Daily WOD

Friday, March 27th, 2020


Tomorrow’s zoom call class will be at 5:30 PM tomorrow from the Anglim’s “Driveway of Dreams”. We hope you guys can join us for our happy hour.


4 rounds
20 Box Jumps
20 Push Press

*If you have a box, great. If you can find something to step/jump on that would work too. If you don’t have anything, jump up and tuck your knees into your chest.
*You can use DB or backpack for Push Press. BB weight would be:
Fx: 75/55
P/O: 95/65


3 rounds
20 Ab Twists w/ Weight
10 V-up
:30 sec hollow hold


Staying warm by the virtual fireplace


Thursday, March 26th, 2020


We invite you to our house tonight via Facebook Live on Cove the Club at 8:30 PM. We plan on chatting about what is going on with the Cove gym, how we can best serve you, and take your questions. See you in da club later this evening.



Hey athletes!

As stated in Monday’s post, nutrition is a highly individual process.  It will take time to figure out what exactly works for you and what to do to adjust when that stops working.  However, even though nutrition is an individual process there are some broad approaches and guidelines that we can follow to get started.  And that is exactly what we are going to do- take a simple approach so we don’t get overwhelmed.  After the next 4 weeks (and beyond), we want you to have laid a solid foundation of consistency, quality, and fun with your nutrition.

We are going to base our guidelines on the Meal Type infographics.  If you have worked with me, done a challenge with me, or paid attention to any of my nutrition-related posts you should recognize them.  Why do I keep using them?  Because they are simple, efficient, and effective.

The Anytime Meal is just that, it can be eaten anytime during the day/night and should keep you satisfied for a few hours.  It consists of plenty of protein, lots of vegetables, and some healthy fat.

The Post Workout Meal is mainly focused on restoring your muscles glycogen stores, getting protein to your muscles, and helping to start that recovery process after a hard workout.  It consists of plenty of protein, some veggies and fruit, and some starches.

**How much should you be eating for your goal?  Check out this nutrition calculator- https://www.precisionnutrition.com/nutrition-calculator


In order to keep it simple we will divide you into 3 goal groups:

-Lean out/”tone up”

-Build muscle/gain weight

-Athletic Performance


Here are the following guidelines for each goal:

*for examples we will use 3 meals/day


Lean out/”tone up”

-the majority of your meals will look like the Anytime Meal

-keep the Post Workout Meal on workout days (rest days use all Anytime Meals)

-you should eat until about 85% full and feel satisfied after your meals (not stuffed)

-you need ample protein (to help maintain the muscle that you have)

-snacks- stick mainly to veggies, protein, smaller portions of fruit

-Ex. WOD day- 2 Anytime Meals, 1 Post Workout Meal, snack- assorted veggies


Build Muscle/Gain Weight

-the majority of your meals will look like the Post Workout Meal

-make sure you get some veggies in there even with the starches and simple carbs

-you will be consuming more food than you are used to so you should feel full after meals

-snacks- stick mainly with full portions of fruits, healthy fats, protein

-Ex- WOD day- 3 Post Workout Meals, snack- Super Shake https://www.precisionnutrition.com/super-shake-creation-infographic

Athletic Performance

-you will have a good balance of Anytime and Post Workout Meals

-the farther away from your workout stick more with the Anytime Meal, the closer to your workout stick more with the Post Workout Meal

-you need both ample protein and carbs but don’t neglect the health fat

-snacks- stick to protein further away from workout, fruits/simple carbs closer to workout

-Ex. WOD day- 1 Anytime Meal (farthest away from your workout), 2 Post Workout Meals, snacks- fruit pre or post workout, protein shake post workout (plus your Post Workout Meal)

The rest of the week we will be focusing on structuring our meals according to the Anytime Meal and Post Workout Meal and your goals.  We will also be posting different examples of what these would look like for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  Post your meals as well!



We have another noon zoom workout with Coach Marina but this time at 5:30 PM. Looking forward to seeing the evening crew back together. To join, simply use the following link.


Below is tomorrow’s Home Workout with an introduction with Coach Josh and Coach Marina actually doing the workout.

“Maybe today will be a rest day”

100 Backpack Overhead Squats (if mobility doesn’t agree, 100 Front rack squats)
300 DU (500 SU)
30 Devil’s Thrusters

*Thrusters can be done with DB or backpack

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020


During this time of physical distancing we are working our hardest to maintain our personal and human connections with one another. We love seeing all our members connecting to each other virtually. That connection is just as important to your health as these workouts.

Tomorrow we would love to check in with you. We plan to doa Facebook live video tomorrow evening. Look for more details on CrossFit Cove the Club (and will try to repost on youtube)



We have a number of ways to enjoy tomorrow’s workout virtually. First Coach John provided us an excellent workout demonstration in his very own home gym, Johnny’s Cage.  Coach Marina did the workout for this video for those that want to follow along and she enjoyed it so much she will be doing it again via zoom tomorrow at noon.  So get your leaf blower and join us tomorrow.



