Daily WOD

Saturday, June 20th 2015

AWESOME job on the Friday Partner WOD.  This was a challenging workout to say the least… and we loved the energy and effort that went into it.  WELL DONE!

A final reminder that this Saturday we will be doing another Family WOD at 10am. This will be in lieu of the regular 10am class, but we will have regular WODs for 8, 9 and 11a. We will also have sitter coverage for the 9a class so feel free to come for the 9 with the kiddos and then play for the 10a. It was a blast last week and we hope you will join us (and feel free to bring friends!)

Today we are excited to welcome back deadlifts. As you’ll see we want to avoid the over/under grip for this strength portion. As we finish up our Clean cycle, I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve done lots of lifting movements (other than cleans themselves) that will help increase our 1RM clean when we re-test. In this case, the “clean grip” vs the over-under will help us get more comfortable with pulling heavier loads from the ground and build up that grip strength.



Deadlifts (with a clean grip, so no over under)



Couch Stretch between each set, 30 seconds each leg




20 Power Snatches 

40 Air Squats

– 3 Rounds –


Fitness 45/33 (just go below the knee)

RX 75/55

RX+ 75/55 (50 Air Squats) 


**The load should be light and you should move quickly through each round (less than 4 minutes per round)**


Trish working on hard with a heavy KB during Thursday’s WOD…


Friday, June 19th 2015


Friday partner WODs may seem fun, but you may not realize there’s an important secret sauce to the programming. Not only does the accountability to another teammate tend to push you a wee bit harder, it is a very deliberate form of interval conditioning requiring quick bursts of effort followed by brief periods of rest. This allows you to push hard, expend massive amounts of energy in a short period and then recover. They key benefits to this kind of training are both anaerobic AND aerobic.  While there is a method to the madness, the best part about it them is that they do feel “fun”! Who knew?!

Here are some of the key benefits that we get from this kind of workout:

Increased endurance.

Studies show that the short, high intensity workouts, mixed with rest periods may rapidly increase endurance. This increase should improve your performance in most workouts, especially those involving a lot of cardio exercises like rowing and running. In fact, Police training programs in Florida have found that CrossFit produced better distance run times than prior programs comprised largely of distance runs.

Increased muscle strength and toning.

Interval training can be vital in increasing strength and muscle tone. Including it into any standard strength routine can actually increase the speed of muscle development.

Faster metabolism. 

Ahh, the famous “after burn”! The increase of post-exercise oxygen consumption means you should metabolize your food a lot faster.

Good for your heart.

Interval training can reduce your resting pulse rate. This means less strain on your heart and an increase in your overall health.

Increases your overall well-being.

Interval training can lower cholesterol levels, blood pressure, reduce the chance of osteoporosis and increasing your immune system. It can also help you sleep better, improve the appearance of your skin and increase the level of endorphins flowing through your body.

So, given all of this… we hope to see you ALL at the partner WOD Friday!




800 M Run  (200 m Relay)

50 Strict Pull ups

75 Front Squats

100 Push Press

75 Front Squats

50 Kipping Pull ups

800 M Run (200 m Relay) 


Fitness 75/55

RX 95/65

RX+ 115/75


Note: This should be a lighter weight. Each partner should be able to do 10+ reps of each movement so scale accordingly! 



And if you’re not sold on partner WODs already… there’s also the fact that it is FRIDAY and you can chill with your partner (or make some new friends!) afterwards…

 beer crew

Thursday, June 18th 2015

A reminder that this Saturday we will be doing another Family WOD at 10am. This will be in lieu of the regular 10am class, but we will have regular WODs for 8, 9 and 11a. We will also have sitter coverage for the 9a class so feel free to come for the 9 with the kiddos and then play for the 10a! It was a blast last week and we hope you will join us (and feel free to bring friends!)



Split Jerk 4/4/3/3/2/2




“Annie Goes Swinging”



Double Unders

Sit Ups

Russian KB Swings (only go to eye level)


Fitness 35/26 (singles x2)

RX 53/35

RX+ 70/53




Since its throwback Thursday, here’s a “throwback” shot of Stephanie struggling to get 65lb overhead… and NOW!  BAM!

steph before steph after

Wednesday, June 17th

Great job yesterday and so fun to see so many of you tackle to the ropes in the WOD!  In our strength portion today we will do a complex that requires great form on the front squat (as we are doing both a squat clean AND a front squat as part of the complex).

