December 5th, 2017 - Crossfitcove

December 5th, 2017

Hey athletes!  Congrats to anybody that hit a new Clean & Jerk PR.  You should adjust your percentage work accordingly moving forward.  Even if you didn’t, hopefully you felt stronger and quicker in your lifts.
Tomorrow’s Core/Body Armor work has some movements you may or may not have done before.  Take a look at the video on Facebook for a break down of how to execute them and what we are looking for in each movements.  You should complete these as giant sets meaning transferring from one movement to the next with minimal rest but taking your time executing the movement.




Complete 4 sets:

10 Alternating DB Stepups w/ a slow descent (5 each)

10 Candlesticks OR 10 Hollow Rocks

15 GHD Hip Extensions w/ 3 sec pause

20 Overhead DB Walking Lunge

*We are looking for quality, not speed.  Rest as needed between sets*

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