Daily WOD

Sunday, April 19th 2015

OPEN GYM 9a – Noon

Come in and make up a WOD or work on a weakness!  And if you need a day off, it might be good to spend some time thinking about the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge — and starting to prep for its start on Thursday.  We’ve got a lot of people signed up so it will be great to have a large support system (and we will be setting up a private FB group as an added tool). There are so many great resources, but we’ve listed a few of our favorite recipe sites here.  Start browsing and making those shopping lists!

Nom Nom Paleo

Whole 30 Recipes

Stupid Easy Paleo

Paleo Grubs

Looking forward to the kick off this Thursday night at 6:30!

Mary, Mark and Sara working hard early in the morning… 


Saturday April 18th 2015

Tis the season!  Its competition time!  Several gyms are hosting local and regional competitions over the next few months and its time to start thinking about entering some of them!  The Atlas Games are coming up June 13th.  It is always a fun event with lots of divisions and very well run.  It was our first competition a few years ago and we loved it!

If you are interested in doing a competition as an individual or as a team, please let us know and we can give you more information, help you find partners-in-crime, get you prepared for game day and will certainly be there to cheer you on.

To give you a sense of standards, here are what they are looking for in terms of RX and scaled divisions.  

RX/ TEAMS /Master RX

Ground to Overhead=155/95



Double Unders

Wall Ball 10ft Target 20/14

Chest to Bar/ Pullups


Box jumps


Scaled/Masters Scaled:

Ground to Overhead 95/65


Single Unders or Double Unders

Banded Pullups

Wall Ball to 8ft Target 20/14​

Box Jumps

And remember, regular WODs will be at 8, 9 and 11a with a Family WOD at 10a!




800 M Run
25 Hanging Power Cleans
25 Burpees
800 M Run
Fitness 115/75
RX 155/105
RX+ 175/115
Last weekend Coach Luke participated in the Mid Atlantic Affiliate Challenge.  Congrats on a great performance!  Here he is lifting VERY heavy things…


Friday, April 17th 2015


Regular WODs will be at 8, 9 and 11a.  We’ll have kid coverage for the 9a so feel free to bring the little ones!  And if you could let us know if you’re planning on coming to the Family WOD at 10a (info@CrossFitCove.com) we’d appreciate it (it helps prep the workout). Its supposed to be a nice day, so let’s lift that garage door and get the weekend off to a great start!

familyWod compiled



**For 10 minutes **
HSPU Practice 
While practicing alternate with a few minutes in the front rack stretch with a band


15 Front Squats
30 Sit ups
50 Double Unders
4 Rounds
Time Cap 20 minutes
Fitness 95/65 (20/14) (singles 100)
RX 115/75 (24/20)
RX+ 135/95 (24/20)
 Jeff has not only overcome his fear of the kettlebell overhead, he’s LOVING it! 


Thursday, April 16th 2015


We couldn’t be more pleased with how this community has developed and grown.  We love how you continually support each other, push each other and celebrate every victory along the way. We feel so lucky we have you all as our ‘Founding Members’!

We will continue to offer a FREE WEEK TRIAL but the Founder’s Rate will end and rates will increase from $130 to $150/month in two weeks.  So why should you care?  You’re already a member!   Maybe you have friends or colleagues who have been on the fence or afraid to try this crazy CrossFit thing. Or maybe you’ve been nagging your spouse to join you at the gym — tell them the time is now!

As most of you know, we offer a referral plan that for every member you bring in (and stays for 3 months) you receive $5 off  your membership FOREVER.  Bring in two friends and your rate drops to $120.  Five friends and your rate resets to $105.  Just something to think about!


We also want to make it fun and accessible for your friends to come in and try it out.  So next Friday night at 6:30pm we will do our first PARTNER WOD at the Cove.  We’re calling it “Bring a Friend Friday” and it will be a challenging WOD, but one that won’t be too technical or difficult from a movement perspective (think more kettle bells, less snatching).  If you don’t bring anyone, no worries. It will still be a fun time to hang out with other members and relive those fun Friday Night Lights gatherings from the Open!


Spend 10 minutes working on Kipping/Strict Pull ups depending on skill level

6 Pull ups
9 Push ups
12 KB Swings
AMRAP in 10 minutes
Fitness 35/26
RX and RX+ 53/35
 Tanique and Tricia demonstrating a great front rack position doing cleans…



Wednesday, April 15th 2015


Now that many of you are settling into the workout routine, it’s time to focus a bit more on the food we eat.  It is critical for fueling our bodies for optimal performance first and foremost, but for those who are anxious for bathing suit season… its a must if you want to look good.  In fact, “they” say 80% of your results are determined by the food that you eat and 20% by what you do at the gym. We’re not sure if that balance is right, but the point is you can’t be your best self (strongest, fittest or leanest) if you’re not focusing on what goes in your mouth.

Since we are all on this fitness journey together, we are kicking off a 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge starting at the end of the month (and will wrap by Memorial Day Weekend).  We will hold a kickoff meeting next Thursday night, April 23rd at 6:30pm.  We will go through the nutritional basics, some dos and don’ts and share some recipe ideas.  We will then do a ‘benchmark WOD’ that we will retest at the end of the challenge.  With proper nutrition and continuing to log hours at the Cove, we think you’ll be surprised at the results you see!

