Daily WOD

Saturday 12/1/2018



For time:


Dumbbell Thrusters



Rest 3 minutes



Hang DB Squat Clean



Fitness- 25/20, Ring Rows

Performace- 35/25

Open- 50/35, C2B, GHD Situps


P/PP Mods:

Sub L-Sit plate raises for GHDs

Optional clean into squat (break up movement, versus full clean – can omit squat if necessary)


Coach’s Tip:  Throwing the DBs in the mix for today.  These movements require a lot of coordination and stability to move the DBs efficiently at the same time so this is a great day to work on that.


Axel is a pro on the GHD!

Friday 11/30/2918



24 min AMRAP:

4 Rope Climbs


200 Double Unders

40 Slam Balls


P/PP Mods:

Sub rope pulls (w/ KB) for rope climbs

Sub Russian KB swings or wall balls for Devil Press

Sub KB snatch for SDLHP (unless belly doesn’t get in the way)

Sub 30 second bike for every set of 50 doubles


Coach’s Tip:  Got a great mix of movements for you all today!  Break up movements however you want and play to your strengths.


Reminder that our next CrossFit Family class is this Sunday at NOON!

Thursday 11/29/2018



EMOM for 4 minutes- 1 Snatch from the High Hang (mid thigh or above)

EMOM for 4 minutes- 1 Snatch from the Low Hang (just above the knee)

EMOM for 4 minutes- 1 Squat Snatch

*athletes choice of Power of Squat variation
*increase weight as desired


P/PP Mods:

EMOM 4- 12 Alt DB snatch

EMOM 4- 12 DB thrusters (light weight, stack ribs over hips in OH position)

EMOM 4- 12 Goblet squats




4 Rounds for Time:

300/200 M Row

18 Burpees

6 Snatch


*15 minute time cap


Fitness: 10 snatches 75/55

Performance: 135/95

Open: 155/105 (squat snatch)


P/PP Mods:

Focus on position during row, avoid leaning back too much / avoid coning of abs

Modified / box burpees

Sub DB hang snatch (4/side – 8 total)


Coach’s Tip:  Great skill work and plenty of time to work on the different positions of the Snatch.  The time cap for the metcon can be aggressive for some so make sure you keep pace with the burpees.


Carlos S with a great catch position of the Snatch



Today we celebrate one of the Cove’s favorite couples, RoCarla and Warren T.!  Both have made such incredible gains in strength, speed and stamina that the coaches AND their fellow athletes alike, are in awe.


Unlike most other couples here at the Cove, it is not their ‘date night’ place.  “We actually never work out together, Warren says. “And we certainly don’t do partner WODs.  I don’t want my wife to see me struggling!”.  But despite the fact they are on different schedules, CrossFit and the Cove have become big topics of discussion at home.  “ Even though we never take classes together, we talk about it ALL the time.  We’ll go over the workout the night before or when I’m ready to come in later that day, he tells me what to expect.”


These two big personalities have a chemistry that is palpable, but he gives her all the credit. “RoCarla is the star of any show. Everything that is good in my life she has either lead me too, pushed me too, inspired me to become, or gave to me.”


They met with they were fresh out of the military (her Army, him Navy).  Despite the inherent rivalry, they worked together and met during their employment orientation.  “I wanted to ask her out as soon as I saw her.  I scoped out the times she got up, where she got her coffee and when she went to dinner.  I always say ‘fortune favors the bold’.  I got her in the elevator and asked if she wanted to have a drink with me.  Not sure if it was because she was stuck in an elevator with me, but she said yes.  And even after she kept me waiting for a long time at that bar, I was just happy she showed up.”  They had their first ‘real date’ in DC (at the Lincoln Memorial).  Despite his attempts to impress her from the onset, she was playing hard to get.  “ He was such a goofball.”  “I even ducked his first kiss.”  But this was the beginning of their amazing – and funny – and forever — story.


She was living with her parents trying to buy a house.  “I told my mom about the date.  I told her I met a great guy, he lives in Virginia.  He’s nice. He’s respectful.  He likes his mom.  He has ambition.  He’s got a good job.  So why hasn’t he called me yet?!”  How does he not call me?!”.   But he did.  And every day after that they talked for hours.  It resulted in him moving up here (after some not-so-subtle nudging) and starting a new life together. Sorta.


