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Wednesday, September 2nd 2015

 Each month we feature an athlete that embraces the difficult feat of changing their lives for the better. We all come with our own set of challenges — whether it is work, family, or just a seemingly endless ‘to do’ list. Getting fit, making yourself a priority and finding that balance is hard work. This month we shine a light on a woman that has not only made incredible differences in herself, but has also truly impacted our community as a whole.  She’s a hard worker, the ultimate supporter, an incredible partner (seriously, seek her out on Fridays!) and always pushing herself to new heights (literally and figuratively).  We are honored to present Julie Jones as our September athlete of the month!




IMG_4031Tell us a little bit about yourself… 


I have been into sports for most of my life. When I was in elementary school, I used to go to my dad’s softball games on Saturdays. When I was old enough, the team let me warm up with them before games.  Later in high school, I played field hockey, basketball and softball 11 out of 12 seasons. But after I graduated high school in 1991, I stopped exercising and doing sports. I walked a lot because we lived in Baltimore at the time, so walking was the way I got around town.  In 2007, after I broke my elbow, I decided that I needed to start working out again because, by then, I had put on a considerable amount of weight, which affected my self-esteem along with my health.  So since I work at Howard Community College and I can take exercise classes for free, I decided to begin a journey back to health.


How has CrossFit affected life outside of the gym?

IMG_1389My mom always told me that I was very brave to try new things and in certain areas of my life, that was true. I can take vacations alone to faraway places and be fine with it. But there were other areas, where I wasn’t confident at all.  For many years, I was afraid to try things that were scary, whether it was speaking up for myself at work or having a positive view of difficult work challenges, or even allowing myself to be vulnerable with my friends.  But having to face seemingly impossible WODs has changed my whole view of things.  For example, when I climbed the rope for the first time, it flipped a switch in my thinking.  I had been terrified of climbing the rope for my entire life and then one day, after a lot of coaching, I did it. I was terrified the entire time, but I did it. So now I try to look at life challenges from that perspective. If I can climb a rope, I can face whatever challenge comes my way at work and in life, knowing that in the end, it won’t kill me. 

What changes have you noticed since starting CrossFit?


IMG_2638Although I was taking exercise classes at work, I wasn’t really seeing results because each semester the instructors started back at day 1. So I never progressed.  Then, back in February of this year, when a friend invited me to her CrossFit class, I decided to go more so to just hang out with her. We did a WOD called 21-21-21. It was 21 movements, 21 reps, for 21 vets. I loved it the WOD and I was instantly hooked. I also loved the community feel and I loved that I was pushed beyond any exercise program I had every tried.  I knew that CrossFit would be a challenge and I love challenges.  So I looked for a box in Columbia. In March 2015, I found the Cove and I have loved it from day one. Everyday has been a challenge for me. I have had to push through a lot of workouts, knowing that the workout would make me stronger. Today, I can say that I am stronger and healthier than I have been at any point of my life.


You’ve been open about your weight loss journey over the years. Has CrossFit changed your perception of body image or the scale?

IMG_1294I mentioned that by 2007, I had gain a considerable amount of weight. I was about 80lbs heavier than I am now.  In 2011, I joined Weight Watchers and in 2014, I reached my Lifetime weight goal. By the time I reached my  goal weight, I was running on almost a daily basis. I ran 10 races, including 8-5ks, my first 10k and an obstacle course race in 2014. I placed 4th in my age group for one of the 5k races and in the 10k race.  Running helps tone things up like your legs, which helped improve myself-image. But adding CrossFit to my routine helped bring my self-image to a new level.  When I was in middle and high school, I had large legs and people bullied me because of how I looked. Now, at 42, I have still have larger legs than many of my friends, but my legs are super strong. My legs help me do cleans and deadlifts and box jumps and I love them for that.  I wear shorts now because I’m proud of them. IMG_2638


I am also crazy proud of my “Michelle Obama Arms” or as I call them,  my “Arms by Marina”. I recently saw a panel of top 2015 CrossFit Games women talking about how having a strong body is really beautiful. That resonated with me. It was a game changer. Now, I see myself as someone who is beautiful because of my strength.



What do you enjoy about The Cove?

IMG_0907As much as I love the workouts, I love the people just as much. The coaches really know me and they push me in just the right way at just right time. But just as important as the coaches have been in my development, the other members have been equally important. Everyone is so supportive and in a few short months, we have become a tight knit family. IMG_2280We push each other to do our best and we cheer each other on for every workout. Some members have encouraged me not to give up on skills that are are hard for me, like double unders and the elusive kipping pull-ups. I also love is that even though we see each other’s scores each day, we don’t view the WODs as a competition. As much as I want to PR and see myself on the top of the whiteboard, I want to see everyone else do well on the whiteboard too.


Favorite movement and why?

