Daily WOD

Monday, June 1st 2015


Monday we will continue to build on our Clean strength cycle. We’ll being doing six sets of one rep.  You should challenge yourself with a weight comparable to (or more than!) your prior one rep max.  Drop the weight each time from the top (you do not need to control the descent) and focus on a strong pull while maintaining good positions.  Continue to focus on opening up the hips entirely before pulling up your arms (as we say “when the elbow bends the power ends!”)


Clean 1/1/1/1/1/1/1
Build up to a heavy weight, then the weight should be the same across for the six sets.
75 Double Unders 
25 Burpees
15 Clean and Jerks 
25 Burpees 
75 Doubles Unders
Fitness 95/65 (150 singles)
RX 135/95
RX+ 155/105

Katie showing perfect control and great posture at the top of her deadlift…

katie deadlift

Sunday, May 31st 2015

OPEN GYM 9a – Noon


Come on in and work on a weakness or fine tune a new skill like rope climbs or handstand push ups.  The coaches will be there to help you.  Or just mobilize and do some light recovery like rowing or hopping on the AirDyne bike!


Tanique and the nooners working up to their heavy sets of cleans…



Saturday, May 30th 2015

We hope everyone is tending to their hands after such a demanding week on your grip.  Go get a manicure (yes, for the men out there too!), file those callouses and ask a loved one to rub your forearms!

Today’s workout will be a fun one.  With built-in rest, we want you to push hard at each station and keep moving!  We’ve yet to do front rack lunges and although they are quick to learn (we know how to lunge properly… and we always work on our front rack) here’s a brief video of the movement:


Spend 10 minutes on Handstand Push ups
If you have HSPU complete 30 for time


1 Minute at Each Station 
-Row for Cals
-Front Rack Lunges
-Shoulder to Overhead
-Box Jumps
3 Rounds
(Score = Total Reps)
Fitness 75/55
RX and RX+ 95/65

Peter rocking some kipping pull ups during Thursday’s WOD…

IMG_2408 IMG_2409

Friday, May 29th 2015




When we post the workouts we give three recommendations on how the workout could be executed. Fitness is generally for someone who has some experience with CrossFit and is proficient in the movements for that workout. RX is for someone with a good amount of CrossFit experience or is very proficient with a particular movement. And finally RX+ is designed for a competitive CrossFit athlete. However, these levels of difficulty are just guidelines to how you should approach a workout.


There often are wide variances from one level to another. A great example of that is Tuesday’s workout. It called for 21-15-9 reps of Deadlifts and Rowing for Calories (my kind of workout). Fitness weights were 135/95 while RX was 225/155  That’s a huge difference!  RX might be way too heavy for you but Fitness might be too light. No problem! Just find the weight that is just right for your ability. Sometimes athletes searching for the best score will settle for Fitness… but that approach might not be best in achieving one’s fitness goals.  If you have any questions about how to scale the workouts to get your best results, please feel free to ask the coaches for advice. 

No matter which level you choose, the same rules apply: Once the workout has started be sure to work hard, do your best and maintain great (virtuous) form!


Power Clean 
(same weight across, should be heavier then the sets of 3 on Tuesday) 


100 M Farmers Carry (2 laps around the gym)
200 M Sprint
20 Air Squats
15 Hanging Power Cleans
3 Rounds
Must tag in/out with a high five to get to the next movement!
Fitness 95/65, 44/35
RX 115/75, 53/44
RX+ 135/95, 70/53
How it works: 1 Partner does 100 M farmers Carry, drops the KB and tags their partner. Then the other partner does 100 M Farmers carry. Comes back and tags their partner and goes off for the sprint. Same thing with the cleans and air squats — one partner does 15 then the other does 15 (with the high five tag out between movements).  One works and one rests and one athlete must complete the full movement/all the reps before switching.  When each person goes through each movement once that is 1 round.

The 5:30am class looking absolutely ridiculous (but having fun!) doing bear walks…

week of 5.25.15

Thursday, May 28th 2015

If you’ve been to other CrossFit gyms, you know that we are lucky to have such great and brand-spanking new equipment.  Now that we’re breaking it in daily, we just want to make sure we don’t damage or break it permanently!
We don’t have many rules at the gym (no burpee punishments for coming late or tipping chalk buckets!) but we do want to make sure you know how to tend to the barbell equipment.  Although they are meant to sustain drops, the barbells are not only expensive, but they are designed with internal bearings to allow the weights to spin easily as we throw them overhead and are VERY sensitive if we don’t treat them well.


