Daily WOD

Tuesday 7/23/2019



16 minutes to build to a heavy 3 rep deadlift




21-15-9 reps of-


Burpee Box Jump


Time Cap: 11 min


Fx: 135/95, 20/18

P: 185/125, 24/20

O: 225/155, 24/20


Coach’s Tip:  Deadlifts for Strength and for the metcon.  Creating (and keeping) tension throughout your whole body is the big key here.  If you feel your form compromising, take a quick rest.




Today we take on the WOD inspired by the master WOD designer himself, Coach Daniel.  Of course there are handstand walks (which gave him airtime during the 2016 CrossFit Games’ regionals!) and it is made up of a beautiful balance of strength, skill and endurance.  Just like him.

Get ready for another epic day!




“Daniel San”

5 rounds-

25′ HS Walk

5 Squat Cleans

10 Bar Facing Burpees

After rounds 1, 3, and 5 you must do 15 HSPU at the end of the round

Time Cap: 23 min

Fx: 135/95, 20 shoulder taps, Pike Pushup 1:1

P: 185/125, Kipping HSPU

O: 225/155, 2″ Deficit Kipping HSPU (25# plate no ab mat)

Regrets: 245/165, 4″ Deficit Kipping HSPU (45# plate no ab mat)

Super Regrets:  Cinnamon Challenge


Coach’s Tip:  “Sweep the leg”- Cobra Kai sensei John Kreese


He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee…



If you are scratching your head thinking “who is coach Condon”… well, you missed a legend at the Cove.  Mike was a long time coach and all-around great guy that we were lucky to have for as long as we did.  He’s since moved to live his best life in Colorado with his amazing wife (and also coach!) Lyndsey, but their presence is still felt every day at the Cove.  He was one of the most generous coaches in every way, and one who just loved the beer fridge.


We’ve hit some muscle ups this week, but today we get to drill in with some skill work.

Just as Mike would have encouraged.




Skill Work

Ring Muscle Up Progressions

15 minutes




AMRAP in 14 min:

10 Pistols

5 Clean and Jerks

3 Ring MU


Fx: 1:1 Side Box Step Ups for Pistols, 95/65, 3:1 Ring Row for MUs

P: 135/95, Bar MU Option

O: 165/115

Regrets: IPA Finisher


Coach’s Tip:  “Cool”- Mike Condon



Friday 7/19/2019



“The Popeye”


Buy-in: 100 KB Swings

3 rounds-
40 TTB
10 50-foot KB/DB Farmer’s Carry (ea hand)
20 DBall over Shoulder

Buy-out: 30 Bar MU

Fx: 35/26 KB, 40/30 DBall Hanging Leg Raise, 1:1 J-Hook Row and then Pushups for Bar MUs
P: 53/35 KB, 70/50 DBalll
O: 53/35 KB, 100/70 DBall

Coach’s Tip:  Lots of areas of work today from Strongman to metabolic conditioning to high skilled gymnastics.  Lots of time on the rig so make sure your hands are good to go.




It’s time to start up yet another round for our fire-breathers! This round of classes will be designed for kids ages 5-10. While we will fill class with fun activities and games (like ‘plank tunnels seen here!), a big goal of the program is teach your children the foundational movements that will serve them well in the long term (in sports AND in life!). with the schedule as follows:
Sunday, July 28th 9:30-10:15a
Sunday, August 4th 9:30-10:15a
Sunday, August 11th 9:30-10:15a
Sunday, August 25th 9:30-10:15a
(*no class the 18th because of Pool WOD)
As always, it is family fitness at it’s finest! You can get in your workout during Open Gym at the same your little one takes their first sips of the CrossFit Kool Aid!

The 4 week session costs $60 for Cove members and $75 for non-members (yes, friends are welcome!!)

**Sign up for both sessions (8 weeks) for $120 members or $150 non-members**

We are limiting the class to ten kids, so sign up soon! Email us at info@CrossFitCove.com with the name of your child (and age) and you’re good to go!




“Boulder Shoulders Part 2”


30 Shoulder to Overhead

40 Wall Balls

50 Alt. DB Snatch

40 Wall Balls

30 Shoulder to Overhead


Time Cap: 15 min


Fx: 75/55, 14/10, 35/25#

P: 95/65, 20/14, 50/35

O: 95/65, 20/14, 50/35

Regrets: 95/65, 20/14, 70/50




4 sets (focus on form not weight)

5 Snatch Balance (try to keep unbroken)

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull


Coach’s Tip:  Lots of shoulder work today so make sure to use your legs and hips effectively to take some of the workload away on movements like Shoulder to Overhead and Wall Balls.


Sara M. gets upside down for the first time ever and Melissa G. cheers her on (upside down, too!)

