Daily WOD


One of our favorite Cove events is coming up this Sunday, the Babes, Barbell, and Brunch.  We will be hitting a workout at 11, then having brunch immediately after. Electric skillets will be set up so we can make eggs, pancakes, waffles, sausage, whatever, while we sip on Mimosas, Bloody Marys, or your beverage of choice.  This is always a fun event that makes all the fellas jealous and is an awesome opportunity to get to know those fierce females you only ever see crushing it on WODIFY.
You can RSVP for the event here and here is a sign up sheet to note any item you might be bringing for the potluck.



EMOM in 20 min:

1: __ DB Thrusters

2: __ TTB

3: __ Rope Climbs

4: 8 Dball over the shoulder

5: Meditate


Fx: 25/15 DB-15 reps, 15 Hanging Leg Raise, 6 Rope Climb Scale, 50/30

P: 35/25 DB- 15 reps, 10 TTB, 2 Rope Climb, 70/50

O: 50/35 DB- 12 reps, 15 TTB, 1 legless + 2 regular RC, 100/70




Durante Core

4 rounds-

10 Hollow Rocks

10 V-ups

10 Tuck-ups

10 sec hollow hold


Coach Alea’s Tips: EMOMs are a great way to work on your recovery breathing and getting your heart rate down as much as possible before the next minute.  You should have some sort of rest at the end of each minute before the next movement.  If possible, go unbroken on your Thrusters and TTB.  If not, pick a scale or weight that you can do in no more than 2 sets.  Remember, you have a whole minute of rest at the end of each “round” so use that as a mental edge to push through the four movements.

Some of our “babes” from last year’s Babe’s Barbells and Brunch! Yes, we DO workout.  A lot. 

Then pour mimosas.  A LOT.

Wednesday 1/22/2020



AMRAP in 16 min:

24 Alternating DB Snatch

40′ Suitcase carry left arm

40′ Suitcase carry right arm

60 DU


Fx: 35/25, 2:1 Singles

P/O: 50/35




3 rounds-

15 Glute Ham Bridge

1:00 Wall-Sit w/ Dball of choice


Coach Holden’s Tips: 

“Your forearms are going to feel the biggest pump of your life after this one!  Sixteen minutes is a long time for this couplet (essentially) of DB snatches and DUs. Stay consistent on the snatches by focusing on bracing when pulling from the ground to protect your low back AND breathing at the top of the rep to recover. Also, remember to avoid gripping the rope too tight. No need to tax your forearms more than needed.
Make sure to grab a friend along with a heavy DBall when you start your accessory wallsits. Conversation will make the time flyyyyy by. Atlas stone = Rx++”




2020 has already been filled with some exciting changes, but we are beyond thrilled to announce that Coach Holden will be taking on an expanded role to help us run the Cove. We are still working on an official title for his role, but while it will include some operational support for Marina and I in running the back end of the gym, he will be focused on helping us to elevate the overall athlete experience at the Cove. Not only is he one of our most beloved Coaches, he’s been here for a long time and has seen the growth of the gym first-hand.  And more than anything, he understands and embraces the culture and community here fully.  We are excited to work with him (and all of you, of course) to bring this place to the next level.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to work with Holden often, he’s got an eye for nuance that is beyond compare.  He’s a master and helping athletes move better, challenge themselves and is always looking for ways for people to take their fitness (and skills) to the next level. The value he has already added to the Cove has been extraordinary.  And we can’t wait to see where he takes us next!



Every 90 second for 8 rounds (12 min):

1 Squat Clean

*Build as you please



“Tour de France Quads”

For time:

21-15-9 reps of-

Front Squat

Bike Cals


Time Cap: 12 min

Fx: 135/95

P: 165/115

O: 205/135


Coach Mattie’s Tips: “Grin and bear it!  Weights are heavy so break up to smaller reps. For example, 3 sets of 7 reps for first set of 21, then 3 sets of 5reps for second set of 15 then 3 reps for the third set of 9.  Because the reps are smaller drop the bar and immediately pick it back up and continue to kick some A$$.    Gain your time back on the Assaut Bike.  Pedal hard and fast for the first 10 seconds and the cals will come.  You will never know your Limits unless you push yourself to them. You got this Covies!”