Below is a video of what to do… and what NOT to do!  The general rule is that if the weight ON the barbell weighs less than the barbell itself, it is not meant to be dropped. There are tricks like using a lighter barbell (or training bar) and loading it with weights to allow for the drop. Just ask and we can help you!  And the barbell should be gently placed on the ground once the weights are stripped as dropping an empty barbell even a few inches from the ground can cause lots of damage.  Here’s our very own Geo Rockwell showing us the basics:



Spend 10 minutes working on Toes to Bar
Between every couple sets do 5 heavy Russian KB swings
**If you have toes to bar, string together sets of 5-10**


8 KB Swings
8 Push Press
8 Sit Ups
8 Pull Ups
16 min AMRAP
Fitness 75/55 (35/26)
RX 95/65 (53/35)
RX+ 115/75 (toes to bar) (70/53)

It is a sad but real statistic that 22 veterans commit suicide every day.  During our WOD for Warriors we honored them all with 22 rope climbs in remembrance …


Wednesday, May 27th 2015

You might notice we squat almost on a daily basis, or at the the very least in our warm up. Please know that all of those air squats and perfect lunges serve a much greater good. We are constantly striving for virtuosity (i.e. doing the common uncommonly well) in this foundational movement.  Today’s workout will feature the overhead squat which puts great demands on keeping your torso upright in the squat and our weight in our heels. Don’t worry so much about the movement but attempting to find that virtuous squat.
The overhead squat also puts a great deal of demands on shoulder mobility. We will provide drills and scaled movements for those that struggle with the movement. And when learning and perfecting this complex lift, LIGHTER IS BETTER!!



Overhead Squat
(Build up in weight, focus on depth and range of motion) 




6 Burpee Box Jumps
10 Overhead Squats
5 Rounds
15 min Time Cap
Fitness 45/35 (14/20)
RX 75/55 (24/20)
RX+ 95/65


Thankfully we expanded the rig three days before Murph…


Tuesday, May 26th 2015

Thanks to everyone who came out for Murph yesterday.  It was an amazing day to reflect on those who serve, have served and connect with the incredible members of our community.  We will be posting photos on Facebook shortly — so many great moments captured on film!

Hopefully you are all well rested, have hydrated and fueled your bodies properly (no, beer and jello pudding pecan cake don’t count!). We’re excited to dive right into another challenging week… starting with continuing to work on our Cleans!


Clean 3-3-3-3-3 (same weight across)
Between each set hit a couch stretch or a front rack stretch, depending on what is more sore, stiff or tight.




Calories on the Rower
Fitness 135/95
RX 225/155
RX+ 275/185
**Should be a sprint, under 10-12 minutes**


murph gang

Monday, May 25th 2015



We are so excited the big day is finally here.  The WOD will kick off at 10am and it will be the only class during the day.  Directly following we will be having a community BBQ so please come ready to work and then ready to eat!  We’ll be supplying hot dogs, burgers, brats and some beer.  Please bring a side and a beverage of choice… it will be a BLAST!  Sleep well, drink lots of water and we will see you in the morning.  Sitters are on hand for the kids so you can tackle Murph stress free!


1 Mile Run

100 Pull Ups

200 Push Ups

300 Air Squats

1 Mile Run


You might not be able to do it with a 20lb weighted vest, but you WILL be able to get through Murph!  The coaches will help you with any and all scaling options!




Sunday, May 24th, 2015

Thanks to everyone who made the Team RWB event this Saturday. We will be posting some pictures soon.

For those that need to feed their CrossFit habit this weekend we have open gym. If you didn’t get a chance to re-test the “30 Day Challenge” Workout tomorrow is a great time.




Dave did Murph solo today with a 20 pound weighted vest in under an hour.

That gets me fired up for Monday!


Saturday, May 22nd, 2015

Yesterday was an amazing day as we re-tested our “30 Day Challenge Workout”. As a coaching staff always get nervous when we test (we don’t want to fail!) but yesterday the box exceeded even our expectations. We lowered the average time to complete the workout from 17:38 to 15:39!!! We even had three athletes that moved from Fitness to RX for the wod and had practically the same score. It just goes to show that hard work inside and outside the gym does payoff.


We hope everyone has a great memorial day weekend.  If you are in town, come join us tomorrow for our 10 AM class with Team RWB and/or Monday’s Memorial Day Murph and post-workout BBQ!


Here’s a video from the folks at Team RWB.



We also will have our normal open gym hours on Sunday from 9a to noon.



 21 Guns 

21 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)

400 meter run* 

21 pushups

21 box jumps (24″/20″)
15 burpees

9 pull-ups

*500 meter row can be substituted for the run 

 Shyam, Pete, and Myrissa pushing the intensity yesterday!