The front squat demands excellent stability to cope with bearing a front load. Because the weight is on the front of you, you need to push back into your heels in order to counterbalance the forces that are pulling you back and forward.

In order to do this, it is key to keep the torso as vertical and upright as possible.

This diagram shows the angles involved in a back squat (left) and front squat (right). Notice the larger hip angle in the front squat that is necessary for the more upright position:

back squat front squat forward lean

The negatives of a forward lean

  • It puts stress on your spine
  • The weight might be held on your wrists, which can injure these small muscles
  • The bar is highly likely to roll forwards off your shoulders!

There are various methods of reducing a forward lean when front squatting, but keeping the ‘elbows up’ can make a world of difference:

Elbows up

“Elbows up” is important throughout the movement, particularly in the bottom squat position when the bar will want to roll and drop off you the most. Think about keeping your elbows up so you are forced to raise your chest and keep your torso vertical.

Compare this athlete’s elbow positions:

Elbows down (left), elbows up (rigtht)


What else can help you reduce your forward lean?

  • Practice front squats at home with a broomstick or with a PVC and use a mirror to check how upright you are
  • Improve your thoracic mobility – if your thoracic spine is curved you need to work on improving thoracic extension through mobility drills and foam rolling
  • Improve erector spinae stability – the erector spinae is key in keeping your torso tight and erect. Good Mornings can be very beneficial in improving spinal stability (mid rep range/5-8 reps and focus on technique and keeping tight)
  • Keep your knees out. Keep your knees on the way down but even more so as you begin to ascend upward. When knees are out and elbows are up, the mid back is less likely to cave in
  • Push through your heels – the weight will move forward if you use your toes rather than your heels (make sure your heels don’t come off the floor!). You’ll lose balance, lean forward and probably drop the bar.


OTMEM for 8 minutes
1 Squat Clean + 1 Front Squat with a 3 second Pause (at the bottom) + 1 Front Squat




400 M Run
50 Wall Balls
25 Burpees (Touch a target)
50 Wall Balls
400 M Run
Fitness 14/10
RX 20/14


Coach Chris jumps in with Angie for Friday’s partner WOD…

chris angie

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015


Have you seen the new PR (personal record) bell? When you kick butt and break a record be sure to ring it so the world knows you are a bad ass!

Long note: if you are struggling with getting your first pull up or want more ways to perfect them, please read this!



– A Guide to Your First Pull Up –

The elusive pull up is a goal for many athletes.  In this article we will dive into the reasons why people might be struggling to get their first pull up and go over an action plan on how to get one!

There are usually a few reasons why a pull up feels like finding the end of a rainbow…is it really there? Strength, Consistency, and Strength to Body Weight Ratio are usually the big culprits of the elusive pull up.

STRENGTH- If you do not have the strength in your lats, bi’s and back to pull yourself up to the bar, that is not something that happens overnight.  It takes work and a solid plan to develop that strength. 

CONSISTENCY- you can not practice pull ups every other week on Tuesdays for 5 minutes post workout.  You need to get a consistent plan and stick with it.

STRENGTH to BODY WEIGHT RATIO- if you workout like beast but enjoy donuts, cupcakes and beer a little too much you are going to be fighting an uphill battle.  A pull up is a gymnastics movement. You are pulling your body weight up and above the bar, if you have not put some TLC into your nutrition then it will be hard to achieve a strict pull up.  We all know you can not out work a bad diet, but people still try!  If you struggle to control your weight then that is one of the first things we need to work on.

We often scale a pull up with a banded pull up at The Cove.  This is a great substitution if you do not have pull ups but remember it is not a progression, it is a substitution.   When you want to tackle a movement that is skill based it is important to go through progressions to help develop the skill of the movement as well as strength in different positions.  Usually these things require you to set your ego down and perform things that look “easy” or “basic.”  It is hard to put the band down and use a box to jump up to the top of the pull up bar and hold yourself there for 3 seconds.  It takes effort, time and looks easy, but it is not!  It is easy to stay on the blue band for 42 weeks.  Step one, will always involve going back to the basics.

