Daily WOD

Wednesday, September 23rd 2015

As you’ve seen, we’ve already begun rolling out some of the changes we hope to implement following the gym survey (see Monday and Tuesday’s Daily WOD posts if you missed them). Another thing we heard was that as the gym grows, many of you crave other ways to keep the community strong.  While we have a Facebook group where we share often, it is not a private group for members only.  In order to create the conversation and community going when we are OUTSIDE the box, we’ll create a virtual place where you can feel like you are INSIDE the box.  This is meant for all kinds of exchanges RELATED TO THE GYM AND ITS MEMBERS.  It’s not where you post pictures of your kids or rant about politics (that’s for your OWN personal FB page), but if it’s about anything you think useful or informative for the gym and it’s members, please post away!  This could be anything from organizing social events to sale on Reebok Nanos you see at Dicks).



Monday we were all body weight movements and yesterday we were all barbell.  Today we mix the two with box jumps and deadlifts!  This can be a powerful combination for your fitness (both requiring tremendous strength and explosive actions from your hams and glutes) but it will also require VERY careful jumping.  Make sure you focus on that landing platform on the box, swing those arms wide to the side and land softly.



For 12 Minutes 

Even Minutes 1-2 Rope Climbs

Odd Minutes 10 Bent over Barbell Rows



7 Box Jumps

10 Deadlifts

7 Box Jumps

Rest 1 Minute 

5 Rounds 


Fitness: 185/125

RX: 225/155 (24/20)

RX+: 245/165 (24/20)


14 min CAP (Should be a sprint even with the 1 minute rest)


Brittany showing great lockout position overhead…


Tuesday, September 22nd 2015

Great job on “Running Cindy” today.  We saw not only significant improvements in “rounds and reps” but many chose to go from knees to full push ups, used thinner bands or even went without one.  The progress we saw in only three short months is just extraordinary.

As we said, over the next several weeks we will be rolling out some of the changes we hope to implement following the gym survey.  One of the recurrent themes was ensuring that classes run on time — and leaving enough time for proper cool down.  Since mobility is such a key focus for us (and we are all generally time-starved people) we are going to do everything in our power to make these happen.  This will require effort from ALL of us so here are some of the things that you will see more often in class:

WE WILL START ON-TIME!  Often times we have late stragglers or the class prior runs over for some reason.  If it is the latter, the coach will have to excuse him/herself from entering scores to get the next class started (which means the athletes will need to enter their own scores).  We may also stretch BEFORE weights and equipment gets put away to ensure we DO get the stretch in — and the coach can start the next class while the previous one puts away weights and enter scores.  The coaches have all met as a team and will do a better job managing the clock during warm up and for the workout and will try their best to give real estimates of how long a workouts should take to build in the appropriate time for the Skill/Strength/WOD.  For those who come in late, it is still ok to join (after warming yourself up) — we just can’t wait for you to start as it causes a trickle effect that impacts everyone.

WE WILL TRANSITION MORE QUICKLY. You never have to ask to pee. You never need to ask to get water. Just go. Our only ask is you try to do it in between sets on the SKILL/STRENGTH portion or hustle to go right before we start the WOD.  The coaches will manage the time by saying things like “we are starting in three minutes!” so if you are still setting up your weights or need to attend to other things, it will be on you to get it done in that time.  Then it will be 3-2-1 GO!

MORE TIME CAPS.   Geo (our head programmer) and the coaches all have a good sense of how long workouts will take and try to build the class structure around that. And some workouts are intentionally designed to be quick sprints with lighter weights, so don’t go heavy on those days and turn the workout into a long burner.  And more often now, you’ll see actual time caps.  If you are one rep away before the time cap ends, by all means finish!  But if you have another round to go, respect the clock. The coaches will do a better job explaining the goal of that workout to help you decide the appropriate weight to help you stay within the time cap.   But there’s always the occasional outlier — sometimes certain movements are harder for some… and sometimes someone wants to really challenge themselves by going RX or doing a skill unscaled (like double unders or unassisted pull ups).  We encourage you to push yourselves when you can (really!!!) but please know we may ask the class to clean up around you while you finish.  Heck, if you’re determined to get all those doubles instead of doing singles — awesome!  But you might have the next class warming up around you. We are more than fine with that if you are!