Wednesday 7/17/2019



“The Madison Miller Park”


AMRAP in 20 min:


Buy-in: 50 Thrusters


50 DU

10 C2B

10 Power Cleans

*Increase in weight every round


Fx: J-Hook Row

Thruster @ 45/35

Power Clean – 75/55, 95/65, 115/75, 135/95, 155/105


P: Thruster @ 95/65

Power Clean – 115/75, 135/95, 155/105, 185/125, 205/135


O: Thruster @ 95/65

Power Clean – 135/95, 155/105, 185/125, 205/135, 225/155


Coach’s Tip:  Another installment of our Coaches WODs.  Lots of pulling on back to back movements so the Power Cleans may feel heavier than they should.

Tuesday 7/16/2019



EMOM for 20 min:

1: 7 Back Squats (from rack)

2: 15/12 cal bike

3: 15 Box Jumps

4: Max Burpees


*Score is sum of burpees


Fx: 135/95, 20/18

P: 185/135, 24/20

O: 225/155, 24/20


Coach’s Tip:  This is no easy EMOM.  Biggest focus will be on the Back Squats as you will be under load while fatigued so make sure it is a weight that you can handle while also challenging yourself.

Monday 7/15/2019

We continue our coaches series with “Creveling”. It starts with a barbell strength piece of snatches and finishes with 12 minute metcon of high skill gymnastics with just enough running to make it spicy.  We asked for Coach John for any advice for his workout and he told us to “SEND IT!”





Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes (8 sets)-

1 Squat Snatch





5 rounds-

1 Ring MU

4 Shuttle Sprints

4 Strict Pull-Up



*Cones separated by 25 feet. To one cone = one rep


Time Cap: 15 min


Fx: 3:1 Ring Row, J-Hook Row, Seated DB Press

P: As written

O: Strict Ring MU, Strict HSPU

Regrets- same as Open but no chalk, no fan, no music


Coach’s Tip:  Another installment of our Coaches WODs.  For the metcon, pick modifications that challenge you even if you have to break the small sets up.


This picture is just classic. It never gets old.

Saturday 7/13/2019



“The Brian”

4 rounds-

500/400m row

6 Squat Snatches

*Weights ascend every round


Time Cap: 25 min


Fx: 75/55, 85/60, 95/65, 105/70

P: 95/65, 115/75, 135/95, 155/105

O: 115/75, 135/95, 155/105, 185/125

Regrets: You must start with no shoes, no sleeves, and no wrist wraps. You get to start putting on all your equipment at the 5 second mark


Coach’s Tip:  Make sure you come early to stretch out and warm-up if you are doing this “Brian-style”.  Good luck!



Ever want to try paddle boarding but haven’t had the chance?  Or are you experienced and think you can rock some burpees on the board?  Either way, this is a CAN’T MISS TRIP!  The amazing Katie F. will be leading us on a paddle boarding adventure on Saturday, July 13th 2019 from 3:30pm – 5pm.  She will lead a social paddle and then do some fun challenges and play time on the boards! The cost is $40 (board rental included) or $30 if you bring your own.  Sign up HERE!

We will launch from Anchor Bay East Marina in Dundalk.  We’ll hit the quiet waters of Bear Creek down several beautiful coves (of course) then stop for a little playtime on the boards.  The marina is located right by Hard Yacht Cafe, so maybe there will be a little time for a post-paddle refreshment after!


It’s Bring a Friend Friday!  As you know, this summer we are holding community WODs that are open to your friends and family (or anyone else you’ve been trying to bring to the dark side).  The first one was a smashing success and we can’t wait to see what today brings.

While we encourage friends to come experience the Cove any time, these community events allow you to share the Kool Aid in more ‘welcoming’ way.   First, we can program workouts that are not only challenging for YOU (the experienced athlete), but are also designed to be more accessible to a newbie.  Secondly, there’s a good chance your friend won’t be the only newbie in class.  There’s nothing more daunting than coming to a class chock full of movements you’ve never heard of and being an ‘outsider’ in a full class of people who all know each-other well.  And lastly, we can provide a glimpse of the community that bonds us even beyond fitness.  After this, we only have one more “Bring a Friend Fridays” left!

Friday, August 16th: 5:30pm class

We’ll bring out the grill for the afternoon classes (so people can bring food to cook or eat a hot dog we’ll make for you).  Hit the 5:30pm class with a friend (or make a new one) and chill after.  We’ll do our best to keep the beer fridge full (with water too!) but feel free to bring in something tasty to share!


“Me, my friend, and our ball”

AMRAP in 24 minutes:

40 Wall Balls

30 Burpees over the Ball

200m run (both people run while one partner has to carry a ball)

Fx: 14/10

P/O: 20/14

Coach’s Tip:  BYOB- Bring Your Own Buddy.  Another installment of our Grill & Chill Friday events so bring all the friends you want, workout, and hang out after.