I can do box jumps all day long. So I would say that I’m the most proficient at the box jumps. But my favorite move is the power clean. It’s a challenging move. But when it is executed properly, it’s so elegant.  The perfectly elegant power clean is one of my goals.



Any advice for people who are just getting started with CrossFit?

IMG_0787#EmbraceTheChallenge.  Every WOD is a challenge. But it’s a challenge you can face and conquer.  Also, listen to the coaches. They are there to help you. They see your potential and they want to help reach it. Lastly, check your ego at the door. We’re not training for the CrossFit Games; we’re just having fun and getting stronger with our buddies and afterwards, we’re going to have a beer.



3 Back Squats OTMEM for 8 minute (use 50-60% of 1 RM)

(work for speed and technique)






10 Box jumps 

20 Front Rack Lunges 

30 Kb Swings

2 Rounds 


Fitness 95/65 (35/26) (20/18)

RX 115/75 (53/35) (24/20)

RX+ 135/95 (70/53) (24/20)



Welcome our newest member (and Pilates expert) Alisha S! 
 Alisha s

Tuesday, September 1st 2015

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for us in the Best of Howard County survey.  We are so grateful for your support!  And even if we don’t get the official printed recognition, we know we’ve certainly got the best members and community out there — all thanks to you!  Speaking of surveys, we will be putting one out ourselves very soon.  The goal is to get feedback and input to make the Cove EVEN BETTER.  We’ll hope to get some key takeaways regarding class schedules, coaching, additional class offerings and more.  We hope you will all speak your minds freely!  

And for those who missed yesterday’s blog post, we’ve created a Flickr album with all of our edited photos and each week we will upload the week’s images and add them to the album.   Feel free to share, use or just admire as you’d like!  


Today we will be doing the Squat Snatch for the first time.  Think of it as a fluid motion combining a snatch and an overhead squat.  We will spend a lot of time reviewing it in class (and of course will have tons of scaling options) so get excited to start putting some pieces of our “lifting puzzle” together!

Here’s a demo in case you aren’t familiar with the movement at all.  We have posted this video before to show what it means to drop under the bar but it is hands-down one of the best squat snatches you will ever see!






Overhead Squat


Same weight across. Try to go heavier then last Monday.




5 Squat Snatch 

400 M Run 

Rest 1 Min

4 Rounds


Fitness 75/55

RX 95/65

RX+ 135/95



Some early birds getting their ankle mash on! 

Sunday, August 30 2015



This has been a brutal last few days on the legs (lots of squatting of all variations!).  Go for a walk, stretch and really tend to them.  Here’s a great video by our favorite Kelly Starrett on lower body mobility exercises.  Most of these (if not all) of these can be done at home!


We will miss Krystle and all her amazing energy.  Best of luck on your move!!


Saturday, August 29th 2015


One last reminder that we are only having the 8a and 9am classes tomorrow.  Sitter coverage WILL be happening for the 9a so we hope to see everyone bright and early! 




15 Banded Pull Aparts
5 I’s, Y’s and T’s
2 Rounds



(Bar comes from the rack)

0-5 Minutes
600 M Run
Max Back Squats
Rest 1 Minute
6-11 Minutes
600 M Run
Max Front Squats
Rest 1 Minute
12-17 Minutes
600 M Run
Max Overhead Squats
Score = Total Squats
Fitness 95/65
RX 135/95
RX+ 155/105
**Try to stay with one weight, but feel free to adjust the OHS weight if it is way too heavy compared to the Back Squat and Front Squat.  This should give you an idea of where your weakness is!**


Lots of people rowing hard while Coach Brian takes a leisurely stroll … 

Friday, August 28th 2015

Friday is PARTNER WOD day!  Get ready for a fun and challenging team workout.  This will require a lot of communication for smooth transitions (so know that if you’re partner is shouting at you, its likely so you can hear them over the music — it is not YELLING!).  And don’t kill yourself on the Max effort sit ups — if you will burn out too quickly you won’t be ready to grab that KB.  So pace yourself as you partner does the KB carries (and be sure when you drop those KB’s you don’t do it any where near your partner on the ground).  That would be very, very bad.

Here is a quick demo of the front rack KB carry we will be doing.  Of course we’ll review it in class, but here’s a great video:


And one last reminder that Saturday we will only be having the 8a and 9a classes.  Kid coverage will be provided for the 9a but there will be NO 10a or 11a classes. 


