Daily WOD


It’s Halloween so come in dressed to impress!  The more ridiculous the better.  It is a FUN day at the Cove so come dressed up (or just show up) and we’ll get weird!




“Swinging with Skeletons”

For time:
15 C2B Pull Ups
1000m Row
15 C2B Pull Ups
600m Row
15 C2B Pull Ups
300m Row

Time cap: 12 min




EMOM for 10 min:
Odd- 12/9 cals bike
Even- Muscle Up Work

Fx- 8 Ring Rows
P- 5 Bar or Ring MUs
o- 5 Ring MU


Coach’s Tip: We haven’t seen Pull Ups, Rowing, or Muscle-Ups in the Open yet.  Come in to get some skill work for those movements and a sweat with the METCON.  And get it?! Skeleton = boatframe = row and Swinging = kipping = CTB.  Spooky!


We have passed the have waypoint of the Open and it has been flying by with some fantastic tests of fitness. It has been an Open filled with challenges, surprises, and huge breakthroughs.

As far as the team scoring the Team Blue Balls and Barbells was able to take the win this week. They are not only good at working out but great at hydrating. Shout out to Hasaan for winning the Friday Night Faceoff and we look forward to week four’s faceoff and after-party.



For time:

50-30-10 reps of-

Wall Balls

Burpees to a target


Time Cap: 14 min


Fx: 14/10#

P/O: 20/14#




30/24 Calorie Bike

30 Burpee Box Jumpovers


Time Cap: 9 min


Fx: 20/18″

P/O: 24/20″


Coach’s Tip: Come if you dare….

Healthy Habits for the Holidays Challenge

The holidays are fast approaching.  We have Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years (and Halloween) all coming up.  This can turn into a time when athletes tend to fall off the fitness and nutrition wagon and a lot of progress can be nullified in a short amount of time.  One of the keys to success for staying on the fitness and nutrition bandwagon- consistency.

How do you improve consistency?  Through healthy habit formation!

Join us for a 5-week Healthy Habits for the Holidays Challenge to help get some ideas on how to form habits, execute those habits, and continue with those habits weeks, months, and years from now.

Healthy Habits for the Holidays Challenge

What:  A 5-week challenge that works on building sustainable healthy nutritional and activity-based habits so that during the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) you will have a solid foundation of knowledge and actionable habits to incorporate and stay on your health and fitness track.

When: November 18th -December 20th

How:  Each week, participants will be given nutritional and fitness habits to incorporate into their everyday lives and keep track of said habits (through a Google doc).  Each week, habits will be explained and support will be given through a private Facebook group.  Additional topics regarding nutrition and fitness will be presented and discussed each week as well (for example- how to approach eating and stay on track in a social setting, nutritional timing, dietary supplements, incorporating supplemental skill/strength work into your routine, etc).

The focus of this challenge isn’t necessarily a transformation of body composition but building healthy habits to survive the stressful holidays and get you on track heading into the New Year. Additional support will also be provided with a private facebook support group and with weekly habit worksheets.

Cost- $40

If you would like to sign up, just email us at info@crossfitcove.com.




16 minutes to find a heavy complex of:

1 Squat Snatch

1 Hang Squat Snatch

1 Overhead Squat




AMRAP in 12 min:

15 Overhead Squats

30 DU


Fx: 75/55, 2:1 Singles

P/O: 95/65


Coach’s Tip: Lots of time for mobility and skill work for Snatch/Overhead Squats.  Weights for the metcon should be something you can do unbroken or in 2 sets, no more.


You may have seen the Brownings (Josh,  Sarah, and Harper) the past couple of weeks at the gym and the rumors are true. They have moved back to the Columbia area and we are excited to announce that Coach Sarah will be working again at the Cove. Sarah has been doing CrossFit for over 10 years and has coached at CrossFit Oahu, CrossFit Kailua, and of course the Cove.  We are excited that we can lean on her vast amounts of experience to help provide a great class experience for everyone. For those that haven’t met Sarah you can find out more about her here.





EMOM for 8 min:

For 30s you can do one of the following:

– HS hold against wall or freestanding

– 8 HSPU (strict, kipping, w/ ab-mat)

– 8 Pike Pushups

– 3 wall walks



4 rounds-

20 Front Rack Lunges

20 Box Jumps

20 Shoulder to Overhead


Time Cap: 20 min


Fx: 75/55

P: 95/65

O: 115/75


Coach’s Tip: While HSPUs are fresh in the mind, let’s work on them.  Pick a modification that is challenging but you can complete full range of motion reps of.  Weights for metcon should be something you can do 10+ reps of at any time.


Coach Katie starting Halloween a little early




We will be doing a kids version of 20.3 for tomorrow’s Cove Kids class and in the spirit of Halloween, we are encouraging the kids to wear their Halloween costumes.

YOGA 8:15 AM

OPEN GYM 9 AM to Noon





For :30s you can do one of the following:

– HS hold against wall or freestanding

– 8 HSPU (strict, kipping, w/ ab-mat)

– 8 Pike Pushups

– 3 wall walks

Time Cap: 10 min


20 Front Rack Lunges

20 Box Jumps

20 Shoulder to Overhead

4 Rounds

Time Cap: 20 min

Fx: 75/55

P: 95/65

O: 115/75

Halloween is coming to the Cove

Saturday 10/26/2019



For time:

100 KB Swings

100 Pistols

100 Push Press

100 Burpees over your partner (in plank)

100 Power Clean


4 air squats = 1 pistol


Time Cap: 27 min


Fx: 35/25, 95/65

P: 53/35, 115/75

O: 70/53, 135/95


Coach’s Tip: Let’s flush out 20.3 with a tough but fun Partner WOD.  You can go as hard as you want or use it as some very active recovery and help get rid of some soreness.

