Fourth Trimester Fit


Fourth Trimester Fit is a six-week fitness program designed specially for postpartum women.  Following child birth, your body needs time to heal, recover, build strength and stamina.  Our goal is to help you do this in the safest and most supportive environment possible, this includes considerations for POP (pelvic organ prolapse) and other core dysfunction.  These one-hour classes give you the opportunity to focus on YOU and your own health.  It will also allow you to connect and socialize with other new moms going through similar experiences.

 As certified trainers (and moms!) we understand that the “fourth trimester” is probably the most difficult one.  You are expected to care for a new life (and perhaps others!) when you are starved for sleep and your body has just been through the ringer.  Not only that, your other life responsibilities (from carrying an infant or toddler to heavy bags of groceries — or both at the same time!) put demands on your body that you might not be ready for.  Building this FUNCTIONAL fitness level for real life is a key component of this program.

Areas of focus include:

Breath work

Core engagement

Rebuilding core stability

Posture and Alignment

Pelvic Floor awareness

You will be “postpartum” for the remainder of your life, so let’s make sure you are moving safely, effectively, and with purpose in this new journey!  We are here to help you set your health goals in the most welcoming and supported atmosphere possible.  Reach out to us at to sign up now. 


I’m Maria. I’m a Mama to a kick-ass little girl, Sage with baby #2 due in early December. My husband is incredibly passionate and driven and he is my biggest supporter. Our little family (which includes our dog baby, Dunkin) relocated to our origins on the east coast after spending many years in San Diego, CA. I’m a lover of movement, moving weight, deep conversation, coffee and real food.  I own a web & graphic design business, am the founder and host of The Engine Mom Podcast and am also a CrossFit and certified Pre/Post Natal coach from the GGS Coaching & Training Women Academy.

One thing I learned during some major life transitions (moving across the country / starting a family / starting new businesses) is that community and connection is everything. I am a firm believer in “it takes a village” when it comes to raising your family while simultaneously staying true to yourself. I couldn’t do the things I do without the support I’ve found and I feel extremely fortunate.

Fourth Trimester Fit takes this approach to achieving your wellness goals after childbirth. Whether that is to eventually get in to the best shape of your life or to just feel strong and capable both mentally and physically as you go about your day.  TOGETHER we will celebrate our bodies. Recover, get stronger, and build endurance. Because, as moms, we need to not only take care of others, but OURSELVES.


  • Six-Week Program
  • Classes Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30-10:30
  • Plus one additional programmed at-home or in-gym workout 1x week (you will be able to access the Cove during “Open Gym” hours Sunday 9a – Noon)
  • Infant Child Care Available during class times (if you have other children who need supervision, please let us know)
  • Cost: $395
  • For more details email:


Tuesday, February 5th – Thursday, March 14th

Tuesday, April 9th – Thursday, May 16th

Tuesday, July 25th – Thursday, August 29th


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Not sure you’re ready? You can email with any questions you have about the challenge but we highly encourage setting an interview to come in and talk!  



Physically exciting mentally rewarding.

– Amanda C.

Recovery after a C-section was so much easier. It improved overall mood and I had less postpartum depression.

-Angela H.

Baby wearing an infant while throwing your 3 year old on your hip to see the fish at the aquarium made possible by Crossfit! Also just living life made possible countless times a day through functional fitness.

– Allie R.

I feel more capable, I can participate in active play with my toddler. I have more confidence in myself. I’ll be in those family pictures, not just behind the camera.

-Cara H.

People often ask how I work full time with 3 kids and still make it to CrossFit. It gives me energy and it’s also a huge stress relief. It also gave me a way to connect to other moms and laugh.

-Krissy O.

You know when you have to walk through the store, you didn’t grab a cart bc you only need like 2 things and then your 30lb toddler decides they won’t walk anymore? That’s when you need functional fitness. Not only can you carry the toddler and the groceries, but you can squat to pick up the keys you dropped too!

-Brittany M.


How soon after birth can I start the program?

We ask that you have clearance from your doctor to participate in the program.  Typically this is after six weeks, but we all know there is nothing “typical” about us.  Everyone is different! While this is not a requirement, we highly encourage our Mamas to schedule a postpartum visit with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. HERHealth PT is local to Columbia, you can also ask your OB/midwife for a referral.

What if I miss a class?

We know your life is not your own and classes might be missed — do NOT stress about it! We can give you any materials and/or a substitute workout you can do at home if you miss a class.

What if there’s something I can’t do?

Everything we do here will be based on you own INDIVIDUAL ABILITY.  We call it “scaling”.  Movements can be modified by your coach to best suit your level of fitness, postpartum considerations (ie: core dysfunction) and your longterm goals. We do this every day here at the Cove!

What if I have Diastasis Recti, pelvic organ prolapse or discomfort during exercise?

In our pre-program screening, your coach will ask you questions to help assess your healing and the exercises take all of this into consideration so that you can safely move and encourage recovery of your core function. Also, as previously mentioned, we highly encourage our Mamas to schedule a postpartum visit with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. HERHealth PT is local to Columbia, you can also ask your OB/midwife for a referral.

What if I am working with a PT, can I still participate in this program?

Coach Maria’s modifications are based on each athlete’s considerations and any notable dysfunction. She can connect with your PT to ensure that the programming in the gym is appropriate to do in addition to your PT program.

Will there be a nutritional component?

There will be general nutritional guidelines discussed as a component of postpartum wellness.  But the last thing we want you to do is over-complicate your life during this transitional time!

Who will be watching my child?

While we are not a certificated daycare center, we do offer babysitting services (free with the program) during classes.  Typically our sitters are our coaches or our regular babysitters who cover our CrossFit classes daily at the Cove.  They are wonderful caregivers (and moms!) and we promise your little ones will be in great hands.

What happens at the end of the six weeks?

At the end of six weeks, you should have the basic tools to continue your path to recovery and an unwavering support system of coaches and fellow athletes.  If you choose to continue your path to functional fitness, we welcome you to become a full time member of the Cove community.  Everything we do here is based on enhancing your performance in LIFE, so we would love to see you continue your journey with us!

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