You by no means are required to do this, but the more of us that do it, the better!  We will be creating a separate Facebook group as a support system and information hub.  There will be highs… and lows…with this kind of journey and its so great to share it all with people going through the same thing.  We ask that anyone interested signs up on the White Board by the Wodify station and we’ll create the FB group for all interested!

So… who’s in????


Deadlift 8/6/4/2/2/2




2 Rope Climb (buy in)
40 Air Squats
20 Calories on the Rower
5 Rounds
1 Rope Climb (cash out)
We will have scaling options for the rope climb, but let’s have some fun with it!


For a bit of inspiration to get you thinking about the 30 Day Challenge, our very own Coach Chris saw amazing results in just 30 Days.  He’s kind enough to share the story of his first Clean 30!

 He lost 8 pounds on those 30 days but if you look at the pictures the changes in his body composition were dramatic.



Read more about this story below….

Weight loss?

Jan 28th = 220lbs, March 1st = 212lbs

How did your energy levels change? 

Immediately felt energized throughout the day.  Within the first few days I noticed the 3pm slump was gone and I was rolling through the work day with ease.  Over the course of the 30 days I gradually felt stronger and faster with every WOD’s.  But there was a trade off because I also gradually felt more tired and drained after them as the weeks progressed.

Did you feel an improvement in sleep?

I struggled getting out of bed more than usually but once I was up I was wide awake and ready to roll.  Other than that I did notice any other changes.  I’ve always slept through the night soundly.

Did your times improve on the test WODs?

YES I did. I dropped over two minutes on my Grace time.  My first test was 5:54 at RX and my retest was 3:48 at RX.  Also my first test  50 air squats, 40 pullups, 30pushups, 20 situps, and 10 burpees was at 6:33 and I’m pretty sure I used the blue band for 20 of the pull ups.  My retest result was 6:09 completely RX. (THESE ARE AMAZING IMPROVEMENTS)

Any other comments about how you feel, sleep, move or perform?

I saw a noticeable difference in just my overall quality of life.  I felt cleaner and clear of congestion and inflammation ( especially in the mornings.)  I occasionally craved some sweets and beer, more so near the end of the challenge,  but really found no issue eating paleo.  I quickly learned to enjoy the taste of real food and enjoyed snacking on healthy alternatives to the crap I used to reach for.  We will continue to eat a mostly clean diet.

Tuesday, April 14th 2015

With a high number of reps on the cleans the loading should be lighter today.  Keep up the intensity and push yourself to move quickly from movement to movement!



Max in 30 Seconds Ring Rows
10 Ring Dips
x 4
(No score just for skill and strength)



15 Wall Balls
15 Power Cleans
5 Rounds
20 Min Cap
Fitness 75/55
RX and RX+ 95/65
 Chris and Katie prove that a lighter barbell can still be just as challenging with a higher rep scheme…Jackie!


Monday, April 13th 2015


Mark your calendars!  We are doing another family WOD this Saturday at 10am (regular WODs will be at 8a, 9a and 11a).  We’ll have sitter coverage for the 9a so you can come do the regular WOD too (if you’re up for it).  It was a huge success the last go-around and so great to see the parents enjoying some quality time with their kids.  Plus there’s the added life lesson that fitness can be FUN!

Feel free to invite friends with kids as its all part of our free trial!



Push Jerk 
Between each set 15 sit ups



400 M Run
10 Strict Press
400 M Run
15 Push Press
400 M Run
20 Shoulder to Overhead
-For Time-


Fitness 95/65
RX 115/75
RX+ 135/95
Should be a heavy challenging load 


familyWod compiled

Sunday, April 12th 2015


Sorry for the inconvenience… but rest up for a fun week ahead! Take the day and go for a jog, take a walk, hop on a bike or just stretch out.  And spend some time thinking about your goals for the goal wall if you haven’t already!

goal wall

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

Today we will be spending more time learning how to snatch. It is the most technical and beautiful movement in the Olympic lifts. Below is a video of Chad Vaughn executing a snatch (vs. power which means you don’t catch the weigh in a full squat). Notice how he gets his hips all the way open before he starts dropping under the bar.  



12 minutes to Find a heavy 3 Rep Power Snatch


15 Power Snatch
30 Bar Facing Burpees
60 Double Unders
2 Rounds
Fitness 75/55
RX 95/65
RX+ 115/75

Friday April 10th 2015


While there is no open gym, use the time to go for a recovery walk or jog and get ready for a fun week ahead!  Or mobilize with some stretching or treat yourself to a massage. You’ve earned it!

Friday we will be introducing GHD sit ups.  These are great movements for the core, but they are initiated with the legs first to get momentum going.  The coaches will show you how to do them safely AND effectively (but be warned: it may hurt to laugh or cough the following day)…

Sorry for the late notice but we will not have an adult for the kids room tomorrow at 9:30a class. The kids room is still available if you are comfortable with your child playing their without adult supervision.


1 minute of Opening hips on a box
10-15 GHD sit ups 
4 Rounds



30 Wall Balls
25 Kb Swings 
20 Push Ups
3 Rounds for Time
Fitness 14/10 (35/26)
RX 20/14 (53/35)
RX+ 20/14 (70/53)
– 20 min cap –


 One of the most important things in recovery is drinking water!  Make sure you drink plenty of it before AND after the workouts.  Let’s making this number climb quickly on the new fountain!

water fountain