend some time going over some simple but very challenging skill work (see link).  Finish off with a more full movement focus with under slight fatigue.  We want to try to get everybody using the rings for this wether it is with full Ring MUs or the progressions.




Ring MUs

Spend 10-15 minutes going over Ring MU progressions:

-Snap to Hollow

-Snap to Transition w/ plates

-Arch to Hollow on Rings

-Pull to Hips




Complete 5 sets:

1 min on Assault Bike above 250/175 Watts

5-10 Ring MUs

*Rest 2 min

Rx  As Written

Scaled  5-10 Ring MU Progressions from knees

June 18th, 2018

Hey athletes!  Awesome job this past weekend.  When we get liked minded people together to throw down we always have a great time.  Start the week off with some Olympic lifting percentage work.  This will be a “wave” style EMOM where we work up in weight then drop back down and work up again.  Nothing too heavy, more focus on speed and aggressiveness.

For this weeks gymnastics focus we are working on gymnastics under fatigue.  This is key for when we are in the middle of a metcon and breathing hard.  We can’t hit a wall and have our form breaking down during these times because that is very hard to regroup from.  So expect some sort of pre-fatigue before gymnastics work this week.





EMOM for 12min:

1st– 1 Snatch @ 70%

2nd– 1 Snatch @ 73%

3rd– 1 Snatch @ 76%

4th– 1 Snatch @ 79%

*After the 4th minute, drop back down to 70% and work back up

*Full Snatch




Strict Pullups

Complete 5 sets:

300m run

Max rep Strict Pullups

*rest 2 minutes


Rx+  C2B

Rx  Regular Strict

Sc  J-hook Barbell Rows