Coach Holden doing what he does best…


Quarterly Goal Board & Babes, Barbell, and Brunch Sunday

It is the season the New Year’s resolutions and we are fans of goal setting as a crucial step in growth.  Part of our prescription of helping people achieve those goals is the quarterly goal board. Yearly goals are often too long-range to feel real and we have found success with our members trying to focus within a shorter time frame. By writing it on that board it becomes real and something that the whole community here at the Cove can support you with.  If you hit that goal before March 31st, be sure to check it off and you can build momentum off of that success. If you don’t make it, that’s fine. There is another quarter around the corner and hopefully, you will have learned something during the 1st quarter that after reflection

So take some time to think about what makes sense for you. If you are looking for some insight into how to set SMART goals be sure to check out Coach John’s article on goal setting. Once you have found something you are excited about then take that first big step of writing in on that quarterly goal whiteboard.  It’s the first part of making it a reality.

One of our favorite Cove events is coming up this Sunday, the Babes, Barbell, and Brunch.  We will be hitting a workout at 11, then having brunch immediately after. Electric skillets will be set up so we can make eggs, pancakes, waffles, sausage, whatever, while we sip on Mimosas, Bloody Marys, or your beverage of choice.  This is always a fun event that makes all the fellas jealous and is an awesome opportunity to get to know those fierce females you only ever see crushing it on WODIFY.
You can signup for the event here and here is a sheet to note any item you might be bringing for the event.


AMRAP in 30 min:

30 Pullups

30 Cal Row

30 Lateral Burpee over Bar

30 Power Snatch

30 Box Jumps

30′ HS Walk


Fx: 75/55, 20/18″, Ring Row, 30 Shoulder Taps

P: 95/65, 24/20″

O: 115/75, 24/20″, C2B


Coach Daniel’s Tips: This is definitely a longer workout and your goal is to make sure all of the movements you are doing are ones that you won’t get “stuck” by. Pick a snatch weight that is manageable for sets of 3-4 at least. Other than that, be very mindful of your pace. Don’t be a hero in the first 10 minutes of the workout; the goal is to keep a moderate pace and try to maintain that during the entire 30 minutes. Think of it as trying your best to turn into a human Toyota Prius.

One of our youngest members knocking off one of her goals!




There is no yoga today but we have Cove kids at 9 (ages 4-7) and 9:45 (ages 8-11) AM and as always open gym from 9 to noon. Yoga will return next week!


AMRAP in 30 min:

30 Pullups

30 Cal Row

30 Lateral Burpee over Bar

30 Power Snatch

30 Box Jumps

30′ HS Walk

Fx: 75/55, 20/18″, Ring Row, 30 Shoulder Taps

P: 95/65, 24/20″

O: 115/75, 24/20″, C2B



Saturday 1/18/2020



AMRAP in 18 min:

30 KB Swings

40 TTB

40 DBall Squats (DBall on shoulder)

30 Goblet Lunges

20 Ring MU


Fx: 35/25, Hanging Leg Raise, 30 Ring Row + 30 Hand Release Pushup, 50/30

P: 53/35, Bar MU Option, 70/50

O: 70/53, 100/70




3 rounds-

2 Turkish Getups each side w/ KB

8 Deficit KB Sumo Deadlift

(Stand on two 45# plates and let the KB touch the ground in between in a sumo stance)


Best Guest Coach Mike Condon’s Tips: 

Oh, hey there, I didn’t see you come in. Don’t mind me, it’s cool, I used to coach here so I’m just digging through the beer fridge and giving out sage advice for workouts. Where are your IPAs? Oh, thoughts on Saturday’s WOD? I thought you’d never ask!