“Ro was recalled after she left the Army (she was still in active reserve) right as I was planning to move up here.  Just as I was working on moving and all the job logistics she got the notice for 404 days.  I had to put the ring on her.  I made a plan.  I planned to go back to the Lincoln memorial to propose.  But weather was not in our favor that day but as I said, fortune favors the bold!  I decided to it right then.  Just as she was about to attack a colony”. (yes, she was playing a video game).


She served, he settled into his new home and life began together (albeit 404 days after they expected).  They got married, had two beautiful daughters and on paper everything was great.  But it wasn’t. “After the babies, I suffered from post partum depression. I didn’t even know I had it.  After Warren and the kids went to bed I’d get out of bed and binge eat and watch trash TV. I’d get two warmed cookies and a Machhioto from Starbucks every day and think it was okay.  I was eating 2,000 calories a day just at Starbucks!  And I was teaching those kids my bad habits.  It took a long time to realize it was actually post-partum depression.  I was angry and sad and didn’t know why.  Sometimes you blame or think it’s your spouse or something is wrong with the relationship, but he was wonderful the whole time.  In fact, he was the one who told me I was depressed.  I couldn’t even see it myself. “


“I was like “I have to get better”.  I took more time for myself. Started going to church.  I gained a lot of weight and it wasn’t coming off.  I remember had to go to Warren’s work Christmas party.  I must’ve but on six outfits and none looked good on me.  Everything needed to change.” Getting her mind right was the priority, but they knew healthy bodies would help with a healthy mind.  Warren grew up as a chunky kid and knew the impact that it has on the body AND mind. 


Warren:  “I hit 200 pounds when I was TEN years old. I wrestled heavy weight as a kid; I was heavy, but I could move. But when I hit my teenage years everyone else got taller and stronger and I didn’t.  In 8th grade I started lifting with the high school football team and started learning about weights.   That’s where I got hooked on the barbell.  I was stronger than I thought I was and started dropping weight in 9th grade. I learned what a calorie was in 10th grade and I was still 200 at 17, but it was a very different 200.  I went to the Navy, and lived most of my young adult life fit.   But then we got married, had a family and I started getting bored. I still did some running and light lifting, but the weight room felt like a stranger. 


RoCarla came to the Cove through the Fresh Start Challenge.  It was the exact change she was looking for.  She is a natural athlete and was always super fit playing basketball in high school and receiving the highest PT score when in the Army.  She could do more push ups, sit ups and could run faster than than all the guys – but lost that part of her.  She wanted it back.  And so did he.


Since starting at the Cove, RoCarla is down over 30 pounds and is back to her strong and confident self.  She’s in a great headspace and has seemingly found the balance she was missing.  And the same is true for Warren. “I can walk into the gym and not feel like a stranger.  I always thought of the gym as ‘my house’.  I finally feel at home again.  The atmosphere is so conducive to getting work done.  I’m not one of the guys that can blow my own sail; I need external stimulus.  I learned I lifted weights wrong a lot of years.  The coaches teach me the right way to do it and correct my form and now I’m hitting 485 on a deadlift.”


Warren said, “I found the Cove to be an environment that provides me with all the tools I need to reach my full physical potential. Football let me know how strong I can be. The Navy taught me that I am only limited by how hard I want to work. The Cove is the place I can put all that together.”


It’s a family experience too.  She says “The kids get excited for us to work out.”  In addition to telling their parents to “send it” regularly, “They tell us ‘you need to eat more protein mommy.  They love it here.  The first thing they do when they get here is grab a PVC pipe!”.


They’re fit.  They’re having fun. Oh, and they LOOK great too.  Ro chimes in “I feel great.  I’m wearing jeans that are two sizes smaller now.  And Warren keeps saying “you look GOOD in those jeans!  We just love seeing the changes in each other’s physiques.  It’s amazing.”  

As he so beautifully states, “The Cove is the place where we share in an experience, and the Cove has made us a happier couple. We love the time we can spend at the Cove just being ourselves and not the roles we serve.”


