Holiday eating advice from Coach John



I was talking with Old-bones Woodward the other day about staying on track with your nutrition during the holidays.  We all know that it can be a slippery slope from Thanksgiving to the New Year when it comes to food.  We are around treats, family, and alcohol more often than we generally are during the rest of the year.  All three of those things can factor into our decision making skills when it comes to our food.  I’m here to tell you that it’s really not as scary as you think.

Here is my take on surviving the holidays.  Make sure you get your protein and healthy fats in but have some fun with your carbs.  What exactly does this mean?  Well, if you are at the Cove chances are you are looking to get into better shape (whether that is building muscle, getting stronger, getting leaner, etc).  Proteins are the building block of muscles and body tissues.  When we workout hard at the gym we tear down muscles and tissues and proteins help build them back even stronger.  So, we need to make sure we still get good sources of protein during our holiday meals.  Healthy fats help with all sorts of bodily functions from storing/providing energy, transporting nutrients, and protecting vital organs.  Foods such as avocados, salmon, nuts, and coconut oil are great sources of healthy fats (there are plenty more choices, I just didn’t want to turn this into a giant list).  Carbohydrates are (generally) a big source of our energy.  They are mainly two forms of carbs- simple and complex.  Simple carbs are broken down quickly and are found in natural sources like fruit or processed sources like grandma’s cookies.  Complex carbs are broken down more slowly and are found in sources such as beans, potatoes, whole grains, and vegetables.  We need a mix of both.

So what can you do to help you through the holidays and not freak out about having a cookie or dessert?  Simple- eat your good proteins, healthy fats, and enjoy your carbs.  Make sure you get a good mix of both complex carbs and treats.  I personally like to eat my complex carbs first (to help fill me up) and enjoy any treats if I feel there is a little room left.  And remember, even if you feel like you “fell off the wagon”, you can always get right back on during your next meal, snack, even next bite!