Accessory: TGU are often forgotten about but are one of my favorite movements. Move through each of the positions with purpose and don’t rush through them. Keep that thumb pointed back towards your head and stare at the bottom of the KB throughout the entire movement to help with your balance. The KB Sumo DL will get your hamstrings & core ready for the WOD…

WOD: Scaling is your friend on this one and a lot of people are going to immediately overlook the T2B. 40 reps is typically what we see in the Open, so it’s not a number to mess around with. I would break those up into manageable sets, taking no more than 3-4 minutes to complete, and keep your kip tight as you start to fatigue. Your core will be lit up moving into the DBall squats (100 lbs? that’s literally insane, good luck on that Holden) and will get even more taxed so continue to brace. Actually, you should probably just skip over those, and the lunges too. Move on to the Ring MU, those are fun. It’s cool, just tell them Coach Mike gave you permission. You’ve done a lot of work to get to the 20 Ring MU, but your arms shouldn’t be too trashed. My philosophy is to go based on how you’re feeling at that point and do 1 less rep than you think would be to failure.

Channel your inner Dory as you go through…”just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” Taking too much rest on any one movement won’t leave you much time at the end. I think a handful of beasts will get through 1 round. After 18 minutes are up, crack open your favorite random IPA and celebrate. Thanks for letting me say hi, have fun with this one, and Coach Lyndsey & I miss you all! <3


Yep, that’s Coach Mike.  Clearly crop tops are recommended for today’s workout…



We are beyond excited to welcome Jason Float to the coaching team at the Cove.  For those of you who have gotten the chance to know him, he’s a great mover, so easy to get to know and such a great guy.  He also happens to be highly experienced in coaching CrossFit and we’re lucky to bring his experience and personality to you all!  And for those of you who haven’t met him yet, we know you’ll love getting to know him!  Here a bit more on his background and some fodder why he now calls the Cove a home away from home!


How did you find CrossFit?

I was visiting a PT for some back pain who suggested that I try out Krav, a self-defense martial art. At the time I was feeling like I was in decent shape but I noticed that was starting to change with some new pains, weight gain and pre-hypertension. After I had been doing Krav for a couple years I saw some crazy people throwing weights around and doing pull ups faster than I could believe. So I started CrossFit to improve my fight performance and have never looked back since. I started CrossFit in 2014 but it wasn’t until my daughter was born in 2016 that I really decided that I would get serious and make it to the gym consistently, start competing and changing my diet.


What do you love about CrossFit?
Community. Some of my best friends are people I’ve suffered through a WOD with. I love how CrossFit breaks down barriers and brings people together.
Intensity. I used to think I was working out hard until I found CrossFit. I love the intensity that CrossFit brings out of people. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to walk in a traditional gym again.
Competition. I may not come across as competitive, but man do I enjoy some friendly competition. I’ve worked out at a few different gyms in the area and love to compete with friends, in the open and at local comps. So if you ever want to throw down let me know!
Health. If I don’t workout for 24 hours I start to go a bit crazy and eventually my wife may end up kicking me out to go to the gym. CrossFit has helped me manage the stress of work and life and be healthier than I ever have been.


Why do you coach? 
Seeing someone go from not knowing where to put their hands on a barbell to getting a squat clean PR. I love that I get that chance share in that feeling with others. I want everyone to experience the things that made me come to love CrossFit. I’ve watched people have life-changing transformations: losing a ton of weight, gaining confidence, being able to run around with their kids, manage depression… all while having fun and making friends. It is life-changing work.


Where have you coached?
I’ve coached at CrossFit 10-10 (Krav Maga) here in Columbia (and have been a member at several boxes). I started coaching in July 2017.


What is your athletic background?
I love sports and running. I played football in high school and tennis at a division 3 college my freshman year. I also paid for most of my college by teaching tennis to little kids in Baltimore city. But don’t expect me to bring much to a tennis match these days!


Can you tell us more about your family life?
I have a 4 yr old and 7-month old who are a ton of fun. A big part of why we decided to join Cove was the family-oriented community. Family is a top priority for me and I also have a bit of a crazy job. So I maintain a work hard play hard attitude at CrossFit, work and home. We are also very passionate about foster care so we have an extended family of kids we’ve cared for. I’m sure at some point you’ll see some kids that don’t belong to us wandering around.




“31 Heroes”


On August 6, 2011, a tragedy shook the military community and Americans everywhere. In a single instance, America lost 30 military service members, many of whom were members of the Navy SEAL community—and one military K9– when a CH-47 Chinook helicopter, call sign Extortion 17, was downed in Afghanistan.  Today we honor them by remembering their sacrifices as we take on the Hero WOD “31 Heroes”.