“We want to convey our heart felt admiration and appreciation for the entire Cove community. We have never been surrounded by so many exceptional people in our entire lives. I can’t relate how it feels to have those same exceptional people talk with me and be kind to me. I always muse that if I had to colonize another planet I would start at the Cove.”




Front Squat

6 @ 70%

6 @ 70%

6 @ 75%

6 @ 75%-80%

6 @ 80%-85%


P/PP Mods:

Modify percentages as needed – do not exceed 75% of previous 1 RM
Optional squat to box




For time:

1/1/1, 2/2/2, 3/3/3…10/10/10 reps of

Hang Power Cleans

Front Rack Lunges (ea leg)



*15 min time cap


Fitness- 95/65

Performance- 115/80

Open- 135/95


P/PP Mods:

Sub DB hang cleans for barbell cleans

Optional unweighted lunges or DB lunges (hold at either side versus front rack)

Sub slam balls for T2B


Coach’s Tip:  Same Front Squat sequence as last week, working on some volume and consistency with squatting.  The metcon works as follows- do 1 HPC, 1 Front Rack Lunge (L), 1 Front Rack Lunge (R), 1 T2B. Then on to 2 of each, 3 of each, etc.  Lots of transitions so pick a weight you can hang on to from the HPCs to the Lunges.


The only class they’ve attended together is a KID’S CLASS!

Double Metcon


For time:



Box Jumps

*9 min time cap

Fitness: 205/135 (20/18)

Performance: 275/165 (24/20)

Open: 315/225 (30/24)

P/PP Mods:

Optional sumo DL set up

Athlete’s Choice: Sub Russian KB swings for box jumps or Box Step ups / Side steps

Rest 5 min



__ Ring Dips

__ Push ups

20/15 Assault Bike Assault Bike Cals

Rest ~2 minutes

Not scored

*15 min to complete

Fitness- 8 Box Dips/ 12 Pushups

Performance- 9 Ring Dips/12 Pushups

Open- 12 Ring Dips/15 Pushups


 P/PP Mods:

Sub box dips for ring dips – if coning, sub DB tricep kick backs

Box / inclined push ups

Modify bike cals if needed

Coach’s Tip:  Today we have a pair of metcons  with a short rest between. The first workout should be a sprint of deadlifts and box jumps. Pick a weight that you can move quickly (you should be able to handle 10 reps easily) and ensure you are keeping your back in a good position and moving at the hips. After those deadlifts really focus on being explosive with your box jumps. That first box jump after deadlifts is a challenge.

Workout two is going to really tax your pressing muscles as we pair dips and push ups. Focus on good position  of  the shoulders and a tight plank with those push ups. Once you complete the dips push ups, it’s full out attack on the assault bike. You will get  two glorious minutes of rest when done.

This guy is pumped for Tuesday’s assault bike sprints!





Thank you so much to everyone for responding to the Cove Survey (and Coach’s Surveys!).  The feedback we have received is INVALUABLE and we look forward to sharing the results — and future changes — in the coming weeks.  With your inputs, we are more than confident we can make this place exceptional in every way. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!




Back Squats


75% of 1 RM Across 



___ Doubles 

20 Alt DB Snatch 

One Max Set of Unbroken Pull ups

5 Rounds 

15 Min Time Cap 


Fitness: (100 Singles), J-hook Pullups, 35/25 DB

Performance: 50 Doubles, 50/35 DB

Open: 75 Doubles, C2B Pullups, 50/35 DB

P/PP Mods:

DB snatch from the hang

Rope waves for doubles

Ring rows for pull-ups


Coach’s Tip:  We are several weeks into the strength cycle, and today’s strength should build on the good technique and speed you have been developing on the squat.  Today we attack the classic 5×5 rep scheme with a moderate weight.  BUT it should heavy as you reach the last two sets. Don’t rush the sets, rather mobilize and stretch in between to avoid the desire to get to the bar quickly. For the Metcon, you’ll want to use your rest strategically here as there is none build into the WOD.  This is one where you have to know your strengths or limitations to maximize the pull ups.  If Doubles are your “rest”, you should be able to minimize rest between the snatches and your pull ups.  If doubles are a challenge, take a few seconds to regroup before your pull ups so you can really maximize the unbroken pull up volume.   Score = Total time to complete the workout (with total number of pull ups in the comments section).