Overhead Squat with a 10 second pause in the bottom 


(build up in weight, but use this more as a skill day then strength. Make it a true 10 seconds for each rep)



30 Push Press

20 Power Cleans

25 Push Press

15 Power Cleans

20 Push Press

10 Power Cleans


Fitness 95/65

RX 115/75

RX+ 135/95


(Time cap 20 minutes)


Leigh going heavy overhead drops the bar to contemplate her next move…


Monday, September 21st, 2015

Hope everyone had a great weekend and you are ready to get after it!  




Over the next several weeks we will be rolling out some of the changes we hope to implement following the gym survey.  We received some great constructive feedback and amazing ideas to enhance your experience with the Cove.  Our goal is not just to say “thanks for the input” but really take to heart and address as much as we can.

With that said, one of the first things we will impact is the SCHEDULE OF CLASSES.  Many of you said that a 4:30 class would be ideal so we will be adding a 4:30 class on Mondays and Fridays.  Monday is our most attended day and adding a class to the schedule can help keep the afternoon class sizes smaller.  And on Fridays many people get out of work earlier and this could accommodate those who need to get a jump start on weekend travel.  SO TODAY we will be having our first 4:30 PM class. Folks who want to come in for Open Gym may still do so but you will just need to work around the class. So come on in and get your sweat on early so you can enjoy the rest of your evening!


10-15 GHD Sit ups
2 Turkish Get ups each arm
4 Rounds


Running Cindy 
200 M Run
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air Squats

**Retest from June 22nd**

A man and his barbell.  Larry showing tremendous focus at a very early hour…

larry clean

Sunday, September 20th, 2015


Come on in and make up a missed WOD, mobilize or work on a skill.  

We’ll be there and hope to see you then!

Saturday, September 19th 2015

We want to thank everyone for your input in the most recent survey. We are striving for excellence at the Cove and your feedback will help us create an even greater community. Based on your feedback we have decided to add a Monday and Friday 4:30 PM class (start your weekend early with a fun partner wod). If we start seeing strong attendance with these classes we may attempt to add even more. 
We are listening to you and look forward to even more improvements over the coming weeks.

THIS IS THE  LAST WEEKEND FOR THE 8AM SATURDAY CLASS.  We’ve had very low attendance at the 8am (in fact, the average number of people as been .4).  Yes. 0.4.  We WILL have the 8a today, but moving forward the 9am will be the earliest Saturday class.

It’s been an aggressive week programming-wise (heavy on the barbell, lots of testing of the grip and longer time domains), so today we start off with a much-needed mobility WOD.  Trust us, you will get a LOT of out it!



1 Min Holding the Bottom of an Air Squat

1 Min Shoulder Distraction with a Band

1 Min of Hitting the Trap on a Barbell


2 Rounds




Front Rack Lunges

KB Swings


*400 M Run after 21-15 and 9*


Fitness 75/55

RX 95/65

RX+ 115/75



Kim working a heavy two rep max clean and jerk this week…

Friday, September 18th 2015

Yesterday we went all body weight, but today we go ALL BARBELL! For Friday’s WOD we take a classic CrossFit benchmark Hero WOD and turn it into a total partner experience.  DT is workout a Hero WOD in honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J.  It is usually done as five rounds for time but we have doubled the reps and built in rest for each athlete while the other partner works.  






“Partner DT”


12 Deadlifts

9 Hanging Power Cleans

6 Push Jerks

10 Rounds


(10 Rounds Total, each person does a round then rests until the other person is done their round)


Fitness 115/75

RX and RX+ 155/105



Tanique with a great set up AND finish position on the Jerk!
tanique overhead

Thursday, September 17th 2015

 With so many new members at the gym we thought it was worth revisiting of our gym “rules” (we try not to have ‘gym rules’ as we are all grown up and responsible people!).  But we’d appreciate it if we could adhere to the following:


Barbell care:  Our barbells are surprisingly very sensitive.  One thing to help keep the bars healthy is to avoid dropping bars from overhead if they are loaded with LESS WEIGHT than the weight of the actual barbell itself.  For example, one 10lb plate on each side of a women’s 35lb bar means there is 20lbs ON the bar when the bar weighs 35lb.  Try, if possible to drop this bar from waist height or lower only (not from overhead).
There are also ball bearings that make the bars ‘spin’ to make the bar rotate to make lifts much MORE stable and easier to perform.  If the sleeve didn’t rotate, when you do clean and press, etc. all the plates would want to rotate with the bar and that rotational force from the plates would screw up your stability. Protecting these bearings is critical to the health of our barbells.  Here’s a quick video to show how to remove the plates without damaging the bearings.



