January 9th, 2018 - Crossfitcove

January 9th, 2018

 Hey athletes!  Saw a lot of people hitting the Comp programming today and getting other involved which is awesome!  Tomorrow we have some more gymnastics work in a similar fashion but this time with the bike and Handstand Pushups.  We are looking to maintain a certain intensity on the bike and be able to get right off and complete our HSPUs.  Pick a number that you can do unbroken.  The last set should look just like the first set.
After the gymnastics work spend some time working on mobility and Overhead Squats.  Make sure to pay attention to your shoulders, upper back, hips, and ankles as those seem to be the biggest problem areas for people and OHS.  This isn’t a time to work up to a Max Weight or anything like that. Use this time to figure out what mobilization drills help you best for those Overhead movements.




Complete 5 sets:

1 min bike @ 350-450 watts

10-15 HSPU

*1 min rest, HSPU should be UB

Sc- Wall Walks or Pike Pushup from Box




 Spend 8-10 minutes mobilizing and working on Over Head Squats

Rx- 1-arm DB Overhead Squats

Sc- Barbell Overhead Squats

**Doesn’t have to be very heavy.  Mobilize your shoulders, upper back, hips, ankles, etc and work on these movements.  Make sure you are hitting the standard depth in the squats.  Get in front of a mirror, window, video on your phone, or partner up and have someone watch you**

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