Kyle moving the D-Ball like a boss…






Don’t let the weather get you down. Take advantage of open gym. Row, workout, stretch, or just relax.

Open gym will close promptly at noon for the CrossFit Family class.

  For those of you looking to workout, avoid the following (Monday’s WOD!)


Back Squats
75% of 1 RM Across


___ Doubles
20 Alt DB Snatch
One Max Set of Unbroken Pull ups
5 Rounds
15 min Time Cap
Fitness: (100 Singles)  12 Seated Barbell Rows
Performance: 50 Doubles
Open: 75 Doubles (Chest to Bar)




We are back to a regular schedule starting tomorrow, so we look forward to seeing everyone get after it!  A quick reminder that family class will run on SUNDAY at NOON!


Thank you to everyone who took the time to give such amazing feedback thus far.  We have over 60 surveys in and we are so grateful for your thoughtful and candid feedback.  We will be closing the survey at NOON on Sunday to begin a deep dive into the analytics, so please please fill it out if if you haven’t yet.  We rely on your inputs to make decisions about how to make this place the best it can be, so let your voice be heard!  Thanks in advance!

Cove General Survey 

Coach Marina

Coach Katie 

Coach Holden 

Coach Brittany 

Coach Daniel

Coach Josh

Coach Madison

Coach John

Coach Maria




Sumo Deadlift (with a 2 second pause at the knee)

3/3/3 at 70% of 1 RM

3/3/3 at 80% of 1 RM


P/PP Mods:

Can omit pause

Double OH grip

Avoid breath-holding

Lift & lower (no dropping bar at the top)




15 min AMRAP:

2 Rope Climbs

400 M Run

10 Overhead Squats


Fitness: Front Squats (95/65)

Performance: (95/65)

Open: (95/65- Squat Snatch)


P/PP Mods:

Sub sled drag for rope climb

Sub 400m row for run

OH squats from rack or optional goblet squats


Coach’s Tip:  Sumo Deadlifts with a pause to help with some posterior chain accessory work.  Based on how you are feeling from the week (lots of deadlifts on Wednesday) you may adjust the percentages.  The weight on the bar should be something you can move QUICKLY and in big sets.



We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and for those who are looking to burn some turkey and gravey. off we have two classes tomorrow. Please come join us for either the noon for 4:30 PM class. There is no sitter coverage for those classes.


We are beyond grateful each of you chooses to spend your time with us, and more than anything, we want to deliver than ‘the best hour of your day’ each time you step through those doors.

We receive real-time feedback from so many of you every  day, but once a year we try to solicit feedback from EVERYONE in the form of a gym survey.  In an effort to create the best gym for you and your fellow athletes we would love to get some critical and candid feedback.  We have developed a survey that asks a broad range of questions from class schedules to gym culture.  This survey should only take 5-10 minutes (maybe 12 if you have a lot to add in the open ended questions).  We have also included individual coach’s surveys as each of us strives to grow better at our craft every day.  We want to know what you love and what we need to work on.  This will likely take 2-3 minutes per coach, but if you are watching football or taking breaks between turkey legs, PLEASE fill them out!  Your honest feedback is critical (the good, bad and ugly!), so this survey is ENTIRELY anonymous.  If we are going to grow and keep the interests of our members at the forefront, want to know it ALL.  We look forward to diving into all the feedback right after the holidays, so please fill it out as soon as possible!  Thank you advance for your time AND constructive feedback!

Cove General Survey 

Coach Brian 

Coach Marina

Coach Katie 

Coach Holden 

Coach Brittany 

Coach Daniel

Coach Josh

Coach Madison

Coach John

Coach Maria




Minutes 0-8

80 Burpee Box Jumps

Max Rounds of Cindy


Minutes 8-16

100/80 Cals on the Rower

Max Rounds of Cindy


Minutes 16-24

100 KB Swings

Max Rounds of Cindy


*Cindy = 5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Air Squats


Fitness 20”18” Box, 35/26 KB

Performance 24”/20” Box, 53/35 KB

Open 24”/20” Box, 70/53 KB


P/PP Mods:

Sub box burpee w/ step up or air squat (athlete’s preference)

Mod cals as needed

Sub Russian KB swings


Preggo Cindy:

5 ring rows

10 incline push ups

15 air squats


Coach’s Tip:  Another big metcon today to work off the Thanksgiving calories.  There is some required work in each segment followed by max effort work for the rest of the segment.  Only 1 partner works at a time so play to each others strengths.