AMRAP in 31 min:

8 Thrusters

6 Rope Climbs

11 Box Jumps

*Partners alternate 400m plate run


Fx: 95/65, 2:1 Rope Climb Scale, 20/18″, 25/15

P: 135/95, 24/20″, 35/25

O: 155/105, 30/24″, 45/25


Coach Marina’s Tips:   Come in prepared to work HARD today.  The thrusters are HEAVY and the box is TALL and oh, you run with weights!  There is no ‘rest’ in this workout — movement-wise or time-wise.  While your partner is running the 400, you are working at chipping away at those tough reps and when they come back in, you are running.  You are working for the full 31 minutes today, so this is more like a “Murph” approach vs. “Fran”.  They key to success for this workout being METHODICAL.  If you try to sprint though any of this workout, you’ll be left staring the bar or rope for long time getting no work done.  Grind through steadily and consistently.

For most people, the prescribed thruster weight of 155/105 is beastly, so scale to something that is heavy for YOU and can be done in small sets (even in three or four quick sets of 2-3). For me, that’s probably a 95# bar.  If they get ugly, I may even opt for quick clusters so I can drop the bar from overhead. Six rope climbs is a lot for any one person and takes a lot of time, so it is likely your transition will happen during that part of the rep scheme.  If you can, time runs so that one partner does half and the other comes in for relief, and it will feel much more manageable.  If your run takes over 3.5 minutes, consider lowering the weight you carry or shortening the distance to a 300.  Leaving your partner inside to work for six minutes means you really don’t like them.

Lastly, while we will warm you up, your shoulders (and core!) are going to do a lot of work during this workout. Come in early, stretch and talk WOD strategy!

Thursday 1/16/2020



“No Grace Grace”


30 Clean and Jerks


*Any time you break your sets, you must first complete a 9/7 cal bike before proceeding


Time Cap: 14 min


Fx: 95/65

P/O: 135/95




Every 30 seconds for 10 minutes (20 sets):

1 Squat Clean + 1 Split Jerk

*Weight is athlete’s choice, but stay at one weight the entire time


Coach Brian’s Tips: “Of all workouts to get, I am so happy I got this version of Grace. I love Grace. It gives you that burn like Fran but is better because there is more barbell.  I also love workouts with penalties. It’s that little bit that makes you want to hold on to the weight a little longer.  I want big sets so one of my big hint is rest with the barbell over your head. That might sound crazy but once you jerk it be sure to take that one quick breath.  Use the hook grip with each rep but release it as you clean the barbell.   For the barbell conditioning piece I am looking to hit it at a moderate weight to work on technique but if I am feeling great after the metcon I might try to push myself. I would try to hit somewhere between 60% to 75% of my one rep max weight. Those percentages might not seem very high but squat cleans are taxing and I want great reps.”

Wednesday 1/15/2020



For time:

27-21-15-9 reps of-


Box Jumpovers


Time Cap: 14 min


Fx: 135/95, 20/18″

P: 155/105, 24/20″

O: 185/125, 24/20″




3 rounds-

8 Single Leg DB Romanian Deadlift (8 each leg)

10 Barbell Step-Back Lunges


Coach Alea’s Tips: For today’s metcon, there is a focus of hip hinging movements. Pick a Deadlift weight that you will be able to compete each set of Deadlifts without putting the bar down more than 3 times. Make sure to lock in that solid form for every rep! Keep your body low on the top of the box to save some time for the Box Jump Overs.

Tuesday 1/14/2020



13 minutes to build to heavy 2 Overhead Squats (from ground)




For time:

2-4-6-8-10 reps of-

Power Snatch

Bar Facing Burpees (reps x2)


Time Cap: 15 min


Fx: 75/55

P: 115/75

O: 135/95


Coach Sarah’s Tips: Limiting factor for the Overhead Squats will be going from the ground, great opportunity to warm up for the power Snatches in the WOD! Don’t be afraid to go heavy on the Snatches – challenge yourself, singles and small sets should be where you’re at. With the burpees, find a good pace and stick with it…all out on the last 5 burpees!! Reps increasing across the WOD so don’t go too hot out of the gate, control your breathing and you’ll be golden.