OPEN 20.3!



The Open continues with week THREE and 20.3, and yet again and we’ve got tons of things happening to keep you rallying!  Here’s the what you can expect,  so please read carefully!


THURSDAY @ 8PM WORKOUT ONE WILL BE ANNOUNCED on games.crossfit.com. We will also post the workout on our blog/website as soon as it is released,  so continue your habit of reading this post regardless!


FRIDAY’S WORKOUT WILL BE THE OPEN WORKOUT.  As you now know, even if you didn’t sign up the Open, if you come on Fridays, you’ll be doing it anyway!  These classes are run slightly differently than normal (we still warm up and get ready together,  but we take turns judging each other as many of us need a judge to submit a score.).  Please note if  you did not sign up OFFICIALLY for the Open, you don’t NEED a judge.  But if you want to see what it feels like, we can typically make that happen!


FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS KICKS OFF AT 5:30PM WITH THE TEAM “FACE OFF’! One representative of each team will kick off the night with an epic throw down.  This Friday’s event will call for one MALE from each team to represent in a MEN’S SCALED heat.  Just like last Friday, it will be an exciting way to kick off the night and get everyone energized.  We will run rolling heats after that until we are all done!


AFTER PARTY AT BLACK FLAG.  Once the last heat wraps, we’ll head right over to BLACK FLAG for some ‘After Open’ libations.  Friends are welcome of course!  It’s super casual there, so go straight there in your cute CrossFit gear and throw some back!


WORKOUT 20.3 (is 18.4)

For time:
21 deadlifts, 225 lb.
21 handstand push-ups
15 deadlifts, 225 lb.
15 handstand push-ups
9 deadlifts, 225 lb.
9 handstand push-ups
21 deadlifts, 315 lb.
50-ft. handstand walk
15 deadlifts, 315 lb.
50-ft. handstand walk
9 deadlifts, 315 lb.
50-ft. handstand walk

Time cap: 9 min.

Rx’d: (Ages 16-54) Men deadlift 225 lb. then 315 lb. Women deadlift 155 lb. then 205 lb.
Scaled: (Ages 16-54) Men deadlift 135 lb. and perform hand-release push-ups, then deadlift 185 lb. and bear craw Women deadlift 95 lb. and perform hand-release push-ups, then deadlift 135 lb. and bear crawl
Teenagers 14-15: Boys deadlift 135 lb. then 185 lb. Girls deadlift 95 lb. then 135 lb.
Scaled Teenagers 14-15: Boys deadlift 75 lb. and perform hand-release push-ups, then deadlift 95 lb. and bear crawl Girls deadlift 55 lb. and perform hand-release push-ups, then deadlift 75 lb. and bear crawl
Masters 55+: Men deadlift 185 lb. and push press 95 lb., then deadlift 255 lb. and perform sets of 10 handstand push-ups in place of handstand walks Women deadlift 125 lb. and push press 65 lb., then deadlift 165 lb. and perform sets of 10 handstand push-ups in place of handstand walks
Scaled Masters 55+: Men deadlift 115 lb. and perform hand-release knee push-ups, then deadlift 155 lb. and bear crawl Women deadlift 80 lb. and perform hand-release knee push-ups, then deadlift 105 lb. and bear crawl

Thursday 10/24/2019



EMOM for 24 min:

1: 50 DU

2: 14 Box Jumps

3: 4 Dball over the shoulder

4: 12 Deadlifts

5: 12/9 Calorie Bike

6: Rest


Fx: 75 Singles, 20/18″, 50/30, 115/75

P: 24/20″, 70/50, 155/105

O: 24/20″, 100/70, 185/125


Coach’s Tip: Getting ready for the Open 20.3 workouts  If you are doing the Open and want to get some active recovery, go lighter with the weights than you normally work and just move around.  If you are not doing the Open, go all out.




Two weeks down and the Open is just flying by.  The workouts have been challenging, humbling, and the word on the street is that people are actually feeling prepared for these workouts based on the training we do every day at the Cove —  a huge testament to the genius (and sometimes evil) design of Coach Daniel’s programming.

As you  know, we based the points for Week 2 on athlete participation, judging,  mobility and the Friday Face Off.  After all the points were tallied, we are thrilled to announce the winner of week two the ALLIE CATS. You guys are now in charge of selecting the next post-Open celebration spot. MEOW!

Here’s the fearless leader of the “Allie Cats” poised to take on yet another set of TTB in 20.2 





Every 90 seconds for 12 min:

2 Back Squats

*Build up in weight




For time:

21-15-9 reps of-


Lateral Burpees


Time Cap: 9 min


Fx: 75/55

P/O: 95/65

Coach’s Tip: Keeping the leg strength up with some heavy Back Squats.  For the metcon, Thrusters should be done in 2-3 sets (except set of 9…do that unbroken).

Natty Light is the drink of choice of the coaches

Tuesday 10/22/2019



“Open 14.4”


AMRAP in 14 min-

60 Calorie Row

50 TTB

40 Wall Balls

30 Power Cleans

20 Ring MU


Fx: 95/65, Hanging Leg Raise

P/O: 135/95




3 rounds-

15 Glute Ham Bridges

10 Weighted Good mornings

12 Jumping Lunges


Coach’s Tip: Getting a repeat in of an old Open workout.  Keep row at a good pace, keep T2B in 5-10 rep increments, Wall Balls in 2 sets, Power Cleans in singles.