Axel R brings the intensity with everything he does!



We don’t need a special day to reflect us of how lucky we are, but it’s a great reminder that we probably don’t say it often enough to each of you.  WE ARE SO GRATEFUL TO EACH AND EVERY PERSON FOR MAKING THIS PLACE SO SPECIAL.  To our coaches who give so much to this place and to each of us — and to our amazing athletes who keep us driven and inspired to do better and better every day.  THANK YOU.

  We hope you take a moment to appreciate your good health and celebrate your accomplishments both here at the box — and in your day to day life.  Good health. Great people.  We couldn’t ask for more.

Remember that we only have two classes on Thanksgiving (9a and 10a) so come on in and get that metabolism revved for the damage we’ll do later that day.


  • THURSDAY (THANKSGIVING DAY):  9am and 10am.  We’ll open the gym for two classes only so you can sweat it out before all of that food!  No sitter coverage.
  • FRIDAY: Noon and 4:30 PM. No sitter coverage.
  • SATURDAY:  Regular schedule. Sitter coverage 9a per usual.
  • SUNDAY:  Regular Open Gym 9a-Noon



Yes, it’s BAAAACK!  This challenge has been so much fun the last few years we are doing it again.  Here’s how it works:
You have the day AFTER Thanksgiving until December 31st to accumulate 100,000 M on the Erg (rower) OR hit 1,000 Calories on the bike!  You can even do a hybrid challenge of 500 cals on the assault bike and 50,000 K on the rower. All you need to do to complete these challenges is hit those numbers by December 31, 2018.

Completing any of these challenges is demanding but very doable with consistent gym attendance. And this is why we do these challenges during this time of year, with the weather and social demands of the holiday season it’s hard to make it into the gym.  Challenging yourself to hit these numbers gives you a little extra motivation to make it in.

What do I need to do to sign up?  Not a thing!  Just slap your name on the front Whiteboard under Row/Ride challenge and you are in!  You can do the math on your own, but it is a healthy amount of volume per day (average of 2,700 per day on the rower, for example). You can chip in any increments you’d like.  Any rowing or biking we do in WODs or warm ups counts to your total.  Your only requirement is to update your total meters on the whiteboard as you make progress.  If there is rowing or riding in a class and you have come to get some meters in… sorry but the class takes precedence.  Of course if there’s a machine open, you are welcome to hop on!
Why are doing this? Because strength doesn’t come from what you can do. Strength comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t. And a little extra work over the holiday does a body good.



These have been a huge hit with parents and kids alike!  It’s a great way to not only bond with your child, but to create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.  As a reminder, these workouts are designed as “partner WODs” where you work out with your child.  If you have more than one child, that’s ok… we can work in teams of three (or feel free to bring another adult partner).  We typically do fun warmups, some skill work, a work out and a game.  While you will get a sweat in, it won’t come with the same “pain cave” feeling of a regular METCON. Ideal ages for our ‘lil beasts is 5 – 10… but if you think your older or younger one will enjoy it, great!  Since it is Partner WOD, you’ll be able to assist (or challenge) your child as appropriate for THEM! If you are uncertain if it’s right for you or your child, just ask!

  • SUNDAY 11/25: Noon
  • SUNDAY 12/2:  Noon
  • SUNDAY 12/9:  Noon




For time:

25/18 Cal Row

25 Strict Press

25 Toes to Bar


Rest 2 minutes


25/18 Cal bike

25 Push Press

25 Toes to Bar


Rest 2 minutes


25/18 Cal row

25 Push Jerk

25 Toes to Bar


Fitness: 45/35 (95/65) (115/75)

Performance: 95/65 (135/95) (155/105)

Open: 115/75 (135/95) (175/115)


P/PP Mods:

Modify cals as needed

Push jerk (or push press) from rack – or w/ DBs

Sub slam balls for T2B


Coach’s Tip:  Big metcon today for Thanksgiving.  Come in, work hard, and go home to eat!  Lots of shoulder work so make sure you stretch afterward.


Together, we row!