The band becomes attached to certain athletes like a 2 year old and their pacifier.  Seriously, loose the binky already! As I eluded to in the paragraph before, the band is a great training tool. Although some gyms forbid the band, I think it has helped a ton of athletes at The Cove.  If your goal is fitness and you could care less about a strict pull up, it is great to throw on a green band and string together multiple pull ups.  It builds strength, helps improve work capacity and ultimately makes you more fit.  However, it can be a long road to getting your first strict pull up because people tend to get dependent on the band.  The rule is you should be able to perform a strict pull up before ATTEMPTING a kipping pull up.  When kipping on the band it shortens your kip and gives you assistance, which makes it safer.  However, if you can not do a strict pull up with the band you are using, you should not be kipping with it.  If you use a band you should be focusing on strict pull ups.  Get a little more resistance next class, eliminate all hip movement and go through the workout strict.  Again, hard to do because it will be more challenging, and dammit you will be slower which means you will not have that amazing WODify time to take a screen shot of, post to Instragm, use funny hashtags and hope you get over 11 likes, but that is OK.  You can show them your gainz pic in a few weeks…

If you fall into the category of strength or I use the band too much, I am going to lay out an action plan to help you get your fist strict pull up.  Just pick 3 of the six exercises below and hit them for 3 weeks then rotate to other three.  The seventh exercise (hollow rocks and super mans) should be done after every session.

Strict Pull up Progression 

-Chin over the Bar Holds 

Jump to the top of the pull up bar and hold your chin over the bar for 5-10 seconds.  Do this for 5-7 times and add 5 seconds each week. 

-Ring Rows

     Challenge yourself to keep a tight hollow body position.  Do max reps in 30 seconds or 7-10 challenging reps, 5 sets.

-Ring Rows with a 5 second Pause at the top

Adjust your feet so you can pull the rings all the way into your chest hold them there confidently for 5-10 seconds.  3 reps for 5 sets.

-Negative Pull up

-Jump so your chin is over the bar and lower yourself as slowly as possible.  Keep a tight hollow position on the way down.  Boring, but super effective! 10-15 reps.

-Box Pull ups

Sit a box in front of the pull up bar so you are in an L-sit position.  This will eliminate about half of your body weight.  Then pull your chin above the bar. 5 sets of 5 reps.

-Barbell Row, KB Row or Dumbbell Row

 -Hinge over at your waist and work sets of 10-20 at a load that you can control.  Play with the speed of the movement, the load and pausing at the top.  All of them will help you get your first one.

-Hollow rocks and Supermans 

-These should be done before and after each session.  They are easy and require no equipment.

**Save the band work for workouts, do them strict in all the WODs with whatever band you might need.  Save the progression work for days that we do not do pull ups in the workout**

If you need any help or advice on this grab a coach and lets make a plan!



5-10 Strict Pull ups/Ring Rows/Or Negatives (If doing negatives keep it under 5 reps)
Max in 30 Seconds GHD Sit ups
4 Rounds




21 Calorie Row
21 Hand Release Push Ups (No peeling!)

1 Rope Climb
4 Rounds


The Sunday Crew doing Murph.  And special thanks to Julie Jones for coming in to climb some ropes and cheer us on…

murph sunday

Monday, June 14th 2015

It’s another GIRL!  Today we will tackle GRACE for the first time.

This is a quick WOD but will require explosive movement. You MUST maintain proper form with each lift (and descent!).  Address the bar properly every time… don’t round the back… use your hips… quick dip and drop under the bar. All the things we review EVERY time when we clean and jerk (but when you are doing 30 in a row sometimes we get sloppy).  DO NOT GET SLOPPY!

Some tips:  Use a hook grip if you can. Don’t forget to use your hips on BOTH movements to work most efficiently.  And control your breathing. It’s easy to forget under fatigue, but it’s the basics that will carry you through. If you can string them, great… but do not push yourself to failure.  Some great times have been logged with going singles the whole way.  Thinking about it as singles with a big deep breath in between is good strategy, as long as you don’t let more than four or five seconds go by in between reps (its easy to talk yourself out of picking that barbell up!). If you’re shooting for sub-5:00, then you have 10 seconds to complete each movement, sub-4:00 is 8 seconds, sub-3:00 is 6 seconds, sub-2:00 is 4 seconds. Give yourself x amount of time for each rep, and stick to it as best you can.  Or play it by ear and see how it goes!  Just have fun with it!






