Daily WOD

Wednesday 8/7/2019



“Cove Tester #2”

Buy-in: 1000m Row


50-40-30-20-10 reps of-

Wall Balls

Alt. DB Snatch


Time Cap: 25 min


Fx: 35/25, 18/12

P/O: 50/35, 20/14

Coach’s Tip: Retesting one of the original Cove Testers to see where you fitness has gone in about 2 months.  Don’t go too hard on the row or you won’t be able to recover during Wall Balls.

Tuesday 8/6/2019



Every 90 seconds for 5 sets:

1 Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats




5 rounds-

10/8 Cal Bike

8 Burpee Box Jumpovers

10 Squat Cleans


Time Cap: 17 min


Fx: 20/18″, 95/65

P: 24/20″, 115/75

O: 24/20″, 135/95

Regrets: Same as Open, but you must clear the box (don’t trip)


Coach’s Tip: Legs are going to be fatigued from both the bike and Squat Cleans.  Put enough effort into the Jump Over portion of the Burpee Box Jump Over.  Bike should be under 1 min every round.

Monday 8/5/2019



Every 90 seconds for 8 rounds:

1 Power Clean + 1 Push Press + 1 Push Jerk




For time:

15-10-5 reps of-

Push Press



Time Cap: 10 min


Fx: 95/65, J-Hook Row

P: 135/95, Pull-up reps x 2

O: 155/105, C2B + reps x 2


Coach’s Tip: Lots of shoulder work!  If you get in before class, grab a band and start activating those muscle or start stretching.

Saturday 8/3/2019



15 minutes to establish a heavy 5-rep deadlift





3 rounds-

25 Deadlift

25/18 Ring Dips


Time Cap: 13 min


Fx: 135/95, Hand Release Pushup Option/Box Dip Option

P: 185/125

O: 225/155


Coach’s Tip: Deadlifts and more deadlifts.  Setup is KEY.  Don’t try to pull it off the ground with your arms, use your legs.

Friday 8/2/2019



10 rounds-

(You go, I go style)

12/9 Cal Bike

8 DBall over the shoulder

50 foot DBall carry (bear hug style)

10 Box Jumpovers

50 foot DBall carry (bear hug style)


*Partner 1 completes a full round, and then rests while Partner 2 completes a full round


Time Cap: 28 min


Fx: 50/30, 20/18″

P: 70/50, 24/20″

O: 100/70, 24/20″


Coach’s Tip: You should have plenty of rest while your partner works so each round should be just as fast as the previous round.

Thursday 8/1/2019



EMOM for 12 min:

Odds: Max unbroken set Ring MU

Evens: Casual Row


Fx: Max Ring Row (using box to make body parallel to ground)

P: Bar MU Option



For Time:

50 SA-DB Overhead Lunge (25 each leg/arm, open standards)

300m/250m row

25 Air Squats


50 Alt DB Snatch

300m/250m row

25 Air Squats


50 One Arm DB Thruster (25 each arm, must complete 25 on one arm before switching)

300m/250m row

25 Air Squats


Time Cap: 15 min


Fx: 35/25

P/O: 50/35


Coach’s Tip: Metcon has a lot of single-arm work to help with balance and symmetry.  It’s going to be an undercover leg burner.

Wednesday 7/31/2019


EMOM for 20 minutes:

1: 6 Back Squats @ ~68% of 1RM

2: 15 Slam Balls

3: 60 DU

4: :40 sec plank


Mobility (3 Rds)

-Hip IR/ER CARS w/ KB 5x10s/side

(scale = BW or leaning on hands)

-Cosack squat x5/side

-Ankle DF lunge 5sx10/side

Coach’s Tip: Throwing in some Back Squats with a recovery style EMOM after 2 tough days of workouts.  Weights should be just heavy enough to create a challenge but not break your form.


Today we take on “Maria” in our Coach’s series of workouts.  Just like this fierce female, she’s strong, nimble and FAST.  Dust off your running gear, because as you’d imagine, we’re gonna hit the asphalt.  And of course there are burpees and a great mix of gymnastics and strength.


Part of her love of burpees comes from her former life before kids when she was a surfer. A burpee is essential for catching waves. Also in a former life, she was an endurance athlete (triathlon and marathon) so she loves longer, engine -style workouts that involve a mix of strength and endurance. Clean and jerks are her favorite (obviously) as she claims she stronger in her upper half than here lower half.  We respectfully disagree.


She’s a multi-tasking mama who likes to get a lot of work done fast (inside AND outside the box).  So come on in and enjoy this perfectly designed workout named after her!






Buy-in: 30 Bar Facing Burpees


200m Run

15 Pull-up

10 Clean and Jerk


400m Run

15 Pull-up

10 Clean and Jerk


600m Run

15 Pull-up

10 Clean and Jerk


800m Run

15 Pull-up

10 Clean and Jerk


Time Cap: 24 min


Fx: J-Hook Row, 95/65

P: 115/75

O: 135/95, C2B


Coach’s Tip: Endurance style workout with barbell and gymnastics mixed in.  Make sure you are setting up properly for the Clean & Jerks as you will be tired.


Monday 7/29/2019



For time:

50 DB Box Step Overs (DB’s in both hands)

50 Box Jumps

50 KB Swings

50 DB Lunges (Open Style w/ 2 DBs)


*Every time you drop the DB or KB, you must first complete 10 DB/KB lateral jumpovers before proceeding


Time Cap: 16 min


Fx: 35/25, 20/18, 35/25# KB

P: 50/35, 24/20, 53/35# KB

O: 50/35, 24/20, 70/53# KB





4 rounds Durante Core

10 Hollow Rocks

10 V-Ups

10 Tuck ups

10 second Hollow Hold


Coach’s Tip:Tough workout that will test your grip strength with the DBs.  With the weights not being heavy you should be able to hold on for one more rep when you think you can’t.

Saturday 7/27/2019




It’s time to start up yet another round for our fire-breathers! This round of classes will be designed for kids ages 5-10. While we will fill class with fun activities and games, a big goal of the program is teach your children the foundational movements that will serve them well in the long term (in sports AND in life!). with the schedule as follows:
Sunday, July 28th 9:30-10:15a
Sunday, August 4th 9:30-10:15a
Sunday, August 11th 9:30-10:15a
Sunday, August 25th 9:30-10:15a
(*no class the 18th because of Pool WOD)
As always, it is family fitness at it’s finest! You can get in your workout during Open Gym at the same your little one takes their first sips of the CrossFit Kool Aid!
The 4 week session costs $60 for Cove members and $75 for non-members (yes, friends are welcome!!)



12 min to find heavy 2-rep OHS





50 Thrusters

50 Box Jumps

50 Overhead Squats

Time Cap: 12 min

Fx: Option to use PVC for Overhead Squat, 20/18″

P: Barbell, 24/20″

O: Barbell, 24/20″


Coach’s Tip:For the metcon, Thrusters should be UB or in 2 sets.  Box Jumps will start out slow but pick up once your legs feel a little better.  Hang on for the Overhead Squats.