Alternate with a partner OTMEM for 14 minutes
Partner 1- Max Cals in 40 Seconds
Partner 2- 8 KB Swings + 8 Box Jumps
(then switch) (go for 14 min. total)
Score = Total Cals
Rest exactly 4 minutes
Alternate with a partner 10 min AMRAP
Partner 1- Max Sit ups
Partner 2- 25 M KB  Front Rack Carry, 25 M KB Farmers Carry
(Switch when partner carrying the KBs gets done with 50 m)


Brandon and Chris experience the WOD ‘aftermath’  … 

Thursday, August 27th 2015

Today we continue to work on our Overhead Squat.  As you’ve probably seen first hand (and as we’ve talked about) if you have any weakness in terms of strength OR mobility, the Overhead Squat will call you out on it!  This is a great article that talks through some of the most common faults AND fixes.  Definitely worth a read:





OHS 5/5/5/5/5 (same weight across) 
Between each set 30 Second High Plank




Front Squat
Burpee (touch a target)
Fitness 95/65
RX 135/95
RX+ 155/105


Alyissa is one of the few people we’ve ever seen smile on the AirDyne!  … 

Wednesday, August 26th 2015

We are loving the expanding list of athletes signing up for the Clash at the Cove and the nicknames have been fantastic (“The Muffin Man” is my favorite). We are also looking for volunteers to help with the competition as well. If you are interested in helping us out please drop us an email at info@CrossFitCove.com or sign up on the whiteboard. 


If you are an athlete who has signed up, we are going to need to know if you are competiting in the RX or Scaled Division.  The standards are listed below.


185/105 Clean and Jerk 1RM, Double Unders, Pull Ups

135/85 Clean and Jerk 1RM, Single Unders, Jumping Pull Ups




OTMEM for 7 Minutes (pick one weight and stay with it) 
1 Deadlift + 7 Hanging Power Cleans
2 Deadlifts + 6 Hanging Power Cleans
3 Deadlifts + 5 Hanging Power Cleans
4 Deadlifts + 4 Hanging Power Cleans
5 Deadlifts + 3 Hanging Power Cleans
6 Deadlifts +2 Hanging Power Cleans
7 Deadlifts + 1 Hanging Power Clean




6 Clean and Jerks 
30 Double Unders
5 Rounds
Fitness 75/55 (60 singles) 
RX 95/65
RX+ 115/75 (unbroken doubles)
**The load should be light and the WOD should be fast!  The clean and jerks should be done unbroken for the majority of the WOD**


Happy Birthday Ada!  Cheers to your best year yet… 

Tuesday, August 25th 2015

Sometimes in CrossFit we do things that look or feel… well… silly.  But trust us, there ARE benefits that come with even the goofiest of movements.  In our skill portion we work on the Roll-to-Candlestick as a movement that might fall into this category.


Like burpees in CrossFit, the Candlestick Roll is an essential conditioning tool in the gymnastics world. Not only does it improve your aerobic capacity, but also conditions the hollow body position (which is important for almost every CrossFit movement and landing mechanics.) It is also a great progression movement to get you to Pistols if you don’t have them.  Practice the basic candlestick roll a few times, then once you’re comfortable with it, give a candlestick pistol roll a shot!

To do a candlestick pistol roll, you’re going to do the same exact thing, except instead of getting up with both feet, you’ll stick one out in front of you and use a single leg to get yourself up off of the ground.

Also please note we have some scheduling changes this week. We will have kid coverage this week for Thursday’s noon class, Friday’s 9:30 AM class and Saturday’s 9:00 AM class. For Saturday we will only be having a 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM class.




Every 2 minutes for 12 Minutes
6-8 Chin ups (underhand Grip)
3-5 Roll to Candle Stick
-No Score just for Skill-
RX+ Roll to Candle stick into a Pistol




400 M Run
20 Sit ups
20 KB Swings
600 M Run 
20 Sit ups
20 KB Swings
800 M Run
20 Sit ups
20 KB Swings
22 min Cap
Fitness 26/35
RX 53/35
RX+ 70/53 (Toes to Bar for Sit ups)


Doing “Roxanne” burpees.  You’ll never listen to that song the same way again… 

Monday, August 24th, 2015

We start the week off with building our strength and technique for our Overhead Squat cycle. The Ovehead Squat demands a great amount of mobility so please note the ankle mobility work that is part of today’s Strength WOD.


Also please note we have some scheduling changes this week. We will have kid coverage this week for Thursday’s noon class, Friday’s 9:30 AM class and Saturday’s 9:00 AM class. For Saturday we will only be having a 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM class.




Overhead Squats with a 3 second pause in the bottom
(Between each set Ankle Distraction Stretch)




5 Hanging Power Snatch
10 Box Jumps
15 Air Squats
10 Min AMRAP
Score = Rounds plus reps
Fitness 95/65 (20/18)
RX 115/75 (24/20)
RX+ 135/95 (24/20)


Greg, Myrissa and Josh rowing hard at the 6:30am class… 



What a great week!  Lots of breakthroughs and loved seeing people challenge themselves.  Take today and get some rest, go for a walk or get some kind of other active recovery.  If you want to make up a missed workout or just want to hone a skill, come on in for open gym.  Sara C. will be there manning the box all morning! 


Speaking of challenging yourself… Alyssa D. went into a WOD thinking she was going to do 35 for the shoulder to overhead, but ended up crushing it with 75lbs! Amazing.