December 6th, 2017 - Crossfitcove

December 6th, 2017

Hey athletes!  Time to hit the Gymnastics.  We’ll be doing a classic pull and push combination with some Pullups and Dips.  We also have both strict and dynamic movements in the programming.  Please please please don’t skip the strict work (as I know some people do haha).  There are always variations of movements that you can do instead if you can’t do strict movements.  That base of strength in the strict movements is what has the carryover into the dynamic movements, not the other way around.  Pay attention to the sets, reps, and rest domain for the different movements.  Scale the volume if needed.






2×6-12 Strict Pullups  **Ret as needed between sets**

4×8-15 C2B or Kipping Pullups  **1 min break between sets**


3×5-10 Strict Ring Dips **Rest as needed between sets**

*If you can’t do Strict Ring Dips, do 3×6 Negatives on Rings




2×10 J-hook Pullups or Elevated Ring Rows  **Rest as needed between sets**

4×10 Kips  **1 min rest between sets**

3×5 Pullup Negatives (get your chin above the bar and take about 4-5 seconds to lower yourself)  **Rest as needed between sets**

Accumulate 2 min hanging from the rig


3×10 Box Dips  **Rest as needed between sets**

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