Lastly, we try not to clean up our weights and gear until the last person is finished with the workout. We completely understand if you need to leave early or class runs over, but WE WILL CLEAN UP YOUR BAR FOR YOU.  There’s nothing worst than grinding out those few last reps and feeling deflated when you see everyone done and packing up around you.  Again, feel free to leave if you have to, but we’ll deal with the clean up!





10 Perfect Push Ups (get strict on form and ROM)

4 Turkish Get Ups (2 each arm)

3 Rounds



10 Box Jumps

25/20 Calorie Row

25 Air Squats

5 Rounds


Fitness 14/20

RX 20/24

RX+ 24/20


Coach Matt warming up the athletes for the Labor Day Hero WOD…

Wednesday, September 16th 2015

 Happy Hump Day!   The energy and effort in the gym lately has been amazing! I think we all underestimate the effect that working out in a group has on one another.  Someone could be doing less weight, modified reps and it might be their first day, but there is something special about breathing heavy and working hard together.  Keep showing up and we will continue to push each other.


One last reminder that all of the event photos (and all of the recent blog photos) are uploaded to our FlickR album if you want to grab a full size copy to have or share!






Take 12 minutes to find a Heavy 2 Rep Clean and Jerk

(you can drop at the top)




10 Pull ups

4 Clean and Jerks

10 Sit ups

4 Clean and Jerks

5 Rounds


Fitness 95/65

RX 135/95

RX+ 155/105

So Alex showed up for regular class on Saturday am… and we convinced him to stay and do the competition!  Here he is hanging with Wynton after they both had a long day’s work at the Cove…

Tuesday September 15th, 2105

All of the event photos (and all of the recent blog photos) are uploaded to our FlickR album if you want to grab a full size copy to have or share!



Our very own Julie Jones is a woman of many talents!  On October 4th she will be appearing in a Nora Ephron Play at HCC’s Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center.  Marina is putting together a group to go and we can get a discounted price of $15/ticket if we get 6 or more.  Email us if you’d like to go!  Here are some details…


Love, Loss and What I Wore
A Play by Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron, based on the book by Ilene Beckerman
Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center
Studio Theatre
October 4, 2015 at 3:00 p.m.
Directed by S.G. Kramer
A time capsule of a woman’s life: Relationships and wardrobes. This brilliant “clothesline” of monologues and ensemble pieces will be performed by many of the area’s most fabulous women (including JULIE!!)


Back to the workout!  We’ve been going heavy on the barbell lately so today we are doing a long burner with MOSTLY body weight movement.  And we’re baking in plenty of time to work on those double unders.  Should be a fun one!




10 Ring Rows

Max Unbroken Double Unders

(Scale to working on doubles for 1 minute if you cannot do 10 unbroken)

4 Rounds




20 Min AMRAP

400 M Run

15 KB Swings

12 Burpees (touch a target)


Fitness 26/35

RX 53/35

RX+ 70/53


Martine conquering the Clean and Jerk ladder on Saturday!

Monday, September 14th 2015


Thank you again to all the athletes, volunteers and coaches who made Saturday’s Clash at the Cove such a success.  It was incredible to see our community in action and so supportive of one another.  

Another huge thank you to all who responded to the surveys we posted. We got incredible feedback and are looking to incorporate many of the suggestions into action. Stay tuned for some exciting changes and additions to the gym!


So far we have over 25 people going!!!  And in case you missed it, Myrissa R. has arranged for a Cove outing to Adventure Park on Saturday October 10th at 6 PM. The price per person is going to be $26 plus tax (so $27.82) which is a 50% discount off of their regular rates.  Wow!  We hope to rally a big group for some fun bonding time outside the gym (as well as drinks afterwards?!) so we hope you all can make it!
There are courses for all levels and abilities and children are welcome to join (age 5 or older). There is tons of information on the website so please check it out at FunInTheTrees.comPlease email at info@crossfitcove.com or put your name up on the whiteboard in the gym if you want to come (along with how many guests).  We can then get a final headcount, sent you waivers and bill you the appropriate amount. Here is a great video that will show you what we can expect:







Overhead Squat 5/5/5/5/5

Same weight across

(Between each set 5 I’s, Y’s and T’s)




15 Toes to Bar

25 Back Squats

20 Toes to bar

20 Back Squats

25 Toes to Bar

15 Back Squats


Fitness (double the sit ups) 115/75

RX 135/95

RX+ 155/105


Josh trying to scare Erich with his WOD face in Saturday’s “8 Minutes with the Devil”…