Cove Open Training

Cove Open Training

October 18th, 2017

Hey athletes!  Today we are doing some gymnastics skill work and some core training/body armor.  The skill work is exactly that- a chance to improve on your skills.  We are looking for as close to perfect movement as possible (if you think your pullups are fine the way they are, chances are you need this the most).  We want to work on our strict pulling power, tightening up our kip (being able to use our hips and shoulders better), and creating a smoother transition between reps.  The core/body armor is a chance to help practice stabilizing our core while under slight fatigue, help build balance, and “bulletproof” our shoulders.  To get the most out of this extra training, please follow the given set/rep schemes.




3 x 5-10 Strict Pullups
*Scaled- 3 X 10 Ring Rows
1 x 5-10 Regular Kipping Pullups (no butterfly)
1 x 5-10 Kipping OR Butterfly Pullups
*Scaled- 2 x 10 Kips
1 x 5-10 C2B Pullups (kipping or butterfly)
*Scaled- 1×5-10 Banded C2B




Complete 3 rounds:
15 GHD Situps
15 GHD Hip Extensions
50m Suitcase + Waiters Carry (switch arms at 25m)


Tuesday, October 12th, 2017


Deadlift- 3-3-3-3-3,

1xMax Reps @ 85-90% of heaviest set

Weighted Hip Thrusts- 10-10-10-10


Monday, October 16th,2017



12 minutes to work up to a moderate weight of the following complex:
1 2-position Snatch DL
1 Snatch Pull
1 Power Snatch

 Squat Jumps- 5×5

*Use your bodyweight.  Drop into a full squat, jump as high as you can, land right back into a full squat and repeat.  Focus on exploding out of the bottom of your squat and landing in the same place each jump.




Weighted Barbell Step Ups- 3×10 (each leg)

*Grab a barbell (with whatever weight you want to used), put in on your back, do 10 Box Step Ups on one leg then 10 Box Step Ups on the other leg.

October 14th, 2017

Hey athletes (especially the new ones), try to get to the gym a little before 8am so you can start warming up.  We will be starting the Strength at 8am!  Can’t wait to see you all send some weight!

Front Squat- 4-4-4-4-4

*Increasing weight each set

*20 min time cap



10 min to find a heavy weight of the following complex:
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Jerk


EMOM until failure:
3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 JerksRx- 165/115
Rx+- 185/135
“Macho Man” is one of CrossFit New England’s official benchmarks, first posted on their website December 6, 2012. Though CFNE names their daily WODs “for fun,” this WOD is from a short list provided to us by CFNE’s Director of Operations, Eamon Coyne. This WOD was originally published July 12, 2012 with Rx weights of 165/115 lb, then later on Ben Bergeron’s “Competitors WOD” blog on January 3, 2014 with Rx weights of 185/135 lb. Bergeron has also been known to program this for his competitive athletes at 205/145 lb.


Friday, October 13th, 2017

We know we have a number of new athletes that will be attending their first competitor’s class on Saturday at 8 AM and we are so excited. These classes are run slightly differently as you are expected to warm up on your on and get right after the workout. There will be a coach there to help you with scaling and giving you coaching advice but you need to ready to go from the start.


For this Saturday’s class we are going to meet for about 15 minutes after class to talk about the competitor’s program and answer any of your questions.


Finally in an effort to give you some insight into our thinking behind our programming,  Coach Brian and Coach John put together a little video to share some of there thinking.



Odd Minute: 1-3 Rope Climbs (legless or regular)
Even Minute: 5-10 Strict Ring Dips
10 Minute EMOM



20 sec static hold at parallel then 10 GHD Situps
20 sec static hold at parallel then 10 GHD Hip Extensions

Complete 5 rounds
*Rest as needed between movements