30 Clean and Jerks (for Time)
Fitness 95/65
RX and RX+ 135/95
-Rest 5-10 minutes (stretch, cool down and get ready for strength portion)




3/3/3/2/2 Cleans with a pause below the knee (go up in weight)
(between each set hold a high plank for 45 seconds) 
3/3/3 Clean Pulls (use 110% of clean)
-Rest 5-10 minutes (stretch and warm up for WOD)


Kim looking strong on her overhead squats during “Nancy”…

Sunday, June 14th 2014


Thanks to everyone who came in yesterday for the Family WOD. It was so much fun and we are looking forward to next Sunday already!  Be sure to tell your friends they are more than welcome to join us.


And if you want a Murph re-do or do it for the first time, come on in on Sunday for Open Gym.  Josh and Drew will be here around 9 to warm up and get going by 9:15/20ish.  Or just come in and work on a skill, conquer a weakness and just get mobile!  Hope to see you then.




Eric and Brian breaking their Whole 30! It was glorious

Saturday, June 14th, 2015


One last reminder that our Family WOD will be Saturday morning at 10a (NO REGULAR WOD AT 10AM!). All are welcome!  We will have sitter coverage for the 9am so if you’re feeling bold, come put the kids in the kids’ room and stay for the family WOD.


And if you want a Murph re-do or do it for the first time, come on in on Sunday for Open Gym.  Josh will be here during open gym doing it and we’d love to give him some company!






Take 7 Minutes to find your 1 Max set of Unbroken Double Unders
(record best unbroken set)




2 minutes of Wall balls
2 minutes of KB Swings
2 minutes of Push Press
2 minutes of Sit ups
2 minutes of Rest
1 minute of Wall balls
1 minute of KB Swing
1 minute of Push press
1 minute of sit ups
Score = total Reps
Fitness 75/55, 53/26KB
RX 95/65, 53/35KB
RX+ 115/75, 70/53KB


Erich showing strong pulls on the rower while Nathan collects himself for the next round…

Friday, June 12th 2015


Time for yet another challenging and fun partner WOD!  Bring a friend or partner up with another member — either way it will be a blast!  And a reminder that our Family WOD will be Saturday morning at 10a (NO REGULAR WOD AT 10AM!).  All are welcome!


On Sunday, Josh will be making up Murph (he didn’t get to do with the group on Memorial Day) and we all know that Murph hard, but doing it solo is even harder (right Katie?!).  Anyone want to join him?  If so, ping us on email and we’ll find the time that works best for everyone.  And obviously be careful: drink lots of water (especially the day and hours before), take breaks and know your limits!  Here’s Josh working hard on Nancy (just a warm-up for Murph)!





(7 sets of 1 go heavier than last week)


75 Power Cleans
75 Box Jumps
75 Pull ups
75 Burpees
-One person working at a time-
Fitness 95/65
RX and RX+ 135/95
So glad to have this woman back!  Lindsey is back at it and looking STRONG after being with Spencer as he recovered…
 lindsay split jerk
lindsay rower
lindsay post wod

Thursday, June 11th 2015



We are thrilled to announce that Pete’s wife delivered a beautiful and healthy baby boy on Sunday! Ashton William Staples is here!  With Ashton’s arrival we have a new member of the Cove family (and our median age just dropped significantly).  We’ll be planning baby WODs for him before you know it. Pete is currently doing his own version of CrossFit:  swaddling AMRAPs and EMOM diaper changes.  CONGRATULATIONS PETE!!


pete babybaby2

For the rest of us, its a GIRL!!  Tomorrow we will be doing “Nancy”. Some of the toughest CrossFit WODs are simple couplets (two movements) of a loaded and unloaded movement. ‘Nancy’ is a perfect blend of a loaded movement and running, but this CrossFit benchmark workout adds a bit of complexity with the overhead squats. Even though the weight is somewhat light for an advanced CrossFit athlete, it becomes daunting as the rounds progress and could put strain on your shoulders if you aren’t in a proper overhead position.   Speaking from personal experience, do NOT push outside your limits.  I did my first Nancy and went for RX and walked away with a shoulder impingement that last for weeks. If it’s your first time trying this WOD, we HIGHLY recommend scaling the weight down, or even just using a PVC pipe (Yes, really. Just the PVC!). Or if you just can’t get into a safe position, we scale to a different movement with the same overall benefit.




Take 12 minutes to find a heavy load in this complex
1 Power Snatch + 1 Hanging Power Snatch + 1 OHS




15 OHS
400 M Run
5 Rounds
Fitness 75/55
RX and RX+ 95/65
25 min Cap
Here’s our new Dad Pete sneaking out for a quick sweat… and with very little sleep under his belt, he CRUSHED IT!