1: 60 DU
2: 15 Backpack Swings (KB alternate)
3: 14 Pistols
4: 2 No arm Burpee

Fx: 90 Single Unders, 25 Air Squats
P/O: As written



While Monday’s dreary weather was not a great way to start the week, Tuesday promises sun and a bit more warmth, so get outside and enjoy the day!

As we noted yesterday, we have been working on a nutrition program (guidance, challenges and more!) for you all, so thank you for all of your feedback in the Cove Club poll.  With our time at the Cove (physically) being put on pause (for now) the evidence is overwhelming that everyone is staying active one way or another.  While our physical activity may have been altered, this can be a great time to work on our nutritional and recovery habits.

The physical work that we do in the gym is just the tip of the health and fitness “iceberg”.  It’s also the most visible and easily measurable.  How do you know if you are getting stronger?  Did you lift more weight than last time?  If yes, then you are getting stronger.  If no, then you are not.  Boom.  Easily measurable!  But what is making us stronger?  Sure, we could start talking about progressive overload, programming, CrossFit vs Powerlifting, etc.  However, if you aren’t feeding your body what it needs to recover, you will never get the full benefit of whatever programming you are following. Period.  Nutrition and recovery go hand in hand and is a long-term game.  It isn’t flashy, it isn’t always easily measurable.  But it is overwhelmingly the biggest part of the health and fitness ice burg.  So let’s take the next few weeks (months, and years) into focusing on creating sustainable nutritional and recovery habits.

Our approach will be simple and focus on the basics- consistency, meal structure, food quality.  We will be giving you guidance on how to structure your meals based on your goal, giving ideas on food selection, meal timing, as well as touch on subjects such as cooking for families/in bulk, cooking on a budget, and some supplements.  We will also be issuing some nutrition challenges each week.  We will be sending out details on this in the next days, so let’s get ready to turn that isolation eating into fuel our food should be!



Once again, we have several options for you to hit a WOD virtually:

We have a taped version of the day’s workout coached by Coach Maria!  Follow along and do it any time of day you’d like.  You can access the workout HERE (google drive) or on our #coviestogether site HERE


We will also have another NOON Zoom WOD!  Join us in another  LIVE virtual workout!  It’s been so fun spending that hour with you all and excited to see more faces tomorrow. Here is the login information:  Click HERE or j



3 rounds
50 Back Rack Lunges
80 High Knees (knees above hip minimum)
50/40 Pushups


20 minute time cap

Monday, March 23rd, 2020


We hope everyone had a good weekend of family and fitness this weekend. With Monday’s forecast for rain, staying active and connected will be more important than ever!  Thankfully, almost 70 of you were able to come grab additional equipment on Sunday afternoon, so it’s time to use it!  As we noted, please take extra good care of it all as we’ll need it back in the same great condition when we reopen SOON (a little optimism here ;-)).

We are working a nutrition program (guidance, challenges and more!) for you all, so please take a moment to fill out Coach John’s Facebook poll in the Cove Club.  Getting your input will help us focus our planning and get you on track!

Once again, we have several options for you to hit a WOD virtually:

We have a taped version of the day’s workout coached by Daniel and Madison again!  Follow along and do it any time of day you’d like. Although no headstand today, the work will be equally as challenging!  The click the photo below or find the link to the WOD HERE.

We will also have a NOON Zoom WOD!  Take a break as you’re working from home and join us in LIVE virtual workout!  Here is the login information:   https://zoom.us/j/239104956

It will likely get harder before it gets easier, so continue to lean on each other, connect more often and keep the FB shenanigans up.  A bit of laughter goes a long way these days!


Backpack Devil’s Press
Alternating Backpack Thruster (reps x2)

Time Cap: 20 min


3 rounds
15 Jumping Air Squats
then immediately sit in an invisible chair for :30 sec hold
Rest 1:00


Coach Mattie is the biggest cheerleader we have.  And after supporting Jenna and hitting the same WOD later that day, she became the one to get the well-deserved cheers! #coviestogether

Sunday, March 21st, 2020


It has been a stressful week as we are adjusting to our response to COVID-19, but we did, indeed survive it together. Sunday is generally a day of rest and recovery and we would encourage you to keep that tradition as well. We have Coach Katie F’s yoga class at 9 AM via Facebook Live on the Cove the Club.

A suggestion for you is to enjoy the outside world while maintaining physical distancing (I like that term so much more versus social distancing). Go play tennis, shoot some hoops, go for a hike, bike ride, or jog.

A final thought to close out today’s “Daily WOD” page is to be so thankful for all of you encouraging and connecting with one another. Part of health isn’t just about our bodies but our mental and social needs. Whether it be the battle over handstands sparked by Coach Daniels’ upside programming discussion, the different whiteboard questions (love the celebrity pictures), or just pictures of people working out – they have made this period of isolations just feel a little more connected. Thank you all for supporting this community. In every sense.  THANK YOU.

Jessica M heating a 10 minute handstand. That girl loves a challenge.



MARCH 21ST 2020


We have been archiving all the virtual WODs on a Google site for easy access and navigation. We’ve called it #CoviesTogether (thanks for the hashtag Maria) and it was created and designed our very own tech engineer Charlie Anglim.  If you missed a workout or just want to watch us suffer through one, you can keep up with ALL workouts HERE!

While the days seem to be blurring together, it’s the WEEKEND so time to have some weekend fun.  It’s supposed to be a bit chillier, it’s the perfect weather to get outside for a brisk walk, jog or bike ride.

To keep our weekend schedules similar to the past, we’ll be offering multiple workouts options, kids’ classes AND yoga!!!!  We’ll do some variations on times and style of each (of course) but we’re let’s try to keep to our ‘normal’ schedule as much as possible!

Here’s the schedule for the weekend:

  • At 9am there will be a trail run in Patapsco!  Remember to respect the space of your fellow Covies and the others that will be on the trail.  Location is  Landing Road and Montgomery Road.  (Side parking, No entrance FYI)
  • Early risers can work out with Madison and Daniel on the pre-recorded workout below.  As always, it’s challenging and fun, and can be done with a variety of equipment. LINK TO VIDEO IS HERE
  • At 11am will be running a “CrossFit Family” class.  This is meant to be partner-style workout that parents can do with their kids.  We know our little fire-breathers will be missing Cove Kids’ classes, so let’s give them a virtual experience like we’ve been having!  We will post any equipment needs/recommendations by the morning.
  • At NOON you can ZOOM with Coach Brian and hit a group workout virtually.  Use the link HERE to connect prior to class and join in the fun.  Today’s workout was amazing with great participation — and it is so motivating to work out with you all at the same time!
  • On Sunday we will be doing our regular 9am YOGA WITH KATIE!  We’ll be streaming it on FB Live in the Cove Club, so we hope to ‘see’ you all then!





Backpack Squat Cleans
Backpack-Facing Burpee Jumpovers

Time Cap: 10 minutes

*You can use dumbbells or barbell if available, same rep scheme

Fx: 75/55
P: 115/75
O: 135/95



Odd minutes: max shoulder taps for :30sec (piked or handstand)
Even minutes: max shoulder press :30 sec (with backpack or dumbbells)


Happy 13th birthday to Tom Anglim (not to be confused with ‘slightly older than 13’ Tom Anglin!). 

Oh, and hi Simone.



We never thought we’d be laughing as hard during a time like this like as we did today.  From Alea’s “hello, FaceBook, can anyone hear me?!” to Maria’s Happy Hour Turkish Get Up Challenge (and Josh’s 12oz prescription for the ladies and 16oz for the boys), finding lightness at at time like this is a real gift.  Thank you. And keep those kinds of gifts coming!

As you saw today, we are eliminating the daily meet-up workouts from the schedule. Following Gov. Hogan’s announcement and mandate that groups stay to less than 10, it’s just the right thing to do (even if we have less than ten).  We all want to play our part in solving this crisis!

However, we know that many of you are seeking relief from isolation and stress by going on runs, hikes or bike rides — and that is just AWESOME.  Being outside with a friend or family member is chicken soup for the soul! We know we are a bit of schlep from Columbia, but we have a few kayaks and stand up paddle boards for when the weather gets warmer (hopefully in a week or so).  Again, we are NOT looking to substitute a group workout with a group kayak outing per se — rather we are offering you a bit of nature, on the water and clearly MANY feet apart in the coming weeks.  We have three adult sized kayaks and 2 junior ones (which comfortably most people 5’5″ or under). If there is interest we can create a sign-up sheet to organize times. Ping me directly at marina@crossfitcove.come if there is interest and we’ll get the boats in the water soon!


Tomorrow we have a great workout coached by Coach Josh (see video below).  Keep an eye out for a few easter eggs in this video too!  And as usual, we’ll do a Zoom workout.  Friday’s Zoom workout will be at NOON with Coach Marina:  https://zoom.us/j/687582687



(Corona No Partner WOD)

2 Rounds

70 Front Rack Lunges (wear the backpack in front of you)
70 Backpack Deadlifts (hold the backpack on the top and bottom)
40 Backpack Shoulder to Overhead

Buy-Out: 300 DU (or 500 SU)

Time Cap: 18 min

Coach Josh also will be demonstrating a variety of options using different types of equipment, including backpack, single dumbbell, and double dumbbells. Enjoy his video with a couple of fun easter eggs in it.

We don’t have to be close to share moments!  

March 19th, 2020


We can’t tell you how many calls and emails we’ve gotten saying how much the workouts, posts and photos are keeping people connected and sane. Once again, this community is taking care of each other in ways we never thought possible.  It’s simply amazing.

ALL of this is possible because of you.  You have agreed to continue to support us (not just by posting and sharing laughs) but financially keeping us alive during this crazy time.  In the last 24 hours we had members reach out to us that had been on hold saying they want to come back.  That they want us to be part of their lives long term, and if it means helping now, they insist.  We’ve been emotional for a long time now, but this was so overwhelming — but in the BEST way.  This will allow us to not only pay the bills that will continue to come in regardless of closure, it helps protect us so we can be here when this is all over.  We PROMISE to pay it back to you in spades.  Yes, with unwavering support and unrivaled community, but with upping our game in any way we can.  We promise we will make it up to you somehow.

Tomorrow we continue with another day with lots of ways to stay connected and to get fit!!!!  Here are your choices!

  1. Watch and do the pre-recorded workout with Coach Katie (see below).  Thanks to a great suggestion by Meredith, we have added closed-captioning to the YouTube version (just press the “CC” button!
  2. Tomorrow’s ZOOM broadcasted class (meaning, one you can log into and participate LIVE) will be at 9:30am with Coach Maria!  This workout will also be archived so we you can replay it at any time.
  3. We will be doing another meet-up at NOON Cypressmede Park.  The schools have closed their facilities so we are moving to a restricted use park.  We should be easily be able to run and finish the workout six feet apart!  Bring water and a yoga mat!  The address is 3100 Fawnwood Dr, Ellicott City, MD 21042  https://maps.app.goo.gl/g3fwm8DgWttbq4bW6



1 mile run

50 V-ups

50 Burpees

*If Equipment is available: sub out V-ups for any of the following:
50 TTB or 50 Hanging Knee Raises


3 rounds

15 reverse snow angels

6 Pushup into Down Dog


Today’s workout with Coach Katie



It’s certainly not the same, but it was AMAZING to see so many of your faces online working out (whether on your own, at the Zoom session or outside at the track!).  And we want to see how you’re using all that borrowed equipment. The kettlebell rack is bare and there are a sad few dumbbells left behind (shockingly, the 70’s. ha!).  But tomorrow we’ve got some great options planned again:

  1. The pre-recorded workout with Coach Brian is below.  Hot off the presses (finished this evening), it’s a bit dark out.  But hopefully the 5:30am people will feel like it’s just before sunrise.  THIS WILL BE POSTED MOMENTARILY.
  2. Tomorrow’s ZOOM broadcasted class (meaning, one you can log into and participate LIVE) will be at 6:30am.  We will be rotating the time of day the ‘live’ classes air to match up with class times.
  3. We will be doing another meet up at Wilde Lake HS at 12:30pm.  That’s 12:30, not noon!  We’ll do the day’s workout plus some other endurance work we have schemed up! The school is located at 5460 Trumpeter Rd, Columbia, MD 21044 so bring water and a yoga mat if you have one.  The field is turf and has those little rubber pellets as a base.  A yoga mat will just help keep them off you as you sweat!


It’s been a whirlwind day, but we couldn’t be more appreciate of this amazing community and your support.  We’ll be working through a lot over the next days and weeks, but wanted to share some thoughts and immediate plans with you all.  Keeping Covies together (socially connected and physically active) is our priority right now and we’ve got some fun things to keep you busy.  Oh, and if  you are not on FaceBook, we strongly urge you to create and account to stay better connected.  The private FaceBook group “The Cove Club” will be an important communication tool for our community:

  1.  We will be releasing a pre-recorded video version of Tuesday’s home workout tonight. It will be a fully coached class with all your favorite things (intro, warm up, WOD and cool down!). It will be on our Facebook feed and YouTube channel and our first class will be led by Coach Daniel  and Coach Madison!  Come back to this page or to the Cove Club for links!  This is so you can do the day’s WOD at any time convenient to you.  All workouts will be in Wodify so enter your scores!

2. We also will be having a virtual ZOOM class each day. We will be sending out a link and password soon as well. We like these virtual ZOOM classes because everyone can share in the experience with each other — and there’s nothing like sweating it out with a fellow Covie ‘live’!

3. Whenever weather (or law) permits, we’ll be doing an outdoor workout!  It’s supposed to be a beautiful day, so let’s go outside, breathe in the fresh air and sweat it out at an appropriate six foot distance from each other 😉  



10 Odd: Hold weighted backpack at shoulder level for :30 sec

Evens: :30s handstand hold

Fx: hold in piked position as inverted as possible



10 rounds

8/6 Pushups

12 Jumping Air Squats

Time Cap: 16 min

